Season 2 Chapter 8



“…Yes, I used it right now.”

“…What did you say?”


Hayden could not understand what was going on. Ian had come back in time? What was he talking about?


“You’re…joking, right?”

“Your highness, please listen carefully to what I say. I will be brief since there is no time.”

“…You’re actually serious.”


Hayden straightened up upon seeing Ian’s face as the mage was grim.


“Speak up, Lord of the Ivory Tower.”


Hayden Greenriver now spoke as the Emperor, as Ian spoke as the Lord of the Ivory Tower.


“A monster will appear at the North.”

“What…what? A monster at the north? Are you talking of the Mogrian lands, where the Empress’s family is?”

“Yes, Your Highness. Please send a Level 6 Alert across the lands.”
“…What? Level 6? Not level 5?”

“No, Level 6.”

“That means I have to make a new alert level…”


Hayden murmured that but realized something.


“Will a more dangerous situation occur than the fight with the undead?”


The Emperor’s expression turned serious when Ian nodded.


“That monster was shaped like a giant, and it was difficult for me to beat it.”

“What…? A monster like that can exist?”


Hayden’s eyes burst open on hearing that news. However, he was no longer the lazy prince of the past. He needed to do what a leader needed to do.


“…I understood what is needed. I will set precautions that will be stricter than Level 5. Any other suggestions?”

“Not for now, but maybe in the future. Please, take care of what I have asked of you first.”

“I will do that. Well, I need to hurry. Sir Oliver!”


Oliver immediately came in after being called by Hayden, and the Emperor spoke to his closest guardian.


“Let us prepare. We have much to do.”

“I will escort you, your highness.”


Hayden nodded before turning back to Ian.


“I will listen to more details, later on, Lord.”

“I am grateful, your highness.”


Hayden’s expression softened after a moment. He did want to say his last words as a friend.


“Be careful, Ian.”


Ian smiled and then bowed as a subordinate.


“Please, take care of yourself.”


Ian disappeared using a teleport spell. Hayden was curious about everything left unexplained, but he had urgent business to attend to.



‘You had more sense than me at that moment, Yohana.”


When Ian arrived at the northern sky, the giant had already appeared at the snow mountains at the end of the empire.


‘She had given me her memories in that short moment.’


Yohana had given Ian the memories of the terrible twenty years she had lived. She had probably thought that the memories would help her father.


‘Thank you, Yohana. I may know that giant’s patter sooner this time.’


Ian hid his presence and began to observe the giant. He could not give the giant a single moment to attack and had to kill him before it realized anything had happened. Only by that way can I get his memories and find important information.

Ian’s Memory Eater spell worked best when used on a weakened being but could be used on a dead corpse for a while. He could not let the giant call upon his superiors.


‘He’s hunting again?’


Ian saw Mogrian’s Lord, Marcus Mogrian, who was familiar to him. He knew the bravery of the north, as he saw that Marcus did not step back. Instead, he offered himself as bait after giving the necessary orders. He really was the Shield of the North.


‘Just a little bit more, Lord.’


Ian raised his mana as he observed Marcus. He could kill the giant with one shot without any obstacles if he had the right moment. He watched Marcus send his soldiers away and ride on his horse.


“I am sorry, Winter. I was going to retire you, so you could live the rest of your life in peace.”


Marcus whispered as he bent down.


“Do not think too badly of me. I am going with you.”

Winter seemed happy to fight his last battle with his master as he galloped towards the giants even when all other creatures ran in the opposite direction.

Ian saw Marcus try to communicate with the giant. The giant remained silent as Marcus spoke upwards and murmured something only Ian could understand.


‘What do you humans do when you see a dirty bug block your way with its cries? You stamp on it.’


A large shadow loomed over the giant, and Marcus seemed about to meet his end yet again. However, Ian had managed to complete his spell, which meant that tragedy would not come to be once more.


[You are…the Middle Earth’s…?]


The giant’s body cracked and exploded in an instant. Its blue skin and white blood burst open, and the giant’s intestines and bone fragments showered the sky. Everyone stared at the sight with gaping mouths.


“Are you all right?”


Ian Page asked everyone as he landed in front of the soldiers. Marcus could not estimate whether this was a dream or not.


“Why are you here…?”

“Please, rest up. I need to do something first.”


Ian checked whether Marcus was all right and went to find the giant’s brain. Only the brain was necessary to use the Memory Eater.

The giant’s brain was hard, unlike a human’s, and he stood for a while to soak up the memories. Marcus and other soldiers waited for Ian to move, as while they did not understand what Ian was doing, they would wait for him to do what he wanted.

Ian wrapped up and looked surprised upon seeing Marcus and the soldiers still standing there.


“What are you guys doing here?”

“We were guarding the perimeter in case something happened. While we know you’re stronger than all of us…”

“Then, please remain there. Something will happen.”



Ian cast a spell using the Power of Language even as Marcus seemed flabbergasted. However, he seemed different from usual.


[Sent the first analysis code. The teleport to the Middle Earth has been successful. We will secure Ian Page, who has intruded into the Cronos’s access authority.]


It was then a presence that had been felt in the sky disappeared.


“Well, nothing happened much.”


“Let us return. I will then explain what I found, and what I will do in the future.”

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