Season 2 Chapter 10

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“Should I send for a doctor?”

“I’ve asked for his highness to send one since Yohana is acting strange.”


Yohana was watching her mother and grandmother as they talked anxiously over her.


“It’s not that mana heart problem that Ian mentioned, right?”
“No, we solved that together.”



They had expected Yohana to cry often after Ian went through the portal, but she was still and silent.


“I feel so helpless…”

“I understand exactly how you feel. Anyone close to Ian would feel the same.”


Hailey and Vanessa watched Yohana together because they worried about Yohana’s health.


“Let’s not worry much about what we cannot do and hope for the best.”

The strange thing was that Yohana seemed to be thinking deeply as she looked up at the two women.



Ian remembered the despair he had felt when seeing the giant’s memories. Could he win? The two entities he had seen were not even the higher-up in the Superior plane. Ian had only been able to return time against them. How strong would its rulers be? Especially the leader of the Council, the one they call Father…

It was then Ian felt the atmosphere change. He had finally arrived at the Superior plane and looked around.


‘…It doesn’t seem all that different.”


There was a wide plain, a bright blue sky, scent of flowers, and grass rustling against the wind.

The difference was massive floating objects shaped like dandelion seeds, taller than any tree in Ian’s world, and strange creatures.

What was more, the mana here existed with the world. Ian felt he could be even stronger here, as he could feed on the mana in this land.

However, he had no time to look around more, as he sensed many were around him. If he had been discovered, he had to return time. He would have to bear the side effects to survive. Only his body and soul would be affected.

Ian bent low to observe the situation. He now saw some beings akin to those he had seen in his world. They were young like human children, and their hair did not move on their own accord. Except for their blue skin, they seemed like human kids.

He saw that they were being chased by hellhounds, which he had seen in Yohana’s memories. Only the size was smaller.


[Catch them if you do not want to starve! Your meal depends on them.]


He saw that the hellhounds were followed by a Superior individual who acted like their owner. They were similar to the analyst Ian had seen. What was the difference? Ian could feel that the kids and the owner were weaker than the analyst. The kids were like ordinary people in Ian’s world, and the hellhound owner seemed like a 4th class mage at the most.


‘It will be easier to obtain their memories.’


Ian needed more information, as the analyst’s memories had been censored in various areas, probably because it had come to Ian’s world. They would give him better information. He would observe them for just a little while longer.



Jerry and Kai were twelve-year-old boys who lived in the Michelle Village, located in the corner of this wide plane called the Land of Wolves.


[Why is a hunter here?]

[I don’t know, but just run!]


These two were famous for being the fastest runners in the village and knew the terrain here best. Therefore, the village leader would send them on quests often, and today had been one of those days.


[Isn’t he the guest from the Middle Earth that our leader has asked us to escort?]

[You idiot! Can’t you see for yourself? Do you really think that he would ask us to bring a hunter from the Council?!]


Today’s quest had been to bring a guest who would have pale skin and blue eyes. Also, he would be standing at the southern end of the plane wearing a blue robe.

The leader had said that Ian would follow them if they mentioned Michelle, who had helped the village people build their homes here.


[The reed forest is nearby! Let’s split there!]


However, they had met a hunter who had received Father’s blood, and the hunt began as always.


[Where will we meet?]


[There?! I see!]


Jerry and Kai ran to the Giant Reed Forest for their lives, but the hellhound, who did not tire unlike the children, soon caught up with them.


“Kai?! What should we do?!”


The wanderers were lowly creatures here, as they had been exiled for not having ‘Father’s blood.’ They were treated as beasts and would become enslaved people, gladiators, and prey. Therefore, they formed groups to escape, and Jerry and Kai were their descendants.


[To think I found the offering I needed for the Council.]


The hunter armed with a bow and arrows spoke in an oily voice.



[You two won’t be living here alone. If you tell me where the others are, I’ll let you two live freely.]


Jerry and Kai remained silent as they saw through those words.


[Well, well. I know those without Father’s blood are all stupid.]


The hunter clucked his tongue and took out a dagger. He only needed them alive.


[You don’t need your limbs, and I should remove your teeth so you won’t resist.]


The two knew there was no place to run, and they thought of adults who had been already captured by the hunters. They had disappeared without a trace.


[Well then…]


It was then that he hunter froze as if he was under a spell.


‘Memory Eater.’


Ian Page had stopped everyone with a spell and used a Memory Eater spell to go through the hunter’s memories. It was much easier this time since he was so weak. The hunter groaned under the feeling as his brain was spinning around.


“I thought you really would not be much… but you really are garbage. Thanks for the information, though.”


Ian spoke coldly as he killed off the hunter with a single shot. He then spoke to the kids.


“Hey, let’s have a talk…”

[Do you know Michelle Greenriver? The magician from the Middle Earth!]



Ian’s brow furrowed. Why did that ancient mage’s name, whose expedition diaries Ian had used to track down the Artisans, come up here?

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