Chapter 144 It’s Firing Up (6)

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#12 Other Stories: A Demon’s Story


I realized something was wrong when the cat cut Apir, the leader of the Dog Demon’s arm, as he opened the door. A normal demon would not be harmed by a cat, and Apir was a demon who could not be wounded by normal swords. That meant that the cat was not normal, and it transformed into a human to block Apir’s attack. The cat was one of the beast people, an aristocrat at that!

Another one came out, and it was an old man. However, I could not underestimate him as the old man’s body was that of the perfect warrior. He also held a sword emitting red light that could equal our master’s Demonic Weapon.


‘What is this place?’


What was the possibility of these two being in this small country near the succubus we were looking for? I now understood that this was a trap made by evil humans who knew of our circumstances. However, the humans did not seem to realize that each of us was deemed the strongest in the demon world.

It was understandable, as even if there was a traitor in our midst, only us and our master knew about the four of us coming here. However, the old man is difficult to handle, as his sword prowess and weapon quality were of the highest level. His flames even threatened me, an expert on flames!


‘It would not be good to let this go on long.’


A minute was enough for experts to know the opponent’s strength, and my enemy was strong. People who used this kind of warrior as a trap would have placed other fighters nearby, and I estimated that we were surrounded by them.

The only miscalculation the enemy made was our fighting abilities and they would bring in extra firepower after realizing that we were stronger than they expected. We four would be outnumbered, which meant that it was time for us to run. However, we needed to take away that succubus’s descendant.


“We don’t have time! Rush even if we suffer damage!”


The other members went in to stop the old man as I ran to the succubus. I punched away the cat turned human, as he was not strong enough to hurt us unless by ambush. I had no time to lose.


“Come here, child!”


I reached out to the succubus and saw her close her eyes. The drake in her arms opened its eyes wide, and I realized that once I got her out, it would be our world. However, the drake’s cheeks inflated, and I thought that the small beast was trying to protect itself with its weak flame.


‘It is a beast without intellect. How can it hurt someone like me…’


However, the drake spoke in a powerful voice.


“I will protect Mommy!”


…Could a drake speak…?


#13 Other Stories: The Demons’ Stories




The old man showed his veins, and his attacks became that much fiercer. However, I could laugh as Garsa would capture the succubus. We only needed to handle the old man until then and go back to the demon world with our loot. I was tired of enduring, and there was only a little more left until this world became ours. We only needed to stop the old man.


“It’s no use, human!”

“Garsa is the…!”


I felt heat behind my back, enough to make me turn.


“Where’s Garsa?”


He was not there, and I could only see a sea of flames. It was then the succubus cried out.


“The fields!”


#14 Other Stories: An Old Man’s Story


I could see clearly the red flame Alice’s pet let out, and the demon evaporated at once by being hit with the flame.


‘What is that?’


I saw the scene with my eyes, but my head did not understand the situation. Everything in the red flame’s path dissolved into nothing. The power was enough to have disintegrated us all if we had been in that path. All produce dried out and those still alive burned.


‘That’s not a drake.’


Merln had told me he had gotten a drake egg, but that flame was not that of a drake. No drake was as powerful as a dragon’s…




An ordinary farmer raising a drake was a crazy story, but I could expect that from Merln. However, the creature I was thinking of had never been raised by humans. It was definitely not a pet, and I remembered Alice calling the golden-haired man Misha. That meant she had been raising a nobleman of the beast people and a dragon as her pets. Alice would be able to destroy this kingdom with those two!

“What should I do?”


The dog-headed demon spoke vacantly as he watched the burning fields with me. I knew what he should do. I slashed the demon’s back, and while I had aimed to kill, it managed to avoid my attack at the last second and kicked at me. I could avoid it.


“I will take care of this old man, so get that brat!”

“You think that will work again?”


I attacked the other demons, as I could not let them get Alice.


“You dying old man!”

While I blocked the wolf-headed demon’s fist with my sword, blood was flowing from my side. My wound there was more severe than I thought, and the fact that poison had seeped through it was my biggest mistake. I was going numb, and if it spread to my body, everything would be over.


“My Sword Strikes Where Nothing Remains.”


I used my strongest attack, where I could attack with an unseeable blade made of my aura.


“I cannot block him alone!”

“That old man!”

“Don’t bother us!”


All three came to block the attack I had thrown at them, and I used that time to run to an empty space. I saw the snake-headed demon, who still could not move due to my aura still attacking them.


“Can you move?”

“No, just let me be…”


I started running while carrying Misha, and saw Alice, who had tears in her eyes. She would be scared…


“The fields are all burnt!”

“That’s the reason…”

While all of Merln’s family were strange, now was not the time.


“Let’s go.”



I helped Alice stand up while Misha turned back to a cat. He seemed to have fainted and would need treatment soon.


“Hold tight.”


I grabbed Alice like I had Misha, and she was holding her pets. I would not think of the drake as a dragon yet to keep my sanity. I began to run despite the spreading poison, and the wolf-headed and the demon-headed demons all began to chase after me. However, they could not attack me as they wanted due to Alice.

I would fall first, as my magic was running out. That would make the poison spread faster.


“At least them…”


I had been with them for not a short while, and Alice had been like a granddaughter to me.


“I can’t die yet!”


I used the rest of my magic to increase my speed. I would try to fight the demons off after getting some distance from the demons.

I saw someone running towards us from a hill as I ran across the mountain. I could now relax as I recognized the face.


“You’re late.”

“I am sorry.”


The man stared rigidly at the demons as he apologized to me.


“Who are you?!”
“I am the hero, you demon!”


The hero Raina started to face off the wolf-headed demon that had approached us.





I tilted my face. That was where my house was and now…


“It’s firing up.”


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