Chapter 150 Other Stories (3)

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#5 Other Stories: A Priestess’s Story


In our world, we call deities who have been ordained to manage this world by the two Creators Gods. They can maintain this world’s balance and sustain this world. For example, others from another world, such as Gods and demons who have been contracted by summoners, cannot use their power well because of them.

While they seem to serve certain functions, they have their own characteristics. While the Spring and Fall Goddesses are sisters and are pleasant, they do not get along because they had been created by different Creators. It is said that Summer and Winter Gods stand between them to prevent chaos, thus the four seasons.

I serve the Nature God, who is known for his benevolence and love of peace. I know better than anyone how much he loves us as I can hear his voice directly.

However, he had given me an oracle that can be translated as ‘Damn it to hell. Follow them!’ At first, I thought I had been cursed by demons. However…


[You hear and know me. Listen! Follow them! You have to observe them with your own eyes! This is an oracle!]


I had frozen in shock as the Nature God calmed down and apologized. That was when I had asked our hero to follow them. However, he had refused out flat, and I heard the Nature God’s voice again.


[Why doesn’t he listen to me?! This is serious!]


After a few moments of silence, he came back again.


[I have met with other Gods and have their consent. Tell my hero that if he does not follow them, he will be picking a fight with all the gods of this world!]


I did not understand why the kind and benevolent Nature God was acting like this.


[Gods know everything about this world, but there are exceptions. We call them singularities. That one is the worst of all singularities, but we cannot observe them directly. That’s where you two come in. Just think that this is for world peace.]


If it was the Nature God preaching about world peace, I had no choice but to persuade the hero. While I had managed to make him change his mind for ten minutes with severe threats and entreaties, he still refused at the end.


[What? Why did I choose him as my hero?! Make him change his mind before it’s too late!]


I must have heard God’s voice more today than I had all year.


“Sir, what’s the reason you cannot follow them?”
“The metal bat.”



Things had gone crazy today, as I could not understand what anyone was saying.


“Sir, are you refusing the oracle from all gods because of a metal bat?!”

“You treat it lightly, but you would know better if you had been beaten by it!”


I was at a loss for words, as a hero who should overcome obstacles and achieve the impossible for this world was acting like a child.


“Sir, don’t you understand that you’re a hero?!”

“Heal, you’re the one that doesn’t understand.”


I was growing angry at his irresponsibility when he spoke again.


“If I can’t make you understand… if you manage to last five minutes against the metal bat, I will go along no matter the situation.”


I sighed as I heard the Nature God cheer me on, and I approached my hero’s teacher to announce my intention.


“Hit me with the bat!”


I regretted it a second later.


“Please, God. Help me!”

[This is for world peace!]

“I cannot bear this!”


#6 Other Stories: An escapee’s story


Unlike in my past life, here gods actually existed. Therefore, temples where priests nurtured their powers to create miracles also existed. They healed patients, treated curses, and gave food to the poor. At least, those I had seen from the Imperial palace did. Priests could not be greedy or use their Gods’ names in vain as they worked actively in this world by giving oracles or coming down through a disciple’s body. If a priest tried to do something bad, the individual would be deprived of their position.

However, this high elf, the priest for elves, had given me quite a shock. She had come running at me to scream that I was her destiny. I still shuddered when I remembered her shouting at me that she would meet me again as elves dragged her to Yggdrasil.

However, Yggdrasil was made by the Goddess of Affection and Sacrifice, who had given herself to stop an evil god. High elves prayed for the Goddess’s revival to the Yggdrasil, and that meant that the tree would not know whether the priestess was unqualified or not! That meant high elves had more freedom than the woman in front of me.


“Hit me with the bat!”


What was she saying?


-Isn’t she a masochist?


The metal bat had decided that the priestess was a masochist.


“If I last for five minutes, please travel with us.”


So that was the reason. I assented as I knew that she would not last a minute.


“Then, we will begin.”


I had to save my magic as I did not know what would happen to my daughter, and the healer seemed manageable. That meant one hit would probably make her give in.


“Are you ready?”



One hit, and the priestess’s scream filled the air. I used my bat with a rhythm against her screams, but things did not go as I expected.


“How long has it been?”


I turned my gaze to see the hero look at us with astonishment and the old man stared with respect.


“It has been… five minutes.”

I had to be surprised, and the metal bat seemed astonished.


-How did she do it?
-Her belief seems to have been crazy enough.

-What do we do? Do we travel with a hero, a crazy believer, and an unconfirmed elf?!


I considered things for a moment. Traveling with a hero would be dangerous.


-We’re going to run!

-That’s the spirit!


#7 Other Stories: A hero’s story


“…He will probably act as I said and run.”

“You had been right.”


We were riding a carriage in the middle of the night and hiding in the luggage space. The vibrations were fierce.


“Do we have to go like this?”
“Ask the Nature God, not me.”


I had no choice. The only way to go with my teacher was to anticipate his escape route. Therefore, I was now after him to save the world.


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