Chapter 142 – Break the Seal and the Six-pointed Star Array

An idea is still an idea, and it’s still a problem as to how to break this Six-Pointed Star Array.

“This, shouldn’t it be broken with brute force?”

In the team channel, Ye Zifeng said hesitantly.

Breaking it by brute force?

Chu Rui frowned, raising his head and threw a dagger. However, instead of causing the slightest damage to the seal, he was electrocuted, and his life value was lowered by 100 points.

“No, this is a barrier array, even if it can be broken with brute force, it is far from what we can do.”

Chu Rui said helplessly.

“Or, perhaps sister Blossom Rain could try using light-type magic, the monster died in this way, no?!”

Tian’er voice sounded so coy, it’s possible that she did it on purpose. And when she read “monster” (Gui-tou in Chinese), it’s like she pronounced it as the first tone (as in “Gui-tou” – meaning dxxkhead).

Monster or dxxkhead?

Chu Rui could see Ye Zifeng’s twitching mouth from far away, and he couldn’t help but feel some pain at the moment. Fortunately, it’s just such a cute little LOLI. If it’s another woman, God knows what would happen.

Although Chu Rui felt a bit defeated with what Tian’er had said, she made sense.

“Sister Blossom Rain, give it a try, perhaps it’ll work!”

Sasha held the sword and stood beside Blossom Rain, nodded and said.


Blossom Rain nodded and responded. The priest moved her wand, and there’s a healing technique on the Six-Pointed Star Array.

The white light flashed slightly, and then…it was gone!

Chu Rui and his party looked at the Six-Pointed Star Array that hadn’t changed in astonishment, they were a little confused.

“No, this Six-Pointed Star Array is the formation to seal the gates of hell. As light suppresses darkness, no matter what, even if it is not of the light system, it should be of the same origin, and the light-type magic won’t work.”

After watching for a long time, Chu Rui still hadn’t spotted any changes in the Six-Pointed Star Array. He tilted his head and thought for a while. Then, he said in the channel,

“So, what shall we do?”

Ye Zifeng and others were dumbfounded. Since they couldn’t use brute force nor tricks, did it mean that they should look for very powerful dark energy to break through?

“The best way to break the array is to find the base of array, so that the array can be broken without attack. It is the easiest. Methods with brutal force are all secondary.”

Chu Rui, who had traveled many places, read many ancient books, read many stone steles and stone carvings in the ruins, was very interested in those legendary things. Naturally, he was also interested in arrays that had been passed down long time ago. However, that’s just a legend. Although Chu Rui believed in it, he didn’t think that he’d see one in reality.

“What is the base of array?”

Ye Zifeng looked at each other as if they were listening to the heavenly scriptures, not knowing what they meant.

“As the name suggests, it is the basis of the array. The activation of the array requires the corresponding energy to maintain it. The basis of the array is the source of this energy, or the joint hub. As long as you break it, everything else can be broken without us having to attack.”

Chu Rui explained.

“Energy support? Is it the six shining stones?”

It was the voice of Sasha, and she sounded a bit hesitant. She used her slim fingers to point at the white stones above the stone pillar.

Chu Rui’s eyes flashed, and he looked in the direction of her fingers. He saw that there was a white shining stone on every stone pillar beside him, which was emitting a soft light. The energy surrounding the array came from this white light.

“Haha, this should be it.”

After knowing that it’s the right method, Chu Rui felt great. No one was clearer than him as to what this hidden mission meant. He smiled widely and gave Sasha a thumbs-up.

Seeing Chu Rui’s happy look, Sasha smiled especially after seeing the thumbs-up.

“But this pillar is so high, how do you get up?”

The method was found, but Ye Zifeng didn’t know how to implement it.

“You can’t, but I can!”

Chu Rui smiled slightly and took out a ring from his backpack. It was a powerful spider silk ring that burst out from the Spider Queen Elise.

With a slight flick, a stiff spider silk popped out and stuck tightly to the top of the stone pillar.

After shrinking, the spider silk shortened, and Chu Rui’s body was suddenly taken up.

After landing steadily on the top of the stone pillar, Chu Rui looked at the luminous shining stone placed in the center, squatted down and stretched out his hand to take it.


An electric arc flashed again, stunning Chu Rui slightly, losing 100 points of life value.

Damn it!

Chu Rui narrowed his eyes, took out his fangs and slashed towards the fluorescent cover next to the shining stone.

After being electrified again, he lost 100 points of life value. However, this wasn’t useless. With the action of the fierce dagger, there was a small crack on the fluorescent cover cut a small crack.

There was a door!

Seeing this situation, Chu Rui didn’t hesitate to pour a bottle of life potion and start slashing.

After ten seconds, the tiny fluorescent cover shattered!

Chu Rui only had half of his life values left, he smiled and picked up the light stone without protection.

“Ding, you have got the light stone!”

The system reminded that Chu Rui has obtained this gadget named Light Stone, but before Chu Rui could appreciate how strong this gadget could be used to make arrays, the next reminder made him chill instantly!

“Ding, the sealed six-pointed star array is damaged; the breath of the gate of hell gushes out, it’s now the countdown to the opening of the gate of hell!”

“120 seconds!”

“119 seconds!”

“118 seconds!”


Damn it!

The sudden sound of the system shocked Chu Rui, and he woke up with an angry curse. He lowered his head and saw that the fluorescent cover that maintained the seal disappear with the loss of a shining stone. The sealed six-pointed star array could not be maintained because it was missing a horn, and the blocked gate of hell was also going to be turned on after two minutes.

Seeing the evil spirits – Rakshas, Shura, demons and the undead engraved on the gate of hell getting more and more real, Chu Rui simply cursed towards the eighteen generations of the ancestors of game programmers in his heart.

There’s simply no more time!

As the countdown was about to end, Chu Rui gritted his teeth fiercely. Regardless of other things, Chu Rui confided in his heart and jumped directly off the stone pillar. Although the perfect coordination of the body allowed Chu Rui to land steadily, he was still given a fall by the system and lost 50 points of life value.

He raised his head again and poured a bottle of life potion and a bottle of healing potion, and Chu Rui rushed towards the center of the altar unstoppably.


“Woo woo woo woo……”


The cries of countless resentful spirits sounded abruptly, and Chu Rui stepped on the evil spirits on the gate of hell while the Raksha Asuras kept running wildly. Those ghosts who could not get out because of the closed gate of hell could only send out those terrifying cries. They tried to interfere with Chu Rui, who was heading straight towards their holy artifact.

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