Season 2 Chapter 9



“Thank you for gathering.”


They were gathered around the Mogrian castle’s meeting room. Ian had brought those necessary for his plan using the teleport spell.


“I will go straight to the point.”


Hayden Greenriver, Reseese Radenju, Ian’s second in command Ronan, Oliver Greenwood, Empire Militaria’s leader Duncan, Hailey Page, several Lords including Marcus, eight artisans, and Douglas, the lead Alchemist.


“I read the giant’s memories and discovered that there is another world.”


Everyone remained silent as they decided to listen to what Ian had to say before reacting.


“The leaders of that world call themselves the Superiors and believe they are better than any other being.”


According to the giant’s memories, the Superior Dimension was at the highest plane out of the nine planes supported by Yggdrasil. They called the other eight Dimensions the middle earth.


“If you see a bug and its hive, you won’t kill it unless it hurts you because they’re just too weak to kill.”

“Does that mean those…Superiors see us as bugs?”


Ronan was quick to react, and Hayden intervened.


“I don’t understand what we did.”

“I was that bug, as a magic theory I worked on irked them.”


According to the giant’s memories, the Superior categorized time into Cronos and Kairos. Cronos was the time that affected the nine dimensions, and Kairos was the time of each dimension. What Fran and Ian had done affected Karios, but Ian’s new theory affected Cronos.

While Ian had been unable to access how the Superiors got that information, he acknowledged that he had brought this catastrophe on himself. He needed to solve this himself.


“What magic had you been working on to cause that problem?”


Oliver asked that question, and everyone looked at Ian.


“It was time magic.”

“Time magic?”
“I worked on how to return time, and I used it once in the future where everything had gone extinct.”



Everyone seemed astonished at Ian’s words.


“I had bought us time by killing the giant instantly and deceiving them. However, we need a fundamental solution.”


Marcus nodded, acknowledging everything Ian said.


“I had brought you all to discuss how to go about this solution.”


Ian then snapped his fingers, and another mana report appeared.


“Douglas and the eight Artisans will be crucial in this plan. Please develop and create weapons and other supplies we need to invade the Superior plane. Please do not consider the consequences this time.”

“Are you saying we will attack the Superior plane first?”


Siram had asked that question.


“If they are coming to attack and eradicate us, there is no choice. However, I need to know more first. Your highness, can I count on your support?”

“Of course.”


Hayden Greenriver nodded.


“Us artisans will work to help this world survive. It’s what we should do after we choose to live here.”


Ian bowed to the artisans to show his gratitude.


“I am planning to go and spy on that Superior plane and come back with as much information as possible.”


Everyone seemed astonished, Ian’s family members almost stood up.


[You will need to go there. Do you know a way?]

“The giant was an analyst in that world and performed his duties in that world after analysis. He fixed things like openings.”


The analyst seemed a low-class creature in that world but was that strong.


“I saw some holes I could go into that were left behind. While it is demeaning, I have no choice but to sneak in.”


Duncan asked the question everyone had been curious about.


“That time magic you keep mentioning…can it be used multiple times? It may make our future brighter.”

“Theoretically, it’s possible.”


Ian’s answer was somewhat positive at first.


“However, I do not know what the side effects would be and would need to be careful.”

Ian was lying, as he definitely knew that there were side effects. He felt a subtle change in his body and soul. He would not say this out loud, as it would cause only worry when there was no other way.




Hayden spoke out after everyone thought for a while about what exactly those side effects would be.


“While I want to tell you not to do anything, that I as Emperor will manage the situation…”


His voice was filled with regret and guilt.


“I cannot say such a thing as I need to protect the people, and you have the power to do so. Please, forgive us for not being able to help you.”


The Emperor’s words heavily weighed among those present and made them desire to do what was asked of them.


“…Well, there is no choice. It’s my fault that I’m too strong…”


Ian shrugged his shoulders, which lightened the mood. It was time to take the next step.


“Then, let us move. There is not much time.”



“Is there really no other way?”
“Yes, I am sorry to you, our family, and especially Yohana.”

Everyone in the meeting, and even the Fairy Queen, the dragons, Ian’s mother, and Ledio, all came to send Ian off.


“If I could persuade you otherwise, you would have not made this choice. Please, be careful.”


Vanessa held Ian’s hand with both hands.


“Don’t worry. I’m strong enough to defend myself.”

“Yes, you needn’t worry about that point.”


Ledio, who was now Ian’s father by law, consoled Vanessa.


[You humans really go about wildly, not knowing how precious life is. However, don’t overdo yourself. You need to see your family for a longer time.]


The Fairy Queen also showed worry in her own way, and she was right. If Ian did not have his family, he might have given up the moment he saw the giant’s memories, as they were a deep abyss. He had explained the situation in words rather than showing the memories directly for this reason.

He had people to protect, which made risking his life possible.


“Yohana. I’ll be back soon.”


Ian’s gaze lingered on his daughter, who seemed to feel something in the air as her face was sad. Then, he put on his hood and murmured the Power of Language, or in other terms ‘Superior’s Language’ that would open up a hole he could go in.

It was then the sky became dark without any light, and a flame lit up a circle that opened a portal. Ian took a deep breath. Now, the only thing left to do was pass the gate. He looked back once before stepping forward.


“I will be back soon.”

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