131 Part 2


#5 Other stories: A cat’s story


This human is crazy.


“Now, say.”


The father of my benefactor, who held my front legs and was gazing into my eyes, was ordering a cat to speak all of a sudden. I did think he knew my identity, but…


“Now, speak, speak.”


However, this was too much! I would have ran away after scratching his hand, but my benefactor’s sister was looking at me with amused eyes.


‘That eye…’


She was looking at me like a predator playing with their food, which said she would wait to see how long I would last.




Help me, benefactor! These humans are tormenting me! I desperately turned my head to the only hope in this house.


“Chicken…it’s been a long time…how long…?”

“This is yummy!”


She did not seem to hear me as she reverently ate something called a chicken with the lizard. Since she was crying happy tears, she really did seem happy, but…


‘Look at me!’


While I tried to move my front feet, a cat’s power was limited and I had decided to stay in this form.


“Hey, you want a hit?”

“Can I?”



I managed to run away from the man’s hands at the sister’s words, but I was not safe yet. I used every ounce of my strength to run to my benefactor and sit in her lap.


“Oh, Misha?”



My benefactor had been about to stroke me, but she realized her hands were oily from the chicken looked around for a tissue.


“Oh, me too!”


The silver-haired sister came up running to sit across from my benefactor.


“Oh, unnie! The leg is mine!”

“You won’t give me a leg? Hey, you already have one! How can you have two legs?!”

“It’s been a long time. Daddy said I could!”
“Your sister says that you can’t! You have not realized why a chicken has two legs and two wings!”

“I feel sorry that you don’t know that you can eat a whole chicken!”


I could not fathom why the two girls were fighting for the leg with their forks and chopsticks. It was only a bird fried in oil.


“Misha, do you want a bite?”


The lizard spoke with a piece in its hand. I meowed to say I did not want one.


“Misha, you’ll eat?”


My benefactor gave me a piece with happy eyes, and I thought I saw her eyes like that before.


“Here, Misha, it’s yummy. I’ll give you the tastiest part since this is your first time.”

“What part will you give the cat? How about this?”

“Not the neck! That’s dangerous for Misha!”
“I don’t think so…”

“Hey, you took the leg!”


I remembered. I saw those eyes when the priests in my clan spread their beliefs to others.


‘I don’t think it’s safe here.’


Crazy believers were the most dangerous since they could give their lives for their faith and justify everything under the name of God. While the benefactor was offering me food, it would be safer to avoid her offer.



“Here, Misha. It’s the wing. I took out the bone for you.”


I felt my benefactor’s hand holding my body the moment I tried to run.




While she was smiling, I was terrified when my benefactor’s hand came to my mouth.



“One bite, and you’ll also love chicken like me!”



Was my benefactor merely a member of this family? She looked at me with crazed eyes and started to feed me chicken.


“Hey, a new life waits for you in this meeting!”


Even my family’s crazy believers do not say such things?! Is she feeding me drugs?!


“Hey, here!”


Somehow, she fed me chicken with mad mumbling. I spat it out since the morsel seemed too ominous. However, the room’s temperature fell down by several degrees at that moment.


“You spat it out…?”

I knew that it was due to a single person from that voice since my benefactor’s words could freeze summer.


“You dare to spit chicken out…?”

I found myself lowering my head.


“Misha, look at me.”


My animal instincts told me that raising my head meant death, and I realized I was facing a crisis.


“Mi. Sha.”

“Mommy’s scary…”


While the lizard tried to run, it will not be able to run far.


“How could my sweet Misha… be such a bad cat.”


Her voice would now freeze hellfire, and I only thought of one method since running away was not possible. I ate the chicken I spat out and felt idiotic doing so… but hey.


‘This is tasty.’


There was something mystically tasty about this chicken.


“Do you like it?”



My benefactor now hugged me and stroked my back.


“Don’t do such a bad thing again.”



It was delicious enough to regret spitting it out, and I think my defenses are crumbling under her hands…

Wait, I am the crown prince, and how could I… wait, that spot’s soft!


“Have another bite!”


That day, I gave in to chicken and the hand rub given to me by a human.





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