Season 2 Chapter 12

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That question was not for the village leader but himself. While Ian had gained the leader’s memories, he needed time to understand it. Ian poured over the camouflage method fresh in his mind. Due to necessity, it was often used for exiles to go into the Superior’s Heart.


[That camouflage is…]

“No need to say it, I got this. You need quite a lot of ingredients. Sunweed, Ghost Mushrooms, Elbuk Ivory…”
[They were easy to get, as such material was abundant in the Land of the Wolves. However…]

“The Council started cultivating these lands, which made you people unable to move here.”


The village leader, whose name is Argol, grimaced. They were trapped here. While the Council was cultivating the northern parts, which did not directly influence them, the problem was that those ingredients grew only there.


[Yes, this time, even the Gigantes race has been involved. The entire Land of Wolves will fall under the Ruler’s control, and we have no idea where to go and hide.]


They were forever on the run. While the rulers did not directly hunt down the exiles, considering them too weak, those who wanted to flatter them, like that hunter, were aggressive.

Ian spoke up.


“I’ll make a proposal.”

“I will help you build a new village.”

[Is that true?]

“That spell I cast over your village will be able to hide you guys from the analyst. That should be enough.”


Argol’s eyes glistened at those words.


[An analyst…]

“I took care of one who had come to my world before coming here.”


Argol could not help but be surprised. While being on the lowest ladder, an analyst belonged to the ‘Olympus Hall’ and the ‘Asgard Hall’ and received power from the Father.

The human did not seem to be lying, as his prophetic skills, despite being faint, had helped him meet Michelle Greenriver, and now Ian today.

He knew that such clear divination would help the village survive, and he made a choice to believe in Ian. Since he still saw the Superior plane as his enemy, asking him to prove it would only distance them.


[I accept your proposal.]

“You chose well.”

Ian shrugged his shoulders. He was serious and made this suggestion only because he had seen that these exiles had nothing to do with those who had invaded Ian’s world.


“The conditions are simple. Please cooperate with me as much as you can.”

Blue mana drew a map of the Land of the Wolves based on the Superior people’s memories.


“My first request is that you will help me camouflage myself after I get the ingredients. I will check how the cultivation is going on. I hope that the spell I cast over your village will be enough price.”
[We have casters who do that well. I will have them prepared so things can be done as soon as possible.]


Ian knew that the casters the village leader talked about were those kids Ian had kept alive. While Ian was unsure about their abilities, he had to accept that.


“All right. I will come back soon.”


Ian straightened his robe and added a few words.


“Our world has been invaded by that analyst I spoke about, and I saw a future where our world was destroyed.”

[I see…]

“Therefore, I may be impolite and suspicious to everyone I see here. Please excuse me in advance.”


While Ian was polite in attitude, what he said was not.


“Also, please gather the remaining traces Michelle Greenriver left in this village.”


“Anything, from what she may have written down, or a message she may have left behind.”

[I understand…I will contact the villagers and secure them.”
“Thank you.”


Ian wore the robe, as he wanted to be unknown as much as possible here.



Sunweed, Ghost Mushrooms, Elbuk’s Left Tusk, Winter Mite powder, etc. All of them were in the Land of the Wolves, but the Ivory and Sunweed and the tusk. Elbuks looked like small elephants with purple skin. Their characteristic was that only their left tuck shone. Ian felt sorry to do so, even as their tusk grew back. He would try to take one as painlessly as possible.

Sunweeds were a problem because they only grew in the northern parts, where the cultivation was going on. He would try to avoid fights as much as possible, as he needed to scout the area first.

He used an invisible spell with the Power of Language when he arrived.


‘Are those giants the Gigantes, the village leader, spoke about?’


Ian had thought that it would take time to cultivate such a wide area as here, but he could see why the villagers had been worried. The giants, the smallest being at least five times larger than Ian, rapidly paved the land to build a city.

Ian’s plan was to quickly take some Sunweed and go back as quickly as possible. According to the memories, the leader of the Gigantes oversaw this cultivation process. His name was Hercules, and belonged to the Olympus Hall that formed one of the major factions in the clock tower. He was a middle-class ruler with a voting right in the Council. Ian would need to avoid such a being as much as possible and went in carefully.

Ian saw the golden tents with red flags the Gigantes used, and the memories told him that Sunweed grew nearby. It was then Ian saw a Gigantes wearing golden armor, holding a stick and arrows dipped in hydra poison. While he was not that large, he was formidable enough for Ian to realize that he had to be Hercules.

Thankfully, Hercules did not seem to realize that Ian was nearby as he went to the current cultivation site. Ian wondered whether he could even last against such an entity, who would be much stronger than any other being he had seen so far.

Ian had been about to secure the Sunweed when he had a voice.


[A rat has come.]


Ian did not need to turn around to realize who was speaking. Hercules was looking directly into Ian’s eyes as he spoke.


[Do not use such futile tricks and show yourself, rat.]

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