Chapter 147 It’s Firing Up (9)



“Die, die, die!”


Now, it was time to hunt a snake. The demon could be called a lizardman if he did not have horns. Every time, only the horns distinguished the demon.


“Please, let me die…”

“I will. But where is my daughter? It seems that the old man had managed to do something since you were about to run.”


I kept hitting the demon’s head with the Metal Bat amid the moans. I quickened my pace as I thought of my burning fields. It was then that I heard an unfamiliar voice.


“Hey, did you catch the demon?”


I turned around to see a man with golden hair and a white Holy Sword. The strangest part was that the man was vaguely familiar.


-Haven’t we seen him before?

-I agree with you, Master.

-Yes, that handsome features, golden hair, blue eyes… He’s familiar.

-I have a bad feeling…


I also shared her sentiments as I remembered him as the direct bloodline of the Karuan Empire. The Raina lands were twice as big and more than five times richer than this country. Why is he here as a hero?! He had been my student from my syndicate days!

I saw the handsome hero bow to me politely as I tried to stop him.


“It has been a long time, teacher.”


Why is my former student here as a hero? I then saw a priestess look at me with wide eyes.


“He is your teacher?”


I then saw an elf next to the priestess, who came with my daughter and the old man.


“Daddy! I was so scared!”

“What about Misha and Coco?”

“They fainted, so Grandpa has them!”

“I see. You must have been terrified.”


“It’s all right now.”


Alice teared up and came running in my arms. I patted her back with my left hand while using my arm to beat the snake demon!


-Let me have a moment with my sister!
-He’s not dead yet!


I was going to make sure the demon did not make unnecessary sounds in front of my daughter. I had my eyes only for her and the hero looking at my daughter with strange eyes.


“Daddy… our crops…”

“I… saw them.”



My daughter started bawling again, and we together beat the demon up again. The priestess spoke to me in an awkward voice at our actions.


“Isn’t that demon dead…?”



I stabbed the demon on the side with a hoe and used the Metal Bat again to make the demon squeal.


“You can go if you have nothing to do.”



The priestess looked at me with shaking hands behind the hero. I then spoke to my daughter.


“Should we go?”

“Yes…Where is Sis?”

“She is waiting nearby.”


I patted her head and went to the young man standing next to my neighbor to point at the demon.


“Finish him.”



I stood near the old man as the hero walked up to the demon and finished him with quick strokes. I was satisfied at the sight and now looked at my neighbor.


“Thank you for everything.”

“I worked hard this time. Let me ask one thing. Did you estimate something like this would happen?”

“No, but I feared something may happen to Alice.”

“Give me a warning next time. Things had been dire.”

“I am sorry.”


I saw that Misha and Coco had gone through a hard time as they lay limp in the old man’s arms.


“Thank you, really.”

“Thank you, Grandpa.”

Alice bowed low to the old man, who smiled and shook his head.


“No, if you’re all right, it’s fine.”

“You’re amazing, Grandpa!”


Things were wrapping up well, and we could end things with a smile…


“Teacher, can you come with me?”

Of course, life was not easy.


#15 Other Stories: A Hero’s Story





I wondered how I could part with my instructor without any suspicions after taking care of the demon. He was being pursued by her highness herself, and an acquaintance under her had told me something.


-Tell me if you find our instructor wherever he is. You can find me anywhere under the Empire. If you don’t, you will die.


Her voice had been light, but I knew that she was dead serious. Therefore, I knew I should inform her as fast as I could.



“It’s an oracle!”


The God of Nature had given me a damn oracle.


“We have to maintain their acquaintance and follow them!”

“No, why me all the time?”

“You are our only hero.”


That was the reason why I was working so hard. However, I could not bear this time.


“No, definitely not.”

“You said he was your teacher! Won’t he come with us if you ask?”

“He would not.”

While I was surprised at the girl calling him Father, he did not travel with luggage. A young girl that age would not stamp on a demon like that out of anger. I knew she resembled her father in her temper, at least. Traveling with her and my teacher would be hell.


“I will not dive to hell that way.”
“What did he do to you?”

“Don’t ask.”


My body shook at thinking of the past training. Throwing away comrades for victory, becoming sick after eating poisonous mushrooms, fighting for death to get one meal…


“No, no.”


My memories proved that my instructor was the devil, and avoiding him was the best thing I could do.


“I mean… oh.”

“What now!”


I saw Heal grab her chest with a groan and saw her stigma shine. It meant that God was giving his priestess a direct oracle, which meant I would be toiling away again.


“Why should this happen to me!”

“It’s another oracle, given to me by multiple gods.”



Heal spoke in an awed voice, and I strained to hear what she was mumbling.


“If you do not travel with them… all gods, including the Demon God, will be your enemies…”


I knew that Gods were not all that friendly with each other, and to have been given an oracle by all of them…


“What is he to warrant this?”


I knew he had a terrifying weapon and was chased by women. But was he really that important?


“Gods cannot see their path…”


“They are the first and last singularity in this world.”

The next day, I was traveling with my teacher.

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