Season 2 Chapter 11



[Our village leader said that you would know that name…]

“Go on.”


“I have no reason to let you live since you saw my faces. So, give me something.”


While Ian knew the easier way was to kill them all, he did not feel hostility from the kids. He would observe them until he sorted through the hunter’s memories.


[Michelle Greenriver had left our village long before we were born, but she had helped us build our village!]

“Why do you mention her name? I have no relations with Michelle Greenriver.”

[Our village leader divines every day, and while he is wrong most of the time…Today, he was certain that a guest from the Middle Earth would arrive. He would have different skin color, hair, and eyes from us, and would be wearing a blue robe. He told us that the guest would come with us if we tell him Michelle Greenriver’s name…]

“He’s good.”




Was their leader a prophet? Ian was growing interested. Ian could not do that, and the name Michelle Greenriver…

Ian knew that she had been a noble and a 5th class mage and had gone everywhere and anywhere because she had been interested in artifacts. While she had been a strong mage, she would have been killed by an analyst here. How had she managed to come to this plane?
Ian decided he needed to meet the village leader for more information. He observed the kids, who seemed terrified. However, he knew too much now to relax his guard.


“Any more words?”




Ian waved his hand, which forced Jerry and Kai to come closer.


“I do not believe in your race.”

[We told you everything…!]

“I know, and that’s why you guys are not killed like that hunter.”


Ian pointed to the hunter with his chin before speaking.


“I need to confirm that you’re not lying.”


Ian had sorted out the hunter’s memories, and now would be a good time to obtain the kids’ memories. He used the spell and now knew the kids had not been lying.


“All right, you guys pass.”


Jerry and Kai gasped like a fish out of water at having felt such a strange sensation. Ian moved on without a glance.


“I have to meet your village leader. I now know the way.”



The Land of Wolves was bigger than Ian could see, and the entire Greenriver Empire could fit here. Ian was thinking about the hierarchy he had seen, which was even worse than what he had previously seen.

This hierarchy was centered around ‘Father’s Blood’ It was a special ability, named after the ‘Blind Father,’ which the Council worshiped as a god. This deity slept in the clock tower soaring in the center of this plane, which was tall enough to be seen here in good weather.

Only those who have that blood are acknowledged as one of them, and the rest were mere animals. Ian thought all worlds with intellectual beings worked the same way. He thought this ‘Blind Father’ was the main reason all this had happened.

Time was key, as Ian was being pursued coming in contact with Cronos despite being a mere human being. However, he needed more information, and this village leader would have it.

They seemed near as Ian arrived at a spot that looked like a forest. If Michelle Greenriver had helped these beings, it meant this camouflage spell had been her work. However, the spell was way high level for her caliber. She would have to have been amazingly more powerful to have cast this spell. However, Ian could remove it easily and broke the spell to go in.

It was a large village but was silent at Ian’s intrusion. Like they had all been waiting for him.


[We have waited for you.]


This being was bigger than Ian, and older.


“Are you the village leader?”
[What happened to the children?]

“They will come.”

[Thank you.]


The village leader and other beings bowed like Michelle Greenriver had told them.


[Come here for a talk, Michelle liked our tea…]

“There’s no time.”


“I do not trust your race, as your world tried to destroy mine. I will gain information through your memories instead of talking.”


Ian approached the village leader and did not slow down until they were close enough to touch.


[Guest, I have lived here for five hundred years, and my memories may harm you more than benefit you…]

“That is for me to decide. So, stay still.”


Ian used Memory Eater, and the leader stumbled down at having his myriad memories disturbed. Ian sorted the memories, but feeling the sheer scale he started throwing out all the emotions and sentiments. He needed to be efficient, and after finishing the process, he held out his right hand to the village leader.


“I am Ian Page, and while I will not apologize for my impoliteness, I need to check on a few points. Will you offer me that tea again?”

[…Of course. This way.]


While Ian Page was completely different from Michelle, the village leader knew that his village needed Ian.

However, Ian first cast a new camouflage spell over the one he had broken.


“This spell will be safer, so I hope it may be compensation.”


Jerry and Kai had to wait for a long time, as they could not get in the way they had before.



“According to your memories, Michelle had camouflaged herself as a Superior to access the clock tower, right?”

[Yes, we tried to dissuade her, but she went. We did not hear from her again.]

“You do not know why she had come or how.”

[She was a mystery and told me that she came here for an adventure.]


Ian folded his arms, as he still did not know anything significant about Michelle and her time here. However, it was clear that Ian needed information about that clock tower. He still had not accessed the memories of the higher-up in this world.


‘I needed to get into where the clock tower is, that place these beings call the Superior’s Heart.’


That was where everything important about this world would be.


“About that camouflage, it was not simple magic. Can I also use that?”


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