“How about I give it a shot?”

An indifferent voice rang out beside him causing Chu Rui to turn around, surprised, to see Blossom Rain step forward slowly. Thinking a little, he tapped his head. How could he have forgotten about her? As the nemesis of the darkness attribute, there was no doubt about the damage potential of light attribute magic. When cast on a player, the healing spell could save lives but it would cause deadly damage if it lands on those dark creatures.

“Healing magic!”


“Recovery magic!”

-100 – 100…


An instant heal and a sustained healing magic flew towards the ghost head causing the mouth that looked like a black hole to scream crazily, the scary gaze from its pair of black eyeless eye sockets swept towards Chu Rui and Blossom Rain. While he was not the focus, the gaze caused Chu Rui’s heart to skip a beat. Chu Rui looked towards Blossom Rain, only to see that the typically indifferent her had turned a little pale while the hands holding the priest staff started shaking slightly.

“Don’t be afraid, he cannot make his way here!”

This kind of skill that use aura to pressure and disrupt concentration would be effective against amateurs and weak-willed players. Blossom Rain being able to manage was already not bad but she was not in a good state despite being conscious. Chu Rui moved in front of her in a flash, blocking the gaze of the ghost head.

While Blossom Rain had a tough nature, she is still a girl in the end. Girls tend to be fearful of creepy crawlies, just a cockroach was sufficient to elicit death-like screams from them, let alone facing a hell’s gate, various monsters sculptures beside the Altar of Death and being stared at by the ghost head that should only exist in fantasy stories and movies.

Just when she was feeling helpless about the fear, a clear voice entered her ears. She raised her head only to see a not particularly broad figure standing in front of her.

The most moving voices in the world are not the sweet talk between a lovey-dovey couple but rather the voice that can shock your heart when you are helpless. No matter whether this voice is gentle or rough, calm or violent, all you need to know that it is enough to shock your world, that is enough!

Women are tough, they can do a lot of things that men cannot. As long as they are determined, they can make a 7 feet tall man grovel at their feet. At the same time, women are also extremely fragile. While how things would change in the future is unknown, but for now, women still have some habits of relying on men. If there is no one to rely on, they can be very strong but as long as there is a guy to fend for them, even the most determined women would choose to rely on a man, quietly supporting him from behind.

Being an older maiden, being a lady with a goddess like temperament, Blossom Rain had never experienced such a feeling. The guys she had met in the past either bragged about themselves, trying to win her over with their family status, even going so far to try and make her their sugar baby or they would feel a sense of self-pity and avoid her. She had never experienced a guy standing in front of her like so. Even though it was just a game, even if there was no romantic meaning behind it, even if the figurine was not especially board, but in Blossom Rain’s heart, it was a feeling she had never experienced.

“Blossom Rain, attack!”

A loud roar brought the flutter hearted Blossom Rain back to reality. Looking at the seemingly both near and far figurine with a conflicted heart, Blossom Rain bit down on her lips and started casting healing and recovery magic again.

Chu Rui stared intensely at the waves of light magic attacking the roaring ghost head, which should be a spirit that formed from the magic leaking from the hell’s gate and was sealed by the hexagram, unable to come out. While it unwittedly became an existence guarding the altar but the altar was also limiting it, preventing it from escaping only being able to take hits after hits. Even though that was his line of thought, the world was not short on accidents, Chu Rui could not be sure that the ghost head would not be able to escape if enraged. So he stared at it intensely, his body ready to respond immediately if anything was to go wrong.

It is natural to be worried and be on the guard! However, reality proved that Chu Rui’s thinking was correct. The ghost head kept screaming but it could not escape the hexagram’s binding and ended up being tragically defeated by a priest which would normally be thought to have no combat power at.

Following the defeat of the ghost head, Chu Rui’s party received 100k experience points each, to their pleasure. Just standing still and letting their priest cast spells, exhausting only a few bottles of magic potion, in exchange for 100k experience points with no damage taken, such an occurence was really rare!

Dealing with the ghost head meant that the threat preventing them from destroying the altar was also gone. Nodding towards Ye Zifeng and the rest, Chu Rui slowly made his way towards the edge of the altar of death.

Chu Rui circled the altar once and headed towards the inside of the altar after discovering no danger.


An arc of electricity struck the finger that Chu Rui used to try and enter the altar’s boundary, dealing 100 points of damage in an instant.

“Ding, the altar is sealed by a mysterious energy, you are unable to enter!”

The hint of the system caused Chu Rui’s eyebrows to rise.

Sealed by a mysterious energy… Is it referring to the hexagram?

Raising his head, he looked at the 6 stone pillars and his head started to hurt all of a sudden!

Originally, they thought they could just rush in and steal the book of death, but the hexagram not only sealed the ghost but also the players. If they could not obtain the book, then how can they complete the mission? It could not possibly be that they had to destroy the hexagram, right?
Chu Rui felt a little doubtful. Without even considering what would happen to the hell’s gate that is sealed by the hexagram, the key issue is how to destroy the hexagram? A seal that can seal hell’s gate could not be weak by any measure!
Looking at the hell’s gate that was leaking black spirit gas as if demons were behind it trying to escape, even Chu Rui felt a little scared looking at it from such a close distance.
This thing is way too evil!
Is it really a good idea to undo the seal?

Chu Rui was a little doubtful but he immediately chased the thought out of his mind. It was only a mission, only a game, otherwise, where would a hell’s gate come from? It was just completing a mission, just playing a game, was it anything to be so worried about?

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