133 Part 2

“You’re right. He should just give up and live with the woman who likes him. She will make him comfortable.”

“Isn’t it so? It will be easier to farm!”
“The problem is that the people who like him are not farmers and won’t do farming…”

“Why not?”

“Because they have people who will farm for them.”


I had given them beef jerky as I did not have any sweets on hand, and the children sighed as they drank and chewed on beef.


“Do the stepmother candidates see farming in a bad light?”

“Well, they won’t oppose it if he agrees to marry.”
“That’s a relief.”


I found their antics familiar and realized this was the reason people say that one should watch their actions in front of children.


“Do you want to join us, Grandpa?”


I was acutely embarrassed for my past self at the girl handing me a glass and smiling.


“No, I’m all right.”

“It’s yummy.”


They were exact copies of Merln and me, and I had given them beer glasses because they were all I had. I needed to buy ordinary ones at the village the moment these girls left my house.


“Grandpa, what would make Daddy want to marry?”


Alice suddenly asked me a question as I thought about such trivial things.




I had thrown away my family for my sword, and I had never thought about a wife. However, they were asking about remarriage to someone who had never married!


“Umm…I think they would need to want to marry each other…”


Marriage was between two people, and as those that marry for other reasons than love tend to fail, I thought that love was necessary, but…


“Grandpa, that’s too naïve!”

“Is that so?

My thoughts were crushed by a teenager.


“Love is important since families could break over time if there is no love!”

“Yes, that’s right…”

“However, that’s not all! You need to consider other things when making a family, like how much one earns in a year! If the family farms, whether one could pay taxes and gain enough to eat! If the harvest is bad, how much food can be stored!”

“Is that so…”

“That response tells me that you think of marriage too lightly! You also have to consider how many children you have and allot inheritance after death!”

“I’m sorry that I had been too shallow…”


Alice continued on despite my apology. Her criticism was harsh enough for me to compliment me on not marrying in a rush.


“Do  you understand now that marriage is a serious affair?”



Alice’s sister handed me a glass after I received enough criticism to make me flinch.


“Old man, have a glass.”

“Thank you.”


It was a sweet fruit juice but bitter to my tongue. I chewed on beef jerky as I contemplated on the bitterness of life.


“Grandpa is no help…”

“I am sorry.”


My mouth spouted an apology at Alice’s depressed voice despite not knowing what I was apologizing for.


“Everything will be happier when Daddy marries.”

“While I say this in a different meaning, I agree since it’s a shortcut to world peace.”


They grumbled and clicked their glasses and drank heartily before asking for another to me.


“Have as much as you want.”


The two girls began to talk again after I poured each of them another glass, and they were again planning on having Merln marry again. Since Alice did not find me of much help, I was only pouring them juice like a pub owner.


“I will somehow help Daddy marry!”

“What will you do if stepmother takes him away?”

“That’s a problem…but I can do it! With your help!”

“Well, that depends on you.”

“Please have this trivial gift, Unnie.”

“I don’t usually allow gifts like this…”

“I put in some extra.”

“Well, well.”


I was at a loss for words as Alice handed some beef jerky to her sister and how it was received.


“You two? I cannot understand what you’re doing, so will you teach me?”

“We often pretend to bribe and be bribed when we play!”


I only thought I had a lot of things to tell Merln when he got back.


“Well, it can’t be helped.”


Alice’s eyes shone at her sister’s words.


“You’ll help, right?”

“Trust me! I’ll solve any problem that comes with a stepmother!”

“You’re the best!”


Come soon, Merln. I have a lot to say to you.


“Then, this is for Daddy’s remarriage!”



I could not hold back a sigh as the cute kids drank juice again and desperately wished that Merln would come here now.



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