130 Part 2

While the Metal Bat stared at me, I was serious. If Alice’s husband was a prince, she would not be able to live with me so easily!


“Master, won’t everything be solved if you marry the empire’s princess? She will have the strongest country around here as her family.”



Considering how powerful the empire was now, I could bring a prince of this country as my son-in-law in this house.


“However, Alice would die first because of the princess.”

“You’re right!”


I could not send my precious daughter there, and I was, for the most part, sincere even if I also cared for my own safety.


“You had run away saying you did not want to marry all this while, and if you bring a beautiful girl as your daughter and say that you will marry because of her, that princess may rip my sister apart.”


“Yes, our Alice is cute!”


The Metal Bat seemed to have understood this scenario. Alice would become beautiful and steal the heart of an aristocrat or a prince despite being a commoner. Then, an aristocratic girl would become Alice’s antagonist, and the prince would take care of the situation and save Alice. Then, they would confirm their love for another…


“Oh, so that’s it.”


I realized one thing when thinking of romance fantasies. If God had given me trouble, I just needed to do the same!




I explained my plan to the Metal Bat, who looked at me with confusion.


“Master is crazy…”

“No, the world is! That’s why I have to be crazy!”

“Well, it’s nice seeing you being your old crazy self again…”

I saw my daughter peeling potatoes with a smile, and she was feeding the dragon roasted potatoes without realizing she had ashes on her face. While I had at first brought her as camouflage, I now considered her my own child. I could not let her live a life filled with trouble and pain. Then…



“First, let’s go back to the blankets!”


I was freezing after thinking things over at the window.


#3 Other Stories: A Daughter’s Story


Daddy spoke to me after doing the breakfast dishes as I crawled back to the blankets.


“I will be teaching you things from today.”



He held my hands with a serious face as I tilted my head.


“They will be important in your life, and you have to learn them!”

“I do?”


I also nodded as Daddy nodded with some force.


“I will!”


I began my education with Daddy afterward.


“Now, repeat what I have taught you. What do you do when a suspicious individual asks for your help?”

“You look like a criminal… how can I help you when I can’t trust you? Consider it a favor that I don’t call you out!”

“Yes, very nice! Then, now I will tell you when the individual is wearing worn clothes but is really handsome or has expensive belongings, or when he is with someone who looks strong.”

“All right!”

Daddy was teaching me what to do about aristocrats hiding their identities or when I met suspicious strangers.


“Now, tell me when you meet someone who calls himself a prince!”

“Have you been deceiving me? I cannot believe it… we’re over!”

“All right!”


Daddy clapped at my acting, and he prepared me fried potatoes that he usually did not prepare in the winter. While I missed fried chicken, I was still very happy.


“Do you like it?”



I felt joy run through my body as I dipped the potato in red tomato sauce.


“Then, you can take the next lesson, right?”



Tomatoes are hard to store and would rot when stored in the warehouse. Therefore, we stored them as a sauce, but since the quantity was tiny, we could only have it on rare occasions, even if they were terrific with fried potatoes! That meant Daddy thought I excelled in my lessons!


“Now, we will begin our next lesson, which focuses on how to do matchmaking between the evil aristocratic girl and the prince!”

“I’ll do my best!”


While I was curious about why I should help an evil girl marry a prince, I did not ask as Daddy was teaching me since he would not make me learn anything bad.


“Now, what should you do when the evil girl tells you that you’re alluring the prince!”
“I know my position. How could I dare to allure a prince…?”

“No, those eyes may have the opposite effect!”

“Then…what should I do?”

“You should not look frail, but bright! Yes, those eyes! Speak with a look like that!”


“Yes, and when that evil girl asks you why you’re staring at her like that, tell her that you wanted to meet the most beautiful girl in the kingdom and that it had been your dream!”
“That’s it?”


“I have been respecting you the most in this kingdom… no in these lands, Unnie (older sister)!”

“Yes, that last improvisation was amazing!”


I felt Daddy stroke my head, and when I focused on the role Daddy wanted to play, he complimented me with joy.


“Then, next!”



I had been living only in the blankets in the cold winter until now, but now I had something fun to do with Daddy!

#4 Other Stories: A Cat’s Story


“Be more aggressive!”

“Do you know how burdensome you are to me?! No!”


I stared at my savior shouting with a reddened face with the speaking lizard.


“Mama…what are you doing?”


I let out a sigh as I watched the dragon look at her with a tilted head. These humans were…




This was not a place to live for a long time.

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