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8th Class Mage 2nd Season chapter 24




First hypothesis.

Unlike this hole, which the rulers had made intentionally, the one in Ian’s homeland may have been made naturally.


Second hypothesis.

Ian’s homeland may have been used as a chessboard, like here. Ian had to admit this hypothesis was the more probable one.


‘The second one solves why Fran Page could use the Superior’s language.’


Fran Page’s power of language was the common language used in the Superior Plane. The problem was that he did not even know where and how he learned it. There was a high possibility that Fran had learned the language from a ruler who had come from the sky.


‘I should meet Fran again soon.’


Ian did not want to meet him, but he had no other choice. He needed Fran for now.


‘I remember him saying he did not have much time left.’


As Ian grew stronger, Fran became weaker. While Fran may be lying, Ian felt that he was not.


‘The important thing is how to use this situation. I may be able to support my homeland as Ares is supporting this city if all things go well.’


Ian had decided and now listened to Hector.


“This is a gate that leads to one of Ares’s obsidian mines in the sky.”


The keys Hector was holding clang as he spoke.


“Ares has allowed us entry into six mines and ten herb fields. Today is the day we bring minerals from the third mine.”

Hector then crouched like he was about to jump into the gate.


“Shall we go?”

“Can you manage the height?”

“While I cannot fly, I can jump as such.”

It seemed he had a high jumping ability.


“All right, then.”

Ian floated in the air into the gate.


“I will see you on the other side.”

Hector jumped, and the sheer agility reminded Ian of Oliver Raywood. How do they do that without magic?

Ian had no time to think about that question as he soon arrived at the mine. The sheer size made him stop and look. The mine was the same structure as the ones he knew, as miners walked about through routes and carts came up and down on rails.

However, the third mine was a thousand times larger than those Ian knew.


“I see that they are ready.”


Hector looked at the carts filled with obsidian and nodded in satisfaction.


“We will now link the carts in chains and throw the stones on the ground.”
“It’s simple and nice.”


Hector threw the cart out the gate, and Ian wondered how a person could be so powerful.


“I will help.”

“No, you’ve come here to supervise. Please do.”


Ian would have done as he asked, but he had too much to do.


“I will help. It will save time.”


Ian waved his hand to float the carts and throw the stones down. There was no need to link the carts with chains.


“Wow. Those from the sky are different…”

Ian’s magic had sincerely impressed Hector, as Ares had not shown much magic to him.


“What else can I do?”


Ian finished up the task as Ares’s proxy.




[Hector had many compliments for you. What did you do?]

“I only performed the tasks you asked me to.”

[I see… you may be useful if you someday finish the 12 tasks. It is almost impossible…]


Hector was smart, as he had already won points for both sides. Troy would not fall so easily under such a future king.


[You have done well. A promise is a promise.]


Ares spoke as the two came back to the Superior Plane and returned to their former forms.


[Do you have something to ask me? I am in a good mood today.]


It seemed Ares was more sensitive than Ian had thought. He would not miss this chance and began with a light question.


“If I someday achieve the twelve tasks and become a ruler, may I enjoy supporting and managing a city like yours?”


Ian asked this for his homeland and feigned a light mood like a twelve-year-old. Ares seemed happy.


[You seem to have been impressed by my city, eh?]

“I was a bit envious.”

[Of course, this is a perfect toy.]


Ares did not suspect anything, as he believed that everyone should be impressed by Troy.


[You can. While you will be the youngest, you will be one of the most powerful beings in all the planes.]


So that meant Ian could support his homeland after he became a ruler under the premise of enjoyment. Ian was ecstatic but controlled his features.


“Can I do so in other planes other than yours?”

[What do you mean?]

“I do not want to seem too shabby compared to you and thought a new place would be…]

[Of course, there are many planes.]


Ian confirmed the possibility again.


[However, all planes have been used as chessboards already, and there are no new places to go.]


Those words were cold, as Ian’s homeland was one of them.


[Don’t worry. One of the planes will be restructured soon and may be finished when you complete your tasks.]


Ian had to control his face, as Ares had to be talking about his homeland.


[Well, all right. Since I am in a good mood, I will say that I will give you some of my mines if you finish the twelve tasks.]


Ares’s sudden proposal was a gift.



[I always keep promises.]


That was true, and Ian showed his gratitude. Ares liked Ian, as he was useful.


[Now, let’s go, so you complete your second quest.]


They were now at the temple, and Ares was now a statue again.


[Bow now.]


Ares’s voice was impressive now, unlike when he was a kid.


[I, Ares, admit that this being has completed the second task in front of all rulers.]


It was the same as the first time, as a light pressed down on Ian’s palm.


[I give you the right to perform the third task. So, start freely after preparations.]


Ian looked at the third statue, a man with a beard.


[Some advice. Choose your gift wisely, as he may burst your head if you give him a stone. Also, his tasks are known to be difficult, so beware.]



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