Evade the Hero and Flee! 231 A princess’s memory (31)


However, this was too real.


“Why are you so…angry?”


I could not understand why he was here when the spells would block out everything. I knew I had to send him back, but…


“All right, Ast.”


It was a sudden urge, but I did not want to be alone, like a child who did not want to sleep alone at night.


“Your highness?”

He was Ast, and my conscience was not hurt. I would take him with me.




And die with me. The evil fragment rushed at Ast like it heard me.


#42 Other Circumstances: A Villain’s Circumstance


What was she saying with a smile? However, I saw the darkness move. Something else was here!


“An intruder!’’


I shouted, but no soldiers came in. Damn, was there an assassin?




I threw a chair that was my month’s wage to the black something.


“Are you a ghost?”

The chair went through, and was this black magic?


“Ast. Give up. This is the power of the Evil God.”





What was she saying?!

“Did you sell your soul?”
“I did sell some blood.”


I only knew that she had done something crazy, but I realized that she had intended for me to go to hell with her. I did not want to die this early when I had so much to do.


“Instant Bullet.”


I knew that life was precious and shot the bullet I could use only once.


#43 Other Circumstances: ???’s Circumstances


Finally, I can have it!


#44 Other Circumstances: A Villian’s Past Circumstance


My family had been neither rich nor poor, but my father would gamble whenever our lives became durable. My mother would borrow money from her acquaintances, but my father would repeat his crimes. I was weary at my father’s insistent demand for money and realized that I just had to escape as soon as possible.

I would just need to endure and get out to get a job and a house. I studied hard, went to a good school, and prepared to become a government official after finishing my hellish military requirement.



However, my fantasy life became a life in a fantasy world. I turned on my cell phone to check some announcements.


<A new fantasy novel! A gate opens, and monsters flow into Earth. Now, on the verge of extinction, but the awakened…>


“It was a prophecy!”


I nodded at the novel, which proved to have estimated everything that would happen to Earth correctly. However, one different thing was that there was some time to adjust. But during that time, my country suffered massive damage, and the cities became smaller. That meant fewer officials were needed or could be hired, and I had to wait for months until I got my special ability as an awakened. However, it happened.


[Instant Bullet. This bullet can be used once, with random effects. One does not know the ability until used. If lucky, the user can kill a god, but the bullet will be wasted if unlucky. This bullet can be used once, nor the ability be gotten again.]


The skill was a once-in-a-lifetime gamble, and everyone who saw my skill shook their heads. There was nowhere to use it, as it may prove destructive. That was why even though I could join a guild, I could not participate in any raids. That was why I grabbed my sword.

As low monsters could be killed with weapons, I thought the sword would be more useful and sustainable. I met a trainer who taught me many things. As I had less work, I worked in my trainer’s dojo as I discovered I had skills. However, my level only enabled me to kill goblins, and the dojo actually paid more.

However, I was about to buy my house when a gate opened in my neighborhood, and an S class monster came out. The awakened were all ordered to fight to buy time, but the lucky thing was that the dojo was filled with high-class awakened. I only needed to survive.

However, there were other monsters from F to A. I met a C class monster, which was not manageable at my level. That moment had been the time to use my skill, but I did not know what the effect would be. I could not help thinking that I would become an ordinary person the moment I used this.

That thought made me hesitate, and the C class ogre crushed my body. This skill followed me to this world, and I lived thinking this skill did not exist and worked hard.

I believed, however, if I still had this skill, it would prove useful someday, which was…


“It would be now.”


I did not hesitate this time, as I could survive without it now.


[The Instant Bullet hit the opponent, and the bullet effect is activated.]


The message window only those who had been awakened in their past life could see appeared.



[The effect is ‘nothing.’ The ability Instant Bullet ends.]


How can this be?


“The world does want me dead.”

The dark thing reached out, and I felt death. However, it did not kill me like it was playing with me. I gulped and felt cold sweat. Was it laughing at me, or was I already dead?

“What did you do, Ast?”


I felt her highness’s voice, which shook like she was a frail thing that needed to be protected. While it was true in form…


“What do you mean?”

She may be trapping me, as she asked me to die with her. I tried to learn her intentions, but…


“What did you do?!”


Her voice was too annoyed for me to wait.



The dark room was filled with moonlight, and the dark thing disappeared. I only saw her.


“What…did you do?”


Her highness, who looked impossibly fragile, fell down on her bed. While I did not know what had happened, I was just relieved that I was still alive.


#45 Other Circumstances: An Emperor’s Circumstance




I had to suspect I mistook her voice, as I saw my daughter, who should not be here, in front of me in my room.


“Your majesty…Father.”

“I… survived.”

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