Chapter 149 Other Stories (2)

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#2 Other Stories: A Demon King Candidate’s Story


The room was dirty, like it was showing off the laziness of its owner. Filled to the brim with books and bookcases, one may guess that the room belonged to a scholar. However, the demon sitting at the desk changed all those estimates, as his giant physique and horns showed who he was. The great general Agreart was the owner of this room.


“Speak again.”

While Agreart was known for keeping his cool, his room was cold as a winter storm.


“We have lost contact with the four.”
“I had not heard wrong.”

“I apologize.”


The bird-like demon bowed his head, but Agreart only shook his.


“You are only the messenger. Let’s wait since they had only missed a regular report.”



After his subordinate went out, however, Agreart thought that something had happened. They were all leaders of their tribes and would not be hindered from reporting unless there was a serious problem.


‘It’s the moderates’ doing.’


There was no way for humans to know who the last succubus was, as even demons had thought them extinct. It was only through the Demon God’s oracle after the vote had come to a draw that the demon world had known that a succubus was still alive.

Therefore, the moderates must have done something. Still, Agreart thought his best four subordinates would be able to manage the situation if it was so.


‘They would be in a difficult situation, but not dead.’


Agreart thought he had been too confident. He had guessed that the moderates, who acted for world peace, would not attack first. That was why he had not attacked, and also because he had thought that his enemies were humans, not his own race.

However, they had acted first, and Agreart now thought about the former King’s daughter, who acted as the leader of the moderates. Before working for peace between humans and demons, the former King had brought together 101 races with power and intellect. He had forgotten how powerful the former King had been and that Agreart was going against his daughter.


“It will be not easy.”


Agreart began to move fast. He had not wanted a civil war, but would not back down from a fight.


“It will be war.”


Thus, a war between demons now began.


#3 Other Stories: A Spinster’s Story I


“What does this mean?”


Her highness showed me a letter, which made me sweat all over. However, I remembered that I was the knight who had served the longest under her, making it possible for me to smile in this situation.


“What is this?”


It was a wedding invitation, but I could not say it. Her highness was the greatest of this land in her authority and beauty. She still looked like she was in her early twenties, and I heard that mountains of wedding proposals were showered on her.

However, her highness only wanted one person, and that was Sir Ast. While I did not see what was so good about him, I knew he had saved her highness from death. However, she was not a person who would fall in love only because of that reason. I had to admit that Sir Ast had great abilities just by not being caught even though her highness was working so hard to chase him.




I tried to compose myself, but the word wedding got at me, too. My oldest brother and the head of my family had given up on marrying me off. While her highness was ripping the invitation from her cousin, all of mine had already married. A few years later, their daughters…

Why could I not marry out of love? Should I give up on a loving relationship?


“Lea, are you crying?”

“No, I am just thinking about the hardships of life.”


I blinked away my tears. I knew that there were rumors that being an excellent woman knight meant spinsterhood. It was true, as I had trained during the time I would have gone on dates. I had to be stronger than those who had gone on dates.

I gave it a year or two before this rumor spread all around the lands, and I hoped a hero would appear for me before it happened.


‘Does this mean only a hero can solve my marriage problem?’


I sighed as her highness looked at me with a strange expression like I suddenly had gone crazy.


“Your highness, what will you do?”


I composed myself as I did not want her to keep looking at me like that.


“What? Your marriage problem or this wedding invitation?”
“The invitation.”


While she had wanted to tease me, I now could answer calmly. She did not push, as we had grown old.


“I will have to go.”


While her highness had nodded indifferently, I sensed something within that gesture.


“Your highness, it is an imperial event. You have to maintain face.”

“Lea, does that mean you think I will act rashly in my cousin’s wedding?”

“Exactly, your highness.”


She frowned as I answered her.


“Did you really think I would do so?”

“Yes, your highness.”


While I could be arrested for being insolent, I knew her.


“You are right! This is a challenge issued to me. Don’t you think so?”


She was not nice enough to let her cousin be in this situation.


“Why is she marrying at twenty? She still has much to learn as a member of the imperial family.”

“Your highness, while I understand your reasoning, this is an imperial event.”

“I know, but why send me an invitation? They should have gotten married on their own.”


I knew what she felt, as I had felt the same when my youngest sister had married twenty years ago. Her son was now about to enter an academy, and I thought of sending him to Yggrasia…

I now wished Sir Ast to be caught, as I realized that whatever feelings her highness held towards him were more volatile than mine. She may do anything then!


#Other Stories: A Spinster’s Story II


A beautiful woman with silver hair was looking over a calendar with sad eyes. Men who were her students in training all sighed inwardly. The year changed in a month, and that meant their teacher would have become a year older. She was older than the Empire’s first princess, who had just become over thirty.


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“My oldest brother and the head of my family had given up on marrying me.”

was changed to

“My oldest brother and the head of my family had given up on marrying me off.”

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