130 part 1

Chapter 130 When it Rains, it Pours (4)



I got a disease after Alice’s Coco was born.


“It’s snowing a lot. Is the God of Winter coming to these lands?”

“No way.”

“It’s cold…is the princess using ice magic around this village so we would not come out of the blankets?”

“Of course not.”

“The shape where the snow fell is weird…there might be someone waiting to ambush us, and he or she would have to be at least a swordmaster.”

“Why are you dumping a swordmaster in the snow?!”


The Metal Bat shouted after taking away my blanket.


“It’s cold since I’m in front of a window…”


I trembled at the wind, but the Metal Bat did not seem to care.


“Master, you seem crazy nowadays!”


While the Metal Bat shouted at me sharply, I had to nod.


“Yes, I’m suspicious of everything in this world.”

“You had a reason in the past, but now you’re just placing reasons on everything!”


The Metal Bat was correct, and I was suspicious of everything in this world.




I saw my daughter roasting potatoes in the fireplace nearby when I turned my head. A suspicious-looking golden cat slept on my daughter’s lap as her pink hair glistened from the fire.


“Mama, is this yummy?”

“Yes, roasted potatoes are delicious!”


I saw the highest species of the lizard family in this world with wings and intelligence watching the potatoes next to her.


“Just call it a dragon. Why are you taking so long?”

“I just don’t want to acknowledge it…”


I could feel my body go limp as I watched the white snow.


“I mean… well, you can’t really expect to see a dragon being born.”

“Of course.”


The Metal Bat had lost some of her sureness as she spoke, and it would also seem weird to her. While the village next to us was big, it was only compared to others around here. This kingdom was small compared to others and was weaker than the empire. The only reason this kingdom was in peace was because of the weather, as the country was not valuable enough to invade, and there was a high chance of freezing in winter during an attack. As this country had those characteristics, it remained in peace despite not having a swordmaster past or present.


“Master, there is a swordmaster here.”

“Yes, that’s right.”


This kingdom developed magic to survive in the cold rather than swordsmanship, but a swordmaster was right next door. He was even the previous Holy Sword, the most famous of them all.


“Hey, my surroundings are going crazy, and not me.”


My suspicions were based on reason.


“Think about it. The old man next door is the previous Holy Sword, and the egg sold in the village market in this small viscounty in this tiny kingdom was a dragon egg! Then, my daughter buys the egg because she wanted to make fried chicken! What’s the probability of all these things happening?!”


“Therefore, the world is going crazy and not me.”

“I could not agree when you’re your usual self, but the situation nowadays makes me lean…”


It was not mere guesses, as the flow after discovering that my next-door neighbor was the previous Holy Sword was definitely unusual.


“There has to be a cliché that ties everything together, and I have to run away from that…”


The previous Holy Sword, a cat that probably was one of the beast people, and even a dragon appeared. Now, this would be at least the main scenario in progress in a game.


“What will come out?”

“Um…is there a demon king sealed nearby?”


It was common enough in novels that began with a kingdom in ruins after the demon king’s attack, as it was a common scenario used in novels in this world and in my past life.


“Isn’t that going too far all of a sudden?”

“Isn’t a dragon going too far?”


The Metal Bat closed her lips at my question. It was ironic that a goddess somewhere got a chick when she wanted a dragon, and my daughter got a dragon when she wanted a chick.




I thought of a possibility, which had to be not true but very probable.


“Is Alice, the protagonist?”


Everything started from her, from my next-door neighbor, that suspicious golden cat, choosing that dragon egg, and now becoming the mother of the said dragon!


“It can’t be true.”


My daughter is the protagonist who always had something bothersome going on!


“I think you’re going too far again…”

“No, my daughter has to be the protagonist!”


Her carefree and innocent attitude spoke protagonist, and her adorable antics would make a prince of this country fall in love with her when she grew up. Even more, she had a suspicious cat and owned a dragon! If that cat was really an aristocrat of the beast people, she would soon possess power that would overwhelm this small country!


“What is this…”

I had searched for signs when I first met her, but I did not realize that she would become like this afterward.


“She is the protagonist…”

“In your mind…”


I should now wish that she was the protagonist of a comparatively easy romance fantasy novel. She would live happily after taking care of a few rivals…



“Why? Isn’t it a good thing that Alice lives happily?”

“I cannot argue against the marriage if she is going to marry a prince!”

“It’s decided that my sister is going to marry a prince in your head…”


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