Taking stock of the number of potions in his bag, Blossom Rain found that he had not used many of them and there was still over half a bag of various potions. As for Ye Zifeng and Sasha, they only had half a bag of potions left, which might not be enough if they encounter a large army.


Chu Rui did not have many potions on him either because he did not start out with a full bag of potions. From forcing himself to play as a warrior, he had used quite a number of potions and there were only a few dozens left. However, he has 11% of life stealing ability, so he can basically not use any potions unless a particularly strong enemy shows up. As for Ye Zifeng and the others, they should not need to use many potions if they gang up on one enemy given that they had Blossom Rain playing as a priest.


After resting for a bit, Chu Rui sneaked away and went to scout the next level.


Making his way through the narrow and steep cave stone staircase, he quickly arrived at the next level.


“There’s no danger, come on down!”


After checking around alertly, confirm that it was indeed safe, Chu Rui notified the group through the group chat.


“Wow, this is magnificent!”


Entering the level, Tian’er’s eyes brightened and she shouted at the scene before her eyes.

In this hole with a circumference of about 50m, the surroundings were the same stone walls as the previous level. However, the centre was extremely eye-catching. There was a huge stone podium where a weird altar was positioned on top. The altar was surrounded by 6 stone pillars, each of which was 1 meter thick and 5 meters tall. On top of each pillar was a sparkling spirit stone emitting light. The light from each stone meshed together to form a hexagram, sealing the altar in the middle. Looking down, there was the carving of Hell’s Gate at the foot of the altar. The various monsters decorating the door like demons, ghosts and Asuras, had their scowling faces, long jutting teeth and blood red eyes, giving them a scary and intimidating look. Around the altar was a slightly dark cloud, swimming around like spirit snakes. The creepy atmosphere made it seems as if the altar of death of open at any time. In the middle of the altar, the middle of the Hell’s Gate, in front of all of the carvings of monsters was a small stone platform. On the stone platform, there was a floating old and tattered ancient book. It was the reason for their trip, The Book of Death!


“This place is weird!”


Looking at the evil altar of death and the realistic monsters that look as if they were about to burst out of Hell’s Gate, Yi Zifeng could not help but lower his voice. At the same time, he looked at Tian’er with a strange look. In such a creepy place, she only found wonder. This girl’s way of thinking was truly unique!


“Be careful, a secret mission can’t be this simple!”


Sasha raised her eyebrows as she stared at the evil altar of death with deep suspicion.


“I feel uncomfortable here as if my body is rejecting it by itself. I don’t know why but I have a bad feeling about the altar.”


Blossom Rain too raised her eyebrows slightly, revealing a hint of disgust in her originally indifferent gaze.


Chu Rui was mildly surprised as he glanced at Blossom Rain. After thinking for a bit, he realised the issue. The healing skills a priest learns are all light magic. Since it is an altar of death, it is naturally of the dark element. Fire against water, light against darkness, this is a timeless rule. Being of the countering element type, it was natural that she saw it as an enemy.


“See if there is any change to the mission!”


Currently, Chu Rui was in no mood to research the light and dark elements. Looking at the eerie altar of death, even he felt a little uneasy. He turned and asked Ye Zifeng, trying to find if there were any hints from the system on how to deal with the altar.


“Let me take a look… Mhmm, the mission hint says to shattered the seal that had deteriorated over time, storm the altar of death and steal the sacred item of the shadow creatures —- The Book Of Death! Hmm, that’s all!


Ye Zifeng opened the mission details and read the text out loud intermittently.


Shatter the seal? Storm the altar? Steal the sacred item?


Chu Rui’s eyebrows rose without him realising.


Raising his head, he realised the rays of light from the hexagram was weak upon detailed inspection, which should be due to the “deterioration from time”


While this was what he understood, he believed that he could not be far off even if it was not the case. No matter what, the mission hint was to steal the Book of Death, so they would do just that. As long as they achieve the goal, then everything would be fine!


“Tian’er try shooting an arrow at the altar.”


Chu Rui stared at the altar while stroking his chin before suddenly commanding Tian’er.“Oh!”


While she did not know what Chu Rui wanted to do, Tian’er followed the order obediently, notching an arrow and letting it fly towards the altar.




When the arrow was about half a metre from the altar, the black energy that was floating around lazily around the altar reacted abruptedly, turning into a black ghost head and swallowed the arrow.




Seeing such a scary ghost head, Tian’er let out a scream in fear. She retreated immediately, hiding behind Chu Rui, pulling on his arm, not daring to poke her head out.


Chu Rui took out his daggers and entered a combat stance, but the ghost head only roared at them, not actually attacking.


Looking at the struggling ghost head which tried rushing towards them before behind pulled back by violently by some unknown force, Chu Rui laughed.


This scary looking ghost head had no way of escaping the altar!


After explaining a little, he finally got Tian’er to let go of him. After a lot of convincing, he finally gave Tian’er enough courage to attempt attacking the ghost head but all of her attacks were misses!


What is this situation?


All of the attacks missed? If they cannot deal with this ghost head, how would they be able to deal with the altar?


Chu Rui’s head started hurting from the problem!

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