131 Part 1

Chapter 131 When it Rains, it Pours (5)



My daughter’s education was coming along nicely.


“All right, what do you do if you meet someone who is wearing unnaturally thick glasses?”
“I stay away!”
“If you brushed against the person wearing them and the glasses drop?”

“I apologize and run! Especially if the person became beautiful just by not wearing glasses!”

“Yes, that’s right!”


I stroked my smiling daughter’s hair, as that was her favorite praise.


“You’re doing well. All men who are handsome, seem to be rich, or suddenly approach you are your enemies.”


“And if you see ladies who are jealous of you near such men?”

“Become close to the leader and inform them of everything they want to know!”
“If they’re hiding their social status?”

“Run away!”

“If they’re hiding amazing talent?”

“Run away!”

“If they seem to be hiding something!”

“Just run!”



My daughter is so smart.


“Master, I don’t think that’s a praise.”

“What are you saying? Alice is the best!”


The Metal Bat came and nagged me while my daughter went to the restroom after dinner.


“You don’t realize that you’re teaching her unpraiseworthy things…Alice doing what you’re teaching her is the problem! You’re teaching her how to be an accident waiting to happen!”


What was the Metal Bat talking about? Alice was perfectly performing how not to be a heroine. If this plan succeeds, the possibility of Alice becoming a heroine sharply declines. That means she will not have to marry a prince and continue to live with me!


“…Master, you have changed too suddenly.”

“What did I do?”


She spoke like everything I did was like a villain, and I wanted to say that I had not been this way from the start. I had wanted to become the best farmer in the village at first, and I had kept that wish even when my parents died from the hero’s fight.

I got good results by testing farming methods from my past life despite a few failures, and I thought I would be happy if I died farming. I would have not joined Howling if my fields had not burned when the stupid lord of my village had picked a fight with the empire.


“I mean…a young boy thinking that he would join a villain organization in that situation is weird…”


I could not make her understand my past since I could not say anything about my past life, even to her. If I were not forced to cut some parts, she would understand why I started being a villain from fourteen and joined Howling at fifteen. I did it to eat! Really!

I turned my head at a sudden sound, and my cute pink-haired daughter had opened the window to gaze in.


“Daddy! I’ll bring potatoes to eat with Coco!”

“Corn for me!”


“Be careful.”

“It’s right there!”


Even in this cold weather, Alice hummed with flushed cheeks and closed the window.


“It’s a problem that the bathroom’s outside.”

“You don’t need to use one. I don’t want to go out every time either.”

“You’re becoming lazy, Master.”


I knew that since I had stopped training with my sword during winter now, unlike before. However, things have gotten strange enough lately to make me begin again.


“My brain will stop and slobber if things go on like this.”


I was becoming the king of laziness, as I only trained at home when my daughter brought home a dragon egg. I would have made this house a fortress before, but now I was only making up scenarios where my daughter would refuse princes.

I really was a bum, and since I was near the end of my prime physically, I would be truly caught if my skills became rusty.


“You should work harder! Will you give my sister a mother?”

“…That would normally be a good thing.”


While I did want Alice to have a mother, the candidates were all bad influences for her.


“Even if they accept Alice as a daughter…”

I would not even consider the empire’s royal family and the high elf who broke a branch of the World Tree, who elves considered their mother, to give to me as a present.


“Oh, dear.”

If Sia was the better option, this was a question of whether one would marry someone if they were the last two people left in the world.


“Daddy, I’m back.”


I felt Alice hug me, and while she was cold, my heart grew warm.


“I should also scratch out Sia.”


If Alice became like her, I would have done something evil.



“Hey, did Coco wait for me?”


I should raise that dragon to protect my daughter, and he would be able to breathe fire at the very least. If not, I should just make fried dragon and feed my daughter, which had been the original intention.


“I know that chicken is delicious, but fried dragon…?”
“You don’t know until you try.”


I should try to gather some items I could use and make some more plans so that my daughter will not become a heroine to protect our peaceful daily life.



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