132 Part 2

“It’s been a long time.”

“It’s cold in winter.”


While my room is on the second floor, I always lived in front of the fireplace on the first floor during winter, since I would become a corpse if I slept in my room.


“It really is cold.”


While spring was coming, it was still winter in this northern country. I heard that the Winter Witch stayed the most here.


“We would need to clean since dust is everywhere.”

“Spring is too busy a season…”


Farmers were busy all the time except for winter since we had to prepare tools, raise seeds to seedlings, and stomp on wheat and barley we had sowed during winter at spring. Also, we had to clean the house in spring to avoid the rain.

We were also busy during winter, as we had to plant the seedlings in the field, sow seeds that did not need seedlings, and spread manure. Then, we had to prepare for sudden weather changes and fight with weeds, the farmer’s nemesis.

Weeds are strong and seemed to pop out wherever there was sunlight. Daddy told me that each weed had its unique characteristics and positive effects and that the world will be endangered if there are no weeds.

However, the most essential point is that weeds are not good to eat and block edible plants from growing. Therefore, weeds had become the enemy.

Fall is the harvest season, and we had to bring in the plants we had grown and prepare for winter.

Winter is freezing here, and the snowfall this winter made it impossible for us to go out.

Therefore, we had to prepare to live in the house, and surprisingly, fall is another season for sowing, as we plant wheat and barley during this period. While I heard southern lands harvested wheat during summer, we need to grow wheat until fall due to the cold.

The conclusion was, as a farmer, we were always busy except for winter! So, let’s work happily since I’m always going to be busy!

“I’m thinking positive thoughts.”

“You’re doing well.”


I feel like selecting seeds mechanically next to Daddy had become easier due to positive thinking. Daddy had said that one could control one’s thoughts and actions and be at least happy even when facing adversities if one thought happy thoughts. It was working for me now!

“Seeds for sunlight done!”


The process of raising seedlings is called germination, but farmers need to know that germination does not occur in the same conditions. Some seeds need sunlight, and others need darkness, and the first step in raising plants is to prepare them according to their type.


“Seeds for darkness done!”


I watched the sky while rubbing my sore neck, and the sun was already setting.


“I’m tired…”

I must have been doing this for at least ten hours after breakfast, and lunch had been a few sandwiches Daddy had brought from the kitchen. I felt my stomach grumble, and I was suddenly hungry.


“Eat as much as you want, since dinner is chicken stew.”
“Chicken stew!”


Chickens are perfect animals, and other dishes were also yummy. I felt my tiredness run away at the thought. Farming with Daddy was not difficult…oh?

My thoughts stopped when I realized that only the two of us would be farming. Usually, families in the village worked in units of four to tens of people. While there were villagers who managed different stores, most of the villagers farmed as their livelihood. Others would raise livestock, and they also worked in similar numbers to farmers.

However, it was only the two of us, as my sister could not participate. That meant we were working double compared to others, and insufficient labor was a problem that needed to be immediately solved since it posed great harm.

Therefore, I asked Daddy in a confident voice.





Daddy hesitated at my serious face while cleaning up the leftover seeds. They will not be thrown away, as good farmers managed all of their seeds! We will sell those of high quality to the villagers!

“Daughter? What is the matter?”

My father seemed curious at my silence, and I spoke directly since I could not leave him hanging.


“Daddy, I want a Mommy!”



My father’s surprised face was similar to my sister’s.


“Don’t worry, since I will get on well with my stepmother!”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“I want a brother, too!”


I stayed close to Daddy to tell him all since men are useful for farming!


“I need sisters, but as many brothers as possible!”


I know that Daddy is rich, and he could cover as many siblings as needed, and if we had more manpower, we could go ahead with our plan to raise chicken! More people to the farm meant we could do several things along with farming!


“So, Daddy, find a Mommy!”


“I heard that you are popular!”


My sister had told me Daddy had several candidates for marriage who followed him, and he may not have been able to meet them due to me. Therefore, I would help him to find a new girlfriend!

“Daddy can’t follow what you’re saying!”


However, Daddy went out of the room and avoided my words for all kinds of reasons.


“If he is going to be like that…”


I would also plan Daddy’s marriage project! Wait…was he married before?

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