129 Part 2


Daddy’s hand stopped moving.


“Daughter? While I may not be the one to say this, but how should I accept you being silent at this timing?”

“That I’m serious?”

“Is that so…”


Daddy let out a laugh and leaned his chin on the top of my head.



“I will stay like this until you finish thinking.”


Daddy’s chin was pressing into my head, and he was asking me to choose quickly.


“It’s all right since I will live with you even if I marry!”

“So, you will marry.”



Daddy attacked the top of my head with his chin, and while I tried to escape, I was leaning against him and had to let him do so.


“It hurts…”

“I won’t allow you to marry unless he’s stronger than me!”

“There may be one if I search hard…”

Daddy does not train his swordsmanship every day as he seemed to rest during the winter and when it rained. However, I did know that he trained every day when the weather was nice. Since Daddy worked hard, I thought my husband would also need training.


“Aren’t you underestimating your father?”

“Since you’ll be older when I marry, won’t you be weaker?”

“You are a realist…”

“It’s because I’m your daughter.”


Daddy was making a grimace as I looked up at him with a smile. Did he not like me marrying that much?


“All right, I will allow anyone that can beat your sister.”

“Daddy, just say that you don’t want me to marry.”


No matter how I grow up, I do not think I can beat my sister. She is strong, and I have no words to describe how much. I should think about living solo rather than finding a person that could beat her.


“Coco seems to be doing well.”

“So, he is.”


While the sound was small, it was the loudest yet. The shell broke a bit near the biggest crack in the middle of the egg.


“Now, you should observe it up close, since animals tend to imprint on the first person they see. You don’t want anyone else to be the chick’s mother.”


I nodded and moved forward. While I had not given birth to Coco, I had placed it near my stomach. I was still its mother.




The egg began to shake, and had Coco understood my words? The tremors increased like Coco wanted to see me.


“Push forward!”


Since Coco may grow weak if I help it, according to Daddy, I could only cheer on since Coco has to become a strong and healthy chicken for me to fry it!


“You can do it! Get out from the egg!”


The fire burning in the fireplace also let out a large flame with noise, and it meant that Coco would be born big and strong.


“Your mother is here! So, show yourself from the egg!”


Coco strived on at my words as it began to knock harder from inside.


“You can do it!”


The egg broke at once with a sound, and we finally could see each other.




However, did not chicks have beaks? And also…




It seemed like Coco could talk.




“Wake up.”



I could see my daughter cheering the egg on with her hands fisted. While it was an egg, she had cared for it like a mother and felt somewhat like a parent towards it.


“She has a long way to go to give birth.”

It was true since I would not remain still if some rascal even touched our cute Alice. I would allow marriage if she brought someone I would like.


“Wake up.”

“I’m sleepy.”


The Metal Bat looked at me with unkempt hair that fell over her face.


“Why are you awake already?”


It was a cliché that metal beings did not need sleep, but she slept the longest out of us even though she was somewhat like a golem.

I heard Alice cheering as I thought that over, and the Metal Bat nodded at the sound.


“So, the egg is hatching.”

“We have to prepare.”


The egg was not your usual egg at a glance, and I could not overlook the possibility that it may be an insect type monster, let alone a bird. Since some species would try to eat their parents, I had to prepare in advance to protect my precious daughter.


“Well, it’s for my little sis.”


The Metal Bat looked sleepy but raised herself up for Alice.


“Well, let’s see what will come out of that egg!’

The Metal Bat and I remained at a safe distance and looked at Alice and the egg. In the early morning, the shell broke, and something appeared…


“It’s a reptile.”


A reptile with red scales showed up, and it resembled a dragon…


“It’s a drake… right?”


What I was thinking could not be true.


“It’s a drake, amazing.”


It had to be a drake, as its face looked like a dragon, and its wings that fluttered as it walked were the characteristics of a drake…




“Hey, can drakes talk?”


The Metal Bat tilted her head at me, and I had to respond that they could not. Therefore, this situation…


“We heard things since we’re so sleepy.”


I pushed myself inside the blankets and laid my head on the pillow. I had woken up too early and had not been awake yet.


“Daddy! Coco can talk! Coco is a genius!”

“No, I’m hearing things…”

“Daddy? Mama’s daddy?”

“I think Coco is really smart.”


Alice was shaking my body, and I let myself be shaken.




I tried hard for three days to ignore the reality that my daughter had become a dragon tamer.






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