Chapter 143 It’s Firing Up (5)



#10 Other Stories: An Old Man’s Story


“Not this, not this, not that…”


I threw the paper on which I had written the plan to ask Merln for a fight, as there was no good way. Was this the way I should be treated since I retired? I thought it implausible, as I had been the strongest swordsman there was with only a stick. Merln was the weird one from the start.


“I’m weird too.”


Me asking an ordinary farmer for a fight was weird, but I could not give this up. I began to write down new things on a brand new piece of paper.


“It’s the season where the benevolent autumn goddess gives her blessing… no not this!”


I threw the paper away, as I had been writing a letter to ask for a challenge! Merln has to want to fight me the moment he reads this!


“It’s so difficult…”


I had not realized that this was such a difficult task, and I regretted not having fought those who had written me letters.


“I am asking a farmer to fight me during the harvest season…”


It was when I had been writing another letter that I sensed multiple murderous intents.




They were at the house with only a girl and her pets! I took the sword and ran out to see three robed men and one with his arm cut glare at a blond young man. The blond stood to protect himself, and I swung my sword the moment they turned around at seeing the man’s face.


“How is a demon here?!”


I saw the horns, and the man that I attacked moaned after my attack. It had been an ambush, but he blocked it, and the moan had been from the robe burning rather than the pain from my attack.


“You… make things complicated.”


He threw away his robe, and he was a human-shaped lizard with red scales. He resembled a lizardman, but the man glared at me as I said that.


“I am the leader of the Dragon Demons, Garsa, under Agreart, who will become the future Demon King!”


I felt heat all over from him that nearly scorched.


“You were the one to stop us all the while…”

“It’s unnecessary since we found the succubus.”

The other two also took off their robes.


“I am the Wolf Demon Leader, Lelkes.”

“I am the Snake Demon Leader, Selkarel.”


They were nearly as strong as the lizard.


“I am Steon, that girl’s next-door neighbor.”


I focused my magic, as I had to fight fast or lose since I was outnumbered.




The two demons rushed towards me as Garsa yelled when seeing the white flame on my blade.


“A thousand attacks!”

I could attack that fast with this long blade because of the light weight, and the two demons looked surprised. However, that did not deter them.

The wolf blocked my attacks with his reinforced fists, and the snake let out a poisonous fog.


“The flame dragon’s breath.”


Blue flames flew at me as I avoided the fog.


“Demons used their heads as weapons!”

I charged while blocking the flames with my sword.


“Don’t forget me.”
“You don’t even have an arm!”

All four were coming at me, and things were not good. While I had fought humans, elves, and dwarves, I had never fought a demon. This was my first time.


“You’re strong, and if you step back, I will save your life…!”


I attacked first while the red demon spoke, as demons were enemies in any situation. I had to protect the girl, and Merln may fight me if I managed to succeed!


“You cowardly human!”

“You speak a lot when you fight me four to one!”


I spoke what Merln would have said, and that angered the demons enough to charge me.

The dog and wolf demons attacked with their claws, the dragon demon used magic and flames while ordering others, and the snake used black orbs that looked like poison and curses. I may lose.

However, the one thing that helped me was that my weapon gave me a chance. The flames on my sword kept the wolf and dog demons at bay and burnt the snake head’s fog.


“We don’t have time! Rush even if we suffer damage!”


However, the demons rushed at me, risking burns at the dragon demon’s shout, while he ran to Alice.


“We only need this kid, so we don’t need to fight you!”



The blond man flew in the air after trying to block the dragon demon’s attack. The other demons were coming at me, and I had no time. I could not let her be taken away by evil demons.


“Move aside!”


However, I could not stop them despite my weapon, and Merln’s wheat fields started burning in a moment in a surprise twist.


#11 Other Stories: A Daughter’s Story

A young guy appeared in a golden light, but I knew that it was Misha like he said. I did not agree that he was my brother. After a moment, Grandpa came to fight the monsters.


“We have to go, benefactor.”

Misha looked at me seriously with golden eyes, and I nodded, got up with his help, and looked around. I saw the golden wheat field and the long cornfield first.


“Where do we go? Ah!”


Daddy had told me to escape to the secret space underground if something happened. Daddy really knew all!


“Daddy told me to go there if I needed to escape.”

“Did that man really know something…?”

Misha frowned, but he nodded.


“All right, let’s go there.”

“Let’s go, Coco.”


Coco shook all over at the scary men.


“I will protect you!”

“No, Mommy. I will protect you!”


Coco spread his wings like he wanted to protect me even when my knees were shaking. I was a happy mother!


“Yes. We will protect each other!”



While I worried about Grandpa, he was actually holding his own against the men with flames. Daddy had told me that running away as quickly as possible was the most helpful thing to do in such a situation. Daddy was right, so I had to run since I could not help him.


“Let’s go, all!”


I hugged Coco in my arms and followed Misha.


“Where are you going!”


However, the monsters started rushing at us, and Misha charged at one to stop him.


“You dare stop us?!”

However, Misha flew in the air at the monster’s attack.


“Come here, child!”


I closed my eyes at the monster’s arm, but Coco shouted with both fear and courage.


“I will protect Mommy!”


I flopped on the floor in despair.

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