Chapter 141 It’s Firing Up (3)



While everyday routines may be boring for kids, routines were the best for a middle-aged man like me.


“I think that your daughter being a succubus and her pet a dragon means things are not normal.

“Shut up.”


I still farmed with my daughter and weeded the fields.


“How about going to the nearby village with her?”



It was now autumn, and we were already harvesting produce. It would take a month to finish.


“I do need to go there to last the winter.”


Merchants were coming there now, and I had another reason to go.


“I need to punch that egg merchant.”


I had heard that he had gone out of the village in spring to search for eggs and had been waiting for fall to come since other villagers hinted that he would come. If that merchant had not sold that dragon egg…


“Give up. One thing would not have made a difference.”

“It’s a dragon!”

“There’s a country suffering from an evil dragon nearby.”

“What are other dragons doing? Don’t they have their own laws?”

“It’s an ancient dragon over 20,000 years old.”



Dragons did have their own laws and one of them, being too influential in human society, did bring consequences. However, ancient dragons were a different matter, as they were strong. So they just branded them as evil and left them for others to kill.


“Its name is Arketai, the Black Dragon.”


The Metal Bat did not like that name as it sounded a bit like hers at the front. Moreover, she became irritated a bit since I teased her a bit.


“I won’t go with you there if you keep up like that.”

“I did worry a bit.”


“Bringing my daughter seems dangerous, but leaving her also is the same.”

“Our final method is running. How about taking her alone?”

While I did think about that, characters tended to get involved in strange situations when moving to other places.


“However, she might be kidnapped while you’re gone!”


“If you leave me behind, you may be kidnapped by one of the women!”



The cat and dragon were not yet trustworthy, and my next-door neighbor was still gone. I sincerely hoped that he managed to get a weapon from dwarves, but that was such a difficult feat.


“Daddy, Grandpa is back!”

“Look at the timing.”


I hugged my daughter, who had come into my room with a smile. This seemed like…


“It’s like someone is trying to send you to the next village.”




While my daughter seemed confused at our conversation, she smiled as she shouted.


“Let’s have fried chicken since he’s here!”

“That was your goal!”



She was adorable, and my future son-in-law would have to pass 122 steps before he could marry her.


-The first was enduring a hit from me. Is that possible?

-Since I can do it, of course!


Well, she said she would live with me after marrying.


-That did not mean she would not marry!


I ignored the Metal Bat and asked my daughter to go meet my old neighbor.




I grabbed her hand, and we walked together, and I wanted to see how strong he had gotten.


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My heart began to beat faster, and I wondered whether I could grab my sword well due to the cold sweat.


“We’re almost here.”

“I know.”


I could feel my body shake, and I knew this was fear against the weapon waiting for me at my old village. I now had to fight it with my sword given by the Red Hammer Clan since I had made that promise before leaving.

This sword had to be one of the best there is, as it absorbed magic, and flame danced over the blade when I placed my aura over it. That meant I could use fire against things I could not cut, and I could control the flames so it would turn from red, blue, and white.

However, I was scared against that weapon, more so as time passed. How could I go against a sword with arms and legs? While I did want to refuse, I had made that promise with the dwarves. Therefore, I had to go against Merln’s weapon.


“Why do we need to keep that promise?”


I had visited Merln’s house for the first time in a long time and waited for Alice to bring him to the door. I explained to him what had happened and asked for a fight. However, he had refused.


“Dwarves leave afar. Just send a letter that you won.”

“It was a firm promise.”

“Things are relative.”

“I did give my word as a swordsman.”

“That’s nice.”

“You know?”

“Yes, I understand that trust between two people is important. However, I had never made my promise to the dwarves or you.”


“Therefore, I have no reason to fight.”



I was deeply surprised at Merln being so indifferent. Of course, swordsmen tended to thirst for fights, and my experience was the evidence itself. But why?


“You don’t seem to understand… Swordsmen would have gone against you for a single fight.”

“That’s right.”

“However, I am a farmer.”

“I farm as my job. I just use my sword to protect myself.”


I had to nod at that, as he was a farmer. While his past was suspicious, he was holding farming equipment instead of a sword. However…


“Can’t you fight me once?”


I had pushed down fear all this way and could not break my promise.


“Yes, I cannot since I am busy.”


Merln cut me off, and I had to protest.


“Just send a letter that you won. I give up.”

“I cannot let their efforts go by like that!”

“I admitted that I lost.”

“I want a true win!”


“I need to make chicken for my daughter. Will you have some?”

“Yes. But fight with me after that.”


Merln stood up without listening to me to the end.


“I have to go to the nearby village tomorrow, so I am busy. Just say I lost.”



He did not agree to fight with me as he made chicken, sharing it with me, and I sent him off the next day.


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“It’s been a long time, but we found her!”



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