Season 2 Chapter 23


Ian thought ‘Earth’ was not yet developed as a civilization from the castle walls he could see. There was also no mana, which meant no magic and slower development. Ian could guess that much.


‘I hate to say this, but I can see why the rulers chose this world as their playground…it’s like a blank piece of paper.’


Ian felt sadness and sympathy for those who lived here, as their fates were decided by the rulers’ whims.


[Do you see those magnificent castle walls?]


Ares pointed to the castle walls, and he seemed excited.


[I had that built with obsidian, which only exists in our world. Humans here cannot make a scratch.]


Ian became interested, as he also had thought of bringing materials from Superior Plane if he could.


“I thought that was a rare material found only in our world.”

[Yes, the castle walls surrounding Superior’s Heart are made from the same metal.]

“Is it possible to bring so rare a metal to this world?”
[It is a problem. I just brought these in secretly.]


Ian thought Ares thought nothing of consequences, but he became even more interested. If Ian learned how Ares did it, he could follow suit afterward. He would take time, as he found Ares thought simply and was an easy mark to learn information from compared to others.


‘Let’s focus on the task first.’


Ian had been about to concentrate on his present situation when Ares shouted at the walls. They were standing now in front of the gates.


[Answer! The ruler of this city has come!]


Ares’s arrogant call must have been heard as the gates opened to reveal the sights inside.


[Let’s go in.]


Ian remembered Demidera of his home world when he first went in, a neutral city that had provided the meeting place for the three countries.


[Watch carefully. This is Troy, the city I had made from scratch. The people, the ground, the royal family… everyone has been selected by me.]


Someone approached them quickly as Ares spoke.


“Ares, you have come.”

The person was a handsome blond young man. Ian thought of Hayden Greenriver, but the difference was that this man was more muscular. His physique actually resembled Oliver.

The beautiful young man observed Ian before speaking to Ares again.


“Hector, the prince of Troy, welcomes Ares from the sky and…”
“I am Ian.”


Ian felt some sort of aura radiate from Hector, but he could not name it. It was definitely not mana.


‘I remember Oliver saying that after continuing to train, he began to feel a different power from mana. He had named it… what was it, Warrior Force?’


Ian now could see another factor that had made him think of Oliver when seeing Hector.


[You seem to grow stronger every time I see you, Hector.]

“You praise me too much.”

[No, you know by now I do not speak lies. While you cannot be compared to me, you can go by with your head up in this world.]

“I will endeavor to work even harder to not let you down.”

[Right! I will help you train when there is time.]


Ares seemed satisfied with Hector’s attitude as he continued to smile.


[Let’s go. I have to speak with your father Priamos.]


[And you, Ian.]


[I will give you three easy tasks for you to complete.]


While Ian was annoyed at the number, he kept silent.


[First, help Hector refurbish the castle walls. I heard you played good tricks when helping Aphrodite, so you would be of help to Hector.]


Ian wanted to say he used magic and not tricks but kept silent.


[Second, I want you to act as my spy. As I told you, other rulers are preparing for war here.]


Hector moved a few steps away when Ares began to whisper. He had quick instincts.


[I heard Athena’s kingdom has grown, and it seems her city will declare war soon. I need to know whether it is true. I cannot intervene directly, as it is the rule. If we begin to act, the war becomes ours and not of this world.]


Ian could understand that rule.


[The third is bringing supplies from our world to here.]


Ian was keenly interested in learning how to do so, so he was more attentive.


[I need you to do it for me this time.]


Ares seemed to have another errand, but there was no further explanation. Ian did not press.


[Ask Hector anything about the tasks, and he will answer. He is my special one here, and you can trust him.]

“I understand.”

[Do well.]


Ares tapped Ian’s shoulder before walking on, and Ian followed as he looked around the city.


[I need to go somewhere. Hector, help Ian with his tasks.]

“Of course.”

Ares took off with some servants. Ian and Hector stood awkwardly for a moment.


“Please, come here. I will explain the tasks you need to perform.”


However, Hector smoothly began to accommodate Ian as they began to walk.


“First, the castle walls… you do not need to do that. We can manage that ourselves and do not wish to burden a being from the sky with such chores.”


Ian thought for a moment before speaking.


“Let’s solve other tasks first. What about spying?”

“Ares was speaking of the Achaea alliance, but… we have already prepared for this. We just need to report, and if you wish, we will hand over the report to you.”


Ian liked Hector more and could see why Ares gave him special treatment.


“All right. Let’s leave it for the moment. What about supply management?”

“Ah, that’s simple enough. Please, come over here.”

Hector and Ian arrived at a secluded corner of the city, and there was no one about. Hector took out a reddish object from his pocket and spoke.


“Ares has given me this key connecting here and the sky…”

Ian felt a fantastic amount of mana and some unknowable force. It was immense.


“If we present this key to the sky…”

Hector went to his knees and raised the key to the sky with two hands. With a banging noise, Ian saw a ray of light open a red portal in the sky. Ian recognized it as the path that connected the Middle Earth and the Superior Plane.


‘It’s a secret route between the two worlds.’


Ian could see how Ares had managed to sneak in materials, but he found a problem.


‘How was this hole made in my world?’


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