133 Part 1

Chapter 133 When it Rains, it Pours (7)


People usually thought spring was the starting season for farming, but it really was winter. Since we had sowed barley and wheat right before winter, we needed to move from early March to stomp on them. The ground is hard during winter, making it difficult for barley and wheat to spread their roots. If left like that, they do not receive necessary nutrients during spring when they needed to grow, which meant no harvest.

Therefore, in order to live, one needed to stomp on them, as there were other positive effects as well.

My daughter was stomping with her pink hair hidden in a fur hat, and she was adorable jumping on them because of her light weight. However, I could only watch her from afar.


“Daddy, wait!”

“You’re slow.”

While my daughter furrowed her brow twenty meters from here, I only walked on while stomping on barley and wheat. Farming was nothing to me compared to time spent with my daughter since I had enough money to buy barley and wheat until I die.


“Daddy! Stepmother!”


However, I was working hard because she was asking for a stepmother even during breaks.


“I told you, Alice. Daddy doesn’t need a new mother.”


I was already past the marrying age, as I had given up marrying on joining Howling since I had not seen any happy marriages there. Most of the time, people died after family being held hostage, or someone had married a spy and died in betrayal. Therefore, I am solo because of Howling, and there really was no other reason! Really!

“Daddy, we need more people to farm. However, there are only two girls and you in this house! We cannot cover for you when you grow old at this rate, and you don’t want that.”


My daughter did not stop nagging about marriage even at this time.


“A son will cure the problem, so Daddy! Let’s have only three!”


Daughter, your Daddy is richer than you think. I am rich now, will be rich on getting the money I had hid under different identities and will become even richer when I gain access to the money I cannot take out due to the empire. Enduring life in an evil organization for ten years will give you that much.


“Is that so?”


However, I cannot say that out loud. It would be difficult to answer where the money had come from if my daughter asked me, and being rich without farming much would be very bad in hiding my identity among the villagers.

He lives idly but is rich in this mountain village. Why?

Everyone would think me strange, and therefore I needed to hide the fact that I was wealthy.


“Then, you agree with me, right? You don’t need to worry about me, and Unnie will think the same! We are all right with you having a fresh start!”


I found myself wanting to say it due to my daughter saying weird things. And what was this about a fresh start when I had never been married? Wasn’t it too much?


“Unnie told me that there are amazing people who like you. How about it?”


I pressed the top of her head as she spoke to me with bright eyes, and while some dirt got on her hat, she came in closer without noticing.



“I’m happy enough with my daughter.”

“That’s a good thing, but…”

While I wanted to continue seeing my daughter’s adorably flushed face, she will keep talking to me if I did not act now.


“Then, break time is over!”

“What?! You avoided the subject again!”

My daughter came back to her senses, but the opportunity had gone away.


“We will talk again later, Daddy!”

“We need to go to the blacksmith after this! Let’s finish soon!”


While she came stomping towards me, I was inevitably faster.


“Daddy, slow down!”

“You have a long way to go as a farmer, daughter!”


I managed to avoid my daughter’s nagging by quickly stomping away.


#7 Other stories: An old man’s story


I was in a very awkward situation.


“Wow, one more drink!”

“Wow, one more for me too!”


The two girls handed me their beer glasses. Of course, I had given them fruit juice with a bit of honey, but I was still in an awkward situation.


“Don’t you think Daddy is too much, Grandpa?”

“I think that the women that like him will think the same thing.”

The children next door were grumbling about their current situation while drinking from beer glasses. Merln had gone to check on the farming tools for this year at the blacksmith, and it seemed that I was the only one remaining who would listen to them.


“Grandpa, Daddy marrying again at his age is not a bad thing, right?”


While Alice was cute grumbling, she very much resembled a drunk person.


‘Did I give them fruit liquor instead of drinks?’


I tasted the drink I gave them, but it was ordinary fruit juice.


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