Season 2 Chapter 7



The giant was still strong, and the number of monsters it made to set the world aflame over the last twenty years was incalculable. The monsters were bigger than humans, crawled on four legs, and were shaped like three-headed dogs. Of course, Ian could kill them with a single stroke of his hand.

Ian’s eyes were fixed on the giant even as he faced the monsters, and a fireball hit the giant as a result. The giant stumbled, and Ian realized his spells were working. Ian felt what it was like to have become stronger for the first time in a long while.


[Stop your futile…]

“Does it look like futile?”



The giant fell silent, as it had also realized that Ian Page had become stronger than itself over the last twenty years.


“Let me try in earnest then.”


Ian murmured calmly, but he was astonished inside. He had not realized such a long time had passed, and now understood why the world had changed like this. Yohana had said she had lost everything she loved, which meant everyone had died and left her alone. Ian clenched his teeth. If he had not met Fran’s fragment, he would have lost his reason for what he had lost.

However, he now knew he had a chance. Without the dimensions fragmenting, he could turn back time, a spell he called Reconstruction. However, he needed more information first, such as what the giant was and what kind of a place Superior was. The information was necessary to know what Ian needed to prioritize after turning back time.

Ian looked around at the monsters and the giant, and he was determined to end things quickly so they would not have time to heal.

Ian would use a blow hard enough that the giant would cough up all his memories. He summoned lightning strikes, which penetrated the giant. It was the same situation as the last time, but Ian felt the spell work.

He had heard Oliver Greenwood say that once you know your blade, you could feel whether it had killed off the enemy. It was the same for Ian, and he knew that his spell had landed a critical hit.




Ian saw the giant cough up blood for the first time. The ground rang as the giant fell down on one knee, and it looked back and forth between the flowing white blood and the Variant.


[…Variant of the Middle Earth.]


The giant spoke up slowly, and it seemed the wound was deep.


[As an analyst, I have a duty to analyze and define the damage done to this world. Therefore, I will define you as a ‘Fatal Error’ instead of a variant from now on.]


What was the difference?


[A ‘Fatal Error’ needs to be discussed between the Superior Council and they must reach a conclusion. You should stop your futile resistance and wait for your fate.]

“A council?”


Ian understood one thing, at least. Something stronger than that giant was going to come. That was valuable information, but Ian needed to be careful. If things got dire, he might die before turning back time.


‘I need to kill that giant before it reports to the Council, whatever that is. Then, I get its memories and turn back time. That is the safest choice for now.’


An entity stronger than that giant. Ian knew nothing about how such a being may attack this world. Therefore, Ian decided to take the safer route and attain the giant’s memories.


‘I will finish the giant with this attack.’


Ian made up his mind, and he prepared his final spell that would kill off the giant in a moment.


[Do not rush things. The code has already been sent successfully. I will soon receive the Council’s answer.]


It was then the sky rang. That was the only explanation Ian could think of, as this was the first time he had seen a phenomena like this. There was a crack in the sky.


“What…is that?”


Yohana and Ian fell silent, as the sky was like cracked glass. They felt helpless to stand under such a world.


[The answer from the Council has come.]


The sky broke down with the giant’s murmur to reveal a large portal burning with red flames. Something was coming out from that portal.


[According to the Superior’s principles, this Middle Earth will be completely erased due to its Fatal Error.]


The entity resembled the giant with blue skin, muscular body, white eyes, and hair. However, unlike the businesslike giant, the entity looked angry. It was too big to come over the portal, and Ian could only see its upper body, holding a large trident.


[As this is a problem that a ‘Guide’ should solve, our Council will send one. The analyst will assist the Guide in finishing the task.]


The entity Ian saw seemed to be the ‘Guide.’ Things were going wrong, and Ian decided to modify his plan.


“Yohana, listen fast. I am going to try to turn back time to when that giant had not appeared, and everyone was alive.”

“Turn…back time?”
“I want to explain in detail, but…”

“I know. Reconstruction.”


“His majesty told me about that once and that you were a great mage that would solve all this when you came back.”



Hayden Greenriver had not forgotten that talk. He was like that.


“You do not need to explain anything. I just want everyone back alive.”


Yohana looked and sounded sincere.


“I am sorry, Yohana, to have not been able to spend more time…”
“It’s all right. I’m actually happy that there’s hope.”


Yohana felt like she could do anything if she could have another chance.


“However, promise me some things.”

“Of course.”

“Raise me better, and don’t go away for too long.”

“I will.”

“I want you to raise me as a mage. I became an 8th class almost on my own, and with your help, I may become stronger.”

“I will.”

“Please, be more informal to Mother. She wouldn’t want to live so formally with you.”
“…I will.”

“That’s enough. So begin before things are too late.”


The world was nearing its end, and Yohana no longer held back her father.


“Can you lend me your mana?”

“Of course.”


The mana was an excuse to hold her hand, and Yohana knew it. The blue mana sparked out, and Ian used the Reconstruction spell that swallowed everything up. The rest was silence.



“Ian, Ian?”



Ian opened his eyes to see Hayden. He had returned to the day when he had told him about the Reconstruction theory.

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