Season 2 Chapter 18

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Ian gave the messenger time to think, as he knew that this child was not a mere messenger. He would be either Ares or at least an incarnation. Maybe it was a common trait among these rulers that they became foolish for love.


[Right, Ares, the ruler of Battle, will promise upon Olympus’s honor. I will keep the promise and give you the ring even if things go wrong.]

“…You received the message from him, right?”

[…Yes, he did.]

“Then, I will accept his proposal on my conditions.”


Ian spoke as he placed the Nibelung’s Ring. He felt the mana run through his body. While there seemed to be other perks, Ares probably had not mentioned them since he was a ruler of the highest class and thought those perks useless.


[I… he has another message for you.]

“What is it?”
[Let her know that I am very sorry for things to have become this messy.]


Ian hid his annoyance. It was almost certain that Aphrodite was Ares’s wife, but why did he want to apologize to Aeos first? Ian could not understand such notions, as he was devoutly faithful to his family. Ian thought things over after leaving Ares, but he still could not fathom this infidelity.


‘Is my family doing well? I hope so…’


The complicated relationships Ian saw here continued to remind him of his family in his world. He wondered how much time would have passed in that world.

Three months had passed since Ian had come here, and most of that time had been spent moving from the village to the Superior’s Heart, as the land was that massive.


‘The problem is that time here passes differently from my world.’


Time passed irregularly here, and even the analyst had not been able to analyze the reason for this difference. He hoped that he had not left them for too long.

He wanted to see his friends and family. His wife, Hailey, his parents, Douglas, his highness, Oliver, the Artisans, and his mage colleagues. He wanted to see the Fairy Queen and the dragons. He had begun with only his mother, but now there were this many.

His thoughts dwelled on Yohana, who had often smiled at him. Then he remembered how she had lost that smile after twenty years.


‘I will try to keep the promise that I will not leave you alone.’


Ian stared at the black clock tower at the center of Superior’s Heart, where those who had tried to destroy Ian’s land resided. He would destroy that tower if necessary.



“Yohana, eat slowly.”

Yohana was a year and four months old, and as she now could walk and run, she began to eat food prepared for her almost ferociously.


“No one in our family eats this much…”

“The Imperial Family also tends to eat little…”
“She’s not sick, right?”

“She seems healthy.”


Yohana seemed like she was eating for survival, but how could a baby do so? Not only that, but she grew quickly. While her pronunciation was poor due to her age, she could speak in sentences.


“I ade ell.”


I ate well. After speaking that sentence, Yohana jumped out and ran up to her room before her mother and grandmother could say anything.


“Yohana, wait!”


Her room was special to Yohana, as her father had built it, especially for her. Even the doorknob was placed at a child’s height, and while it was still difficult for her, Yohana managed to close the door and lower the curtains once she was in. The room was now completely dark as the curtains cut off the light.

Then, Yohana held out her palm to light a small flame. It was tiny and flickering but was still magic. Only someone who had turned back time could manage such a feat.


‘Don’t worry, father. I will protect my family here.’


Yohana had somehow come back to the past with her memories intact like her father. While she did not know why she guessed it might have to with the mana she had given her father.


‘I will become stronger than an 8th class mage, and…!’


Yohana was trying to do her part as much as she could.



‘I came here, but…’


Titan’s territory was a land floating in the air, which looked divine. Ian was looking up way down below and wondered how to sneak in. He would first need to find someone who knew Titan’s territory well. His memories may find a hole.


[You, raise both hands and turn around.]


Ian heard a voice behind him, and it belonged to a Titan scout, who was at least three times larger than Ian.


“Are you speaking to me?”

[You’re a Superian.]


Ian had felt the scout’s presence from before but had waited until the soldier had come closer.


[Are you a spy from the clock tower?]

“No, I am not a spy…”


Ian followed the scout’s orders as the Titan was extremely wary and turned around with his hands in the air.


“Let’s say I am…errand boy.”


“I apologize in advance.”



Ian immediately went behind the scout’s back using a Blink Skill and then cast a Paralyze skill that was strengthened by the Nibelung’s Ring. He then used Memory Eater, despite its instability. He would need to find the information he needed.

Memories that spanned hundreds of years came into Ian’s head. The Titan scout had lived loyally and had a family. He really was…normal.

For the last three months, after going through the exile’s village and Hercules, Ian had gone through a change in his attitude. He no longer believed that everyone in the Superior Plane should die.

He needed to categorize beings into two categories: those better left alive and those better left dead. In the past, Ian had categorized his mother and others in such a way to live his second life. He had been keen on revenge at that time, and this enterprise had been similar at first.

He had been ruthless to his enemies then but pledged that it would be different this time. He would cultivate more possibilities and act as a father and a husband


“…Sleep for a day, and I will ensure you’re safe until then.”

Ian moved quickly after casting a sleeping spell and some protection spells. He had found a rathole he could use in the Titan’s memories.

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