132 Part 1

Chapter 132 When it Rains, it Pours (6)



#6 Other stories: A daughter’s story


Winter was coming to an end around the time I ended my lessons with Daddy. The snow that seemed to cover the whole world was melting, and due to the village people coming out with shovels, we now could walk freely across the village. Thanks to their efforts, we now can eat chicken again, but there are side effects.




Bright sunshine entered the window and attacked me with Daddy’s voice.


“Daddy, I’m going to melt in the sun…”

“I don’t remember my daughter being a vampire…”

“I’m going to melt.”

“She also wasn’t a snowman.”
“No, I’m already finished…leave me behind…”

“I’m going to let the fire die out in the fireplace if you keep doing that.”

“That’s cruel!”


While I found it painful to let go of this warmth, I still had a trick up my sleeve yet. However, Daddy took away my blankets. The cold air and the warm fire were attacking me from both sides!


“No, the coldness is winning despite the fire’s support…”

“Stop and wake up!”


Daddy pulled the blanket under me, and I found myself rolling on the cold wooden floor.


“Daddy, you’re too much in the morning…”

“You’re the one difficult to wake. Everyone else is awake and preparing for breakfast.”


I stuck out my tongue and made a cute face as Daddy began to organize the blankets with a sigh.


“I’m sorry, Daddy!”

“I told you not to imitate your sister.”


My father flicked his finger, and my forehead hurt a lot. I felt my eyes water, as Daddy would not scold my sister even if his expression was mixed when she made this face!


“Eat breakfast.”
“All right…”

Morning comes late in the mornings, but now it was about to become spring. We had to prepare things for the farming that will come with the season change.


“You’re the last again!”



I saw my sister, Misha, and Coco eating breakfast.



While I somehow came to the breakfast table, I was still sleepy. I did not have the strength to lift a spoon, but sandwiches were a different matter.


“Thank you!”


The bread was hard, but Daddy’s sauce, vegetables, and ham followed the bread to make it tasty.


“You already started eating.”



Daddy had finished organizing the blankets, and he left a bowl of soup in front of me.


“Thank you.”
“Eat up. We have work to do.”



We have to pick out the seeds that had been stored after harvest. While we had selected some good ones back then, all of them could not be used for farming. We had to choose the best and the most durable! This is a very important task, enough to decide the fate of a whole year!


“We may be late for stomping on the fields, so we have to hurry. Let’s hope your sister does not bother us.”

“I’ll be playing with the dragon and the cat!”


My sister wilted all plants that came near her, and therefore she had been excluded from farming. But now, she had playmates.


“You have to be careful with Coco! He’s still a baby!”

“Of course! Your baby is my nephew! Don’t you think I will treat them well?”

“There’s a possibility.”



My sister’s treatment was extremely painful but had incredible healing abilities. She helped me and Misha heal in a day.


“You cannot hit them!”

“You think me too violent.”
“No flicking fingers!”




My guess had been right, as my sister clucked her tongue before eating her salad.


“Treat Misha as you will Coco!”
“You really want to take away all of your sister’s joys?”

“I’m the one who should be angry!”


As Misha’s caretaker and Coco’s mother, I had a duty to protect them from my sister!


“Fight after eating, you two.”


My father’s finger hit both of our foreheads as we glared at each other.


“Stop the violence!”

“You’re the one to say that?”


My sister earned another hit, and I watched her while rubbing my forehead. I felt a swollen spot, and the reason that it was so fast….


“I got hit on the same spot…”

“Oh, so you’re the same as me!”

“I said be quiet.”

“Hey, not a third time!”


My sister grimaced while holding her reddened forehead, and that made my heart lighter.


“Daddy, let’s work hard today!”

“Yes, you seem to have woken up.”



I nodded and finished my breakfast.


“Then, time to work!”

“My daughter is a different person before and after waking up.”


I went upstairs when Daddy called me after playing with my sister a bit after breakfast.


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