Season 2 Chapter 19

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Note: I’m a little bothered by things like ‘Asgards’ instead of ‘Asgardians’ but I’ll let the author/translator write it how they want


Titans were the old rulers, as Gaia, the ruler of Earth, who had led the Titans, had ruled this plane in the past. They had been once strong enough to win against the Olympus, the Asgards, and other races. Until the invaders came.

They called themselves the Chaos Races, and no one knew why they had come or where they had come from. However, the Titans had been powerless against them, and the power dynamics of this world had undergone a fundamental change.


‘The ruling forces had changed.’


The Olympus and the Asgard pledged their loyalty to their blind Father. The Titans who had surrendered to them were renamed the Gigantes. These three forces were together called the Superior. The Titans were forced to escape from them by running away to their homeland. The scout’s memories had greatly helped Ian understand this world’s history and find the hole that had led him to the Titan’s homeland.

Ian quickly used his most powerful invisibility spell, as it was his only choice, despite it having been discovered by Hercules. He would have to trust the ring Ares gave him, as it increased the user’s power.

Unlike Superior’s Heart, the Titan’s homeland was nature itself, as there were only trees, bushes, mountains, and caves. The only difference from Ian’s world was that all of these floated in the air.

Ian felt the peacefulness of the land and thought that the Titans had been lucky after being defeated. If they stayed here, they would not feel pain nor die at the Superior’s hands. Would his family and friends be able to find peace?

Ian shook those thoughts away and decided to find Aeos. She must be at peace or would not be able to form an illicit relationship with an enemy.

Ian knew from Ares and Artemis’s information and the scout’s memories that the crystal cave Aeos lived in was not far. She lived there because she liked sparkling things more than anything else.

Ian removed his invisibility spell, as Aeos, who was even more powerful in her homeland, would be able to see through Ian’s spell even if he tried to hide.


[I thought you were a fool who had received Aphrodite’s quest. Why do you reveal yourself? What are your intentions?]


Aeos’s voice rang in the air as soon as Ian showed himself, and he had to swallow back his blood at her voice. She was even stronger than Hercules, and he spoke up despite the pressure Aeos’s very presence gave him.


“You are half right and half wrong.”

[What do you mean?]

“I have received Aphrodite’s quest to kill you, but I also have received Ares’s request.”


Aeos’s voice softened at Ares’s name.


“I have something to deliver to you from him. Will you allow me to come in?”



Ian felt the pressure lift, which meant she would allow him to enter. Ian went in until he found a huge chamber.


[Stop there.]


Ian looked around at the huge piles of jewels that filled more than half of the enormous space.


[If you come in closer, your dirty feet may touch my treasures.]


Ian saw Aeos sitting on one of the piles, and as a ruler, her size was even bigger than he had expected. However, Aeos’s white skin, loose hair, and blue eyes resembled a human being except for her size.


[I can see you well from here. Tell me what present Ares asked you to deliver.]


Her eyes glistened expectantly as Ian showed her the necklace Ares had given him.


“He told me to give you this necklace and apologized for having made a mess of things.”


Aeos fumbled with the necklace, and Ian saw that the necklace became large enough to fit her. She toyed it with her fingers and spoke again.


[Is this the only thing Ares gave me?]

“Yes, it is.”


Aeos’s expression turned sour as she threw the necklace onto one of the piles.


[How could he? Is he crazy enough to think I was in love with him?! I told him to tell me the weaknesses of the dirty ones sitting at the top of the clock tower…]


It seemed that Aeos was talking about the Chaos races.


[Is he that dense or pretending to be so?]


Aeos looked alluring as she neatened her posture towards Ian and played with her hair.


[One last question. Is that shabby necklace his only gift?]


[Then, do you know what I am going to do with you?]

“You would have to kill me since I overheard your remarks.”

[You’re smart for such a puny being.]


Aeos flicked a finger as she spoke again.


[Then, die.]


In an instant, a huge crystal crashed where Ian had been standing.


[Blood is too dirty…]

“Isn’t this too much?”


Aeos looked in surprise as Ian spoke up underneath the crystal.


[…You played a trick.]


Ian had made a copy of himself, as he thought he would be able to fool Aeos if she was not paying much attention. It had worked.


“I heard why you approached Ares, and I will make sure he hears it.”
[You bug…!]

“Then, I will take my leave.”


A bit later, Ian received the memories his copied self had heard in the cave. The plan was working, and it was time to take the next step. Ian flew and tried to go to the Superior’s Heart as quickly as possible, but a massive shadow loomed above him. Ian had to look up.


[Haven’t I told you?]


Aeos came down and flicked Ian like a fly.


[It’s only a trick.]


Ian crashed to the ground, and while he was not wounded badly due to his protection spell, it seemed that he was trapped.


[You will not make it out alive.]


Aeos had managed to come after Ian, but he seemed indifferent to his imminent death.


[Now, die…]


[What? Do you see hallucinations?]



It was then Aeos felt fear that she had not felt in a long time. She looked back as she felt something disastrous had happened. A being as big as Aeos had come down from the clouds.




Aphrodite glared at Aeos as her incarnated self came down from the sky with a massive spear.

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