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Chapter 146 It’s Firing Up (8)



“It’s a job well done.”


I wiped the sweat off my forehead while looking at the battered demon corpse.


“He was hard as hell.”


With a severed arm and fatal wound, I was lucky he had fallen after a hit from the Metal Bat. He might have attacked back if he had not had those wounds.


“Let’s see.”


While I had used the Metal Bat to confirm his death, I wanted to make sure. The Metal Bat stared at me.


“Are you that angry?”

“It’s not only that.”


Many farmers in fiction and real life are oppressed by their evil lords. However, most of them do not fight back even when they are forced to starve out of fear. They only fight back when the lord burns their crop. The crop is hope for farmers, and burning fields will result in riots. I was feeling that anger now.


“There is the fact that he’s a demon.”

“No patrons?”


I had to think of the future even if I was livid. I would not have murdered the princess if she had set fire to my fields. I would have just hit her with the Metal Bat since I did not want to become an enemy of the state. Many would want to kill me if the princess did not hold them back.

However, demons are different. While demons were strong, almost every race in this world was their enemy due to the numerous wars between them and demons.


“That means demons who come to avenge this one will be stopped by countries and religious groups who hate them!”

“Humans are weird…”


I poured oil on the corpse and started a fire with flintstones.


“The corpse is burning well.”

“So are your fields.”


I listened to the Metal Bat as I picked up my luggage. According to this demon, my daughter was the last succubus in this world and could decide who would be the next demon king.


“Damn. Why 101 races and all this fuss? 100 is enough!”

“50 versus 50 would be meaningless.”

“Then they could fight each other to decide the winner! Why all this to get my daughter!”


I would prefer demons to fight each other than something happening to my daughter.


“Then should we run since the horse is dead?”


I grabbed the Metal Bat after she turned back to her original form and ran to the direction the dead demon told me the others had gone.


-Run faster!

-It’s difficult!

-You exercised!

-It hasn’t been even a year!


I was in my forties and had no magic, and running this much was an amazing feat despite her complaints.


-My sister!
-The old man will not die easily.


However, I was also worried, which meant I ran faster. That made it possible for me to go over the hills and crush the snake demon’s head.


#15 Other Stories: A Hero’s Story


“Damn humans! This had been a trap!”

“You guys had come here first!”


I blocked the livid demon’s fist with my Holy Sword. It was one of the best in protecting its user since it was blessed by the God of Nature.


“Damn you!”

“Is that all you can say?”

“Stay calm!”


It was the snake demon who said so as the wolf demon came at me again. Their combination was good, and without the snake, I would have killed the wolf already.


“Die, human!”


The strength in his claws would have killed any human, but I was a hero chosen by God.



The Holy Sword lighted up as I spoke its name, and its golden light cut through the wolf demon’s claws and waist. He looked at me in disbelief as I cut his head off.


“Our hero has…”
“Just complete the sentence and say that he has a temper.”

“I will be arrested for insolence…”
“Even if you tell the truth?”



I ignored them and thought back to my syndicate days. My unforgettable instructor had told me to win at all costs and use everything I had. His words had served me well.


-Eyes can distract enemies, and you can spit and provoke with your mouth.

-Using parents works well.

-It’s a hard life outside.

-Don’t help too much, as people will use you.

-Heroes are used most of all, as they have too much to do! The only thing they get is the Holy Sword, but there are no other benefits. You cannot even quit! Isn’t that being a slave?


He was correct on all accounts, especially the last one. I had picked up the sword to survive, but I found out that only a hero could have done so. I had been kidnapped by the order to become a hero, and while I had gotten stronger, I had to do things they asked me to, or Heal grabbed my leg and bawled.

I had ignored her at first but found out she was too persistent for me. I could not even bathe for four days! Also, God gave me oracles all the time. Why could I not rest?!


“He’s getting away!”


The snake demon was running away when I had been checking over the wolf demon’s corpse.


“Are all courageous demons dead?!”


While I had heard that demons did not run, it seemed to have been all lies. The snake demon was like my instructor as he blocked my way with poisonous fog! I had to use Exleon to break through since the demon was first-class at running away.


“A village has to be nearby, according to the old man…”


A hero is praised only when he has saved everyone. If there are any casualties, especially by a demon I had allowed to escape, my reputation will be ruined.


“I can’t let that happen!”


A hero has to be popular to sleep for free and get discounts in a village. I wanted a bed rather than sleeping outside, and therefore had been running to catch the snake demon.

However, I saw another person running up to the demon. While I would have cut the demon’s head off in an instant and saved the man, I had to stop when seeing the silver thing in his hand.


That was the snake demon’s last words before screaming after being hit with a metal bat. I wished for the demon’s instant death.


“Just let me…”

“No one died after being hit with this.”


I had to turn my head at the demon’s scream as I saw the familiar metal bat hit the demon’s head.


“Do I run…?”


My instructor had not recognized me, and this seemed to be my chance.


“Hey, did you catch the demon?”



However, Heal had come to ruin my chances.


“You are…”

Many thoughts ran through my head as I saw him recognize me while mercilessly beating the demon. However, I quickly decided to sheath my sword and bow politely.


“It has been a long time.”


I presented myself as an average student showing respect for my teacher.

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