Chapter 142 It’s Firing Up (4)



#7 Other Stories: A Daughter’s Story


“Then, listen to Grandpa well.”


“Be careful!”


“You’re saying the same thing over and over again for the last ten minutes.”

I frowned at Daddy looking at me with worried eyes. I did not want to look at him like that, but it seemed like he would repeat himself over and over again.


“Be careful and stay home.”

“It’s the harvest season.”

“We can rest a day.”


I nodded, as I could enjoy a day’s rest if it was only for a day.

“Then, stay safe.”

“I’m the one who should say that!”

“I’m going with your sister.”

“You will be safe!”


My sister made me feel safe if she did not raise a hand towards me.


“How about that fight…”

“Please look after Alice.”


While Grandpa had been asking for a fight since yesterday, but it was Daddy’s rule not to fight. If one needed to fight, one asked another person. One should run first and fight as a last resort. Daddy would not fight Grandpa.


“I will take care of Alice.”


He nodded at Daddy and told me to call him if anything came up. Even though he seemed severely disappointed, he sighed and patted my head after Daddy left before going back to his house.


“What should I do, everyone?”


I asked Misha and Coco, who sat in front of the fireplace. Misha let out a lazy meow like always while Coco thought hard to answer.


“What do you usually do?”


I regretted saying that, as they seemed to be playing with my sister while Daddy and I farmed. Only she would think that it was playing.


“I’m sorry, Coco.”

“I’m scared of Auntie…!”


Coco came running to me in tears, and I consoled him.


“She’s not here today, and you’re playing with me.”



I hugged Coco and told him that I would scold my sister. Coco was only one, and she had been too much for him! I had been speaking to Misha in front of the small fire when I heard a knock.


“Is it Grandpa?”


I tilted my head at the sound, as we and Grandpa were the only ones living nearby. However, Grandpa had no reason to come here, and I felt nervous. However, the sound was getting louder.


“I should go, right?”


Misha and Coco followed me as I stood up, and I raised my voice at the incessant knocks.


“Who is it?”


Daddy said that one should answer when asked, but those knocking were impolite. They broke the door with an exclamation, “She’s here!”

#Other Stories: A Demon’s story


“Find the succubus’s descendant and bring her here without anyone knowing.”


That was the master’s orders, as the demon world was pure chaos with three factions fighting one another. General Agreart, our master, had ordered us to find her to become the next King.


“I understand.”


Her vote would decide all. Those that were on the moderate party’s side remembered the previous King, who Agreart also admired. The previous King had made us prosperous but did not invade humans even when we had all the supplies and manpower. The Demon God had spoken that humans and demons could not live together under the same sky.

So, Agreart had decided that he would become the invader who would attack all humans that disgraced the Demon God to raise the demon’s name across the lands.

That made me go under him with my clan, as I believed that he would be the King who would make the demons the greatest race of all.

Therefore, I traveled with others to find the succubus, and they were all hot-tempered as they were thirsty for fights. I had spent two years saying that fighting humans can be done after finding the succubus. Now, I found her in a small village in the north, and my heart beat at realizing that Agreart would now become King. I tried to calm down, as we were in the human world and in a small country. If the rumors of a demon appearing spread, the entire human race may come after us. That would be a problem, and why the search should be secret.

I continued to stop others from killing all the humans to find the succubus while narrowing the field and found two small houses a bit far away from the village.


“Let’s start from here.”

“Can’t we break them all?”


Apir, the leader of the Canine Demons, growled. However, I wanted to be careful.


“Let’s be careful here since there is a house nearby.”

“…Well, once more won’t hurt.”


Apir’s patience came only from his desire that our master become King.


“Why is there no answer?”

“Is no one home?”


Apir knocked, but no one came out.


“I sense a presence.”



I heard small footsteps, but the red orb I held glowing was bigger news. It only responded to demons, and when a small voice said, “Who is it?” the red light shone on. It meant that we finally found her.

Apir pulled the doorknob, as he had been quite patient. The door flew as a girl screamed.


“Who are you?!”

“Let’s go!”


Apir was still moving on despite her screams, and I had to calm him down.


“Careful, her death means an internal war.”


I could not calculate how much damage that internal war would cause in the demon world. However, she would enable Agreart to become King by law. We could punish humans for their fallacies the moment he becomes King.

Therefore, at that moment, we ignored the small cat jumping up to us. We all knew that metal could not damage his skin.

However, I saw Apir grab his severed right arm in another moment, and the cat’s claws flash with a blade aura.


#9 Other Stories: A Cat’s Story

I knew that the four were strong just by their presence, and the only thing to do was to strike when they were careless by acting just like a cat. They really were careless.

I saw a dog’s head as the robe the creature was wearing slipped off, and he was a demon as I could see the horns on his head. I had another reason to fight.

While we were not friendly with humans, we allied with them when fighting demons, as that was our god’s will.



“A mere cat?!”


I went for the neck, using the skills I learned since young. The enemy started to step back when I gathered the aura on my claws.


‘He’s fast!’


I would have lost to him even one-to-one, as he was able to think and move at the same time. I twisted my body to change the direction to at least nullify him if I could not kill him.

I succeeded in removing the right arm that had been reaching out to my benefactor.


“You damn cat!”


The dog demon swung his left arm, and the pressure shook me as he let out magic with that movement. I could avoid it, but then she would be hurt. However, I could not block the attack with this body, so there was only one way.

I yelled as I swirled magic on my body and felt it change. I had turned to a human in an instant to face the sharp attack and deviate the attack’s path.


“Who are you?!”


The dog demon looked at me with murderous eyes and heard my benefactor’s voice hesitantly call me.

However, I could not give her my attention, as I had to buy time.


“I am Misha…her brother!”


It was that moment I saw the old man come up.


“Who are you?”

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