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Chapter 143 – Snatching Away the Book of Death

Chu Rui had high mental power, and given how strong their will was, how could he be scared by a simple roar? However, with this scene of a hundred ghosts crying, the roar of the Rakshasa, the violent eyes of Shura, the neighing of the devil, the howling of the resentful spirits and the influence of the gate of hell, this power was simply indescribable. Even Chu Rui had no means to battle against this.


“Mental immunity!”

With a wild roar, Chu Rui screamed at the sky like a battle warrior, and a powerful mental energy rose up like a substantive shock, turning into a circle of ripples and spreading away. The extremely powerful mental power instantly shocked everyone, dispelling all the crying sounds.

Although it was only a moment, it was enough for Chu Rui to react.

Without the disgusting sounds and the irritability, Chu Rui once again ran to the book of death suspended in the air by the mysterious power.

It is different from the holy book in the movie, which is placed in the temple and elevated by divine power, which looks unusually sacred, majestic and gorgeous. The Book of Death was suspended in the center of the death altar and above the portal of the Gate of Hell. What’s engraved in the ground is the huge mouth of a savage demon whose whole body is red and with horns that were meters long. Chu Rui went up, as if he had put himself into the mouth of that devil, and it was counting down, the engraved devil became more and more vivid from the imprint. The special energetic fluctuations made them slowly come alive. Chu Rui saw that the hideous demon was half-alive and half-imprinted, but at such a close distance, coupled with this weird atmosphere, the creature really seemed to be completely resurrected, and the hideous giant mouth also terrified him.

“Damn it!”

Chu Rui, who was racing against the clock, suddenly stopped for an instant. After looking down, he saw black hands piercing through the gate of hell and grabbing his feet.

“Get out of my way!”

Seeing that the carved body of the demon with a huge horn becoming more and more real, Chu Rui couldn’t help feeling anxious. It would be a disaster if he wasted more time. When the demon woke up later, how would still he get the book of death? If he ran over, he would really fall into the devil’s mouth and become its food instantly. Right now, this door of hell wasn’t opened yet, and it’s still a stone carved door. When it’s opened later, it would become a door or hell, and countless demons would run out. Chu Rui was sure that even his corpse would become unrecognizable.

“Roar of courage!”

“Cheer of courage!”

One is the incidental skill on the Warrior Medal, and the other is the momentum-type skill that could be only understood by oneself – although these two skills could increase their own attributes by themselves, in this real game world, in this extremely real situation, when even the gate of hell could be opened, then what else would be impossible? With the roar of courage and the cheer of courage, although Chu Rui was just cheering himself up, that strong and fearless momentum of a warrior was revealed entirely.

The mighty and unparalleled momentum spread, and the powerful force directly shook the entire cave.

Chu Rui was bathed in golden light at the moment, his feet stepping on the endless demons under the gate of hell. It looked like the reincarnation of the god of battle, being totally invincible.

With a tremor, the terrifying aura swept away, and the claws holding Chu Rui were shaken away.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Chu Rui ran away again.

Seeing the enemy getting closer and closer to the sacred object, the evil spirits under the gate of hell also ignored the golden light on his body, they used their claws to furiously grab him one by one.

Although Chu Rui was running as light as a swallow at this moment, under the effect of that momentum, every step of his was extremely powerful. Those claws were crushed by him before they were stretched out.

As he got closer and closer to the Book of Death, the claws of those evil spirits became crazier, and they stretched out one by one without fear. Even if Chu Rui stomped on them, he couldn’t block them all. And he wasn’t sure how much time he’d already wasted.

“71 seconds!”

“70 seconds!”

“69 seconds!”

Time was passing by bit by bit, and in a blink of an eye, he had only about 1 minute left.

Looking at the Book of Death, which was about five or six meters away, the row of black claws in front had already taken the lead in protecting it. Even if Chu Rui rushed over, he would definitely be held tightly and couldn’t move. Although the strength of the warrior’s momentum was very strong, there is also a saying of “cheer up, fail again, and exhaust the third time.” The momentum just lasted for a short while, it might be possible to last longer, it’s just that the current Chu Rui couldn’t do so. The explosion just now shattered countless claws. If they relied solely on the seemingly inexhaustible momentum, they couldn’t break through the surrounding net formed by the countless claws at all.

Damn it!

Chu Rui’s stomped angrily, crushing the ghost claws that were chasing under his feet. Looking at the dense cluster of ghost claws, and looking at the book of death floating not far behind the ghost claws, he suddenly made up his mind.

“Wolves call!”

The wolf king’s light armor exuded a faint light, and a phantom wolf emerged from it immediately.




After checking the time, Chu Rui made a sudden jump, and he instantly jumped into the air the moment the phantom wolf emerged.


Chu Rui, who was in mid-air, stomped fiercely on the soles of his feet, kicking down the summoned phantom wolf, using its back as a pedal, and using this as a driving force, his body shot forward in the air.

The powerful kick force caused Chu Rui’s body to travel about three meters in the air before falling down.

Seeing the black and crushing ghost claws underneath, Chu Rui sneered with the excitement that he fell and danced wildly.

After the light flashed, the second phantom wolf came out.

He stomped on the back of the ghost wolf, and did not watch the scene where the ghost wolf fell and was killed by ghost claws. Anyway, it was just a fake wolf formed by energy. Death is the disappearance of energy, not flesh and blood. The real thing was a bloody corpse, so Chu Rui didn’t feel the slightest guilt.

With the help of phantom wolf, Chu Rui jumped again. Originally, it was only five or six meters away. After doing this, Chu Rui suddenly jumped to the book of death.

After turning over in the air, Chu Rui stretched out his right hand and instantly grabbed the book of death suspended in the air into his hand, then squeezed it into his backpack very quickly.

“Ding, you got the book of death!”


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