Evade the Hero and Flee! 232 A princess’s memory (32)


I dreamed that everything had turned black and the dead waited for me in my room. Then, someone came in to save me. My knight in shining armor had been…Ast. Therefore, it was a nightmare. To think that the last face I saw before I died was Ast. While only Lea and Ast were close to me… still.


“To think Ast was the last face…”


I had sweated all over, and I should change my pajamas…



I stood up to look around. It was my room, and I was wearing my usual pajamas.




Had that not been a dream? It was all too real. If it had been not a dream…


“Was Ast dead?”

I looked around to see that there was no corpse.


“Is he alive?”

I did not remember much about yesterday, but Ast had swallowed the evil fragment.


“Which is real?”


I wanted to change and called the maid outside to prepare for a bath and a change of clothes. The maids acted like nothing was different, which meant I should do the same. I changed and acted the same, but…


“Your highness!!!”

“Rea, stop.”


I had to look at my clothes get wet again with Rea’s tears, and I noted that she was taller than me even when kneeling.


“Rea, my clothes are getting wet.”



She was sniffling into my clothes. I was a princess…




I thought this was too much, but Rea did not stop crying. I had to change my clothes again and wait for Rea to calm down.


“Your highness…”
“Wait, there.”

I changed my clothes twice. I stopped Rea from charging at me with tears and asked her to prepare me to meet my father, the Emperor.


“Yes, your highness.”

Rea nodded and went out, and it was then Ast came in.



Ast avoided meeting my gaze when our eyes met.




As I also had nothing to say, we both remained silent. It was awkward, and I had not felt an emotion like this before. I did not know what to say.


“Your highness, the preparations are finished.”


Rea broke the silence, but we both did not say anything for a moment.


“Wait, I have something to do.”

“Yes, your highness.”


That was all, and Rea looked surprised.


“Has anything happened?”

“Not much.”


I decided to keep the situation a secret from Rea until I knew more about the situation. She did know a bit, but not what had transpired last night.




However, my father, who knew the most, looked unreliable.


“What should we do?”

Father closed his eyes and began to think. As he also had dragon blood in him, he was a genius. He may know something from my information.


“If you’re alive…you should go on alive.”

We were talking as father and daughter now.


“Then, what should we do?”


We were thinking more deeply now, as this was important as the beginning of our Empire. This nation was built for the evil fragment within the dragon blood.


“Let’s check the situation and wait for now.”

Father shook his head as he spoke.


“Ast may have that fragment, so we must observe him.”

“All right.”

The conversation ended there.


“What happened?”
“His highness said we should observe the situation.”

He seemed to not have understood the situation, but so did I.


“Then, your highness, what will you do?”


I thought it over. I would have already died. Since I was now suddenly alive…


“Should we do it?”


I thought of one thing. All members of the Imperial Family these days did it, but I had been unable to do so due to the evil fragment.


“What do you mean?”
“I was thinking of going out and avenging you, Rea.”

“You mean…”


Rea opened her eyes wide, and I nodded.


“Let us participate in the war too.”

#46 Other Circumstances: A Villian’s Circumstance


“Noooo way!”


I desperately opposed her highness’s idea of participating in the war.


“What are you saying all of a sudden? Has there been a defeat somewhere?”


She was suddenly saying such things after meeting the Emperor.


“No, I just wanted to go.”


Was she for real? The only good thing about serving under her was being able to stand back during the war!


“Your highness, think this again. Wars are meant to be avoided.”

“I have to avenge Rea.”


She meant we were going to fight Merdea Kingdom, nearly as powerful as the Empire, in a battle. They were cooperating with Pernes and had killed Rea’s lover. That would be reason enough for her highness, but she had remained still before…


“Why are you doing this all of a sudden?”


The atmosphere grew cold. Why?


“You don’t know?”

Was this because of what happened yesterday? But she did not seem to remember much, probably due to her state. I had run back to my room when she fainted since I had not known what had happened to that black thing. I only knew I had not made it go away with my ability, as I had no way to do so. Then, she would have to be the one who had made it go away and had fainted due to the exertion.


“Is that so?”


I met her eyes, and I realized nothing would get better.



I knew the black thing would complicate my life, so I kept saying no.


“Is that so…?”


I noticed she seemed unsure about yesterday’s events because she scared me. Therefore, I should fake ignorance.


“Well, if you say so…”

I sighed in relief as she turned to Rea.


“What do you think, Rea?”
“If it is war…”


I pleaded with my eyes to Rea.


“You do not have to avenge me. That does not end well.”

I shouted in joy inwardly. The world was already violent!



“Sir Rea?”

I saw Rea kneel in front of her highness.


“If you wish, my sword will be yours.”

“You heard what she said, Ast.”


I saw Rea’s face, and she seemed determined. I knew she would protect her highness with her life. Then, there was only one thing to do. I was deadly serious as I took something out of my pocket.




I kneeled, and her highness stared at the resignation notice.


“I will quit your service, your highness.”



“I am serious!”


I was not going to war, as I knew what would happen in my days in the organization.


“Ast…will you go to the front line?”
“I am your butler and will follow you.”


I felt the glares but staying near her highness was better than the front line.


“Huh…I am sorry, your highness.”


I met the losing soldiers on my first encounter on the battlefield.






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