Shadow Rogue – Chapter 139 – The Learned Skill – Shadow!

Looking at Chu Rui proudly standing straight beside the corpse of the evil dead-spirited mage, surrounded by gold coins, the sparkles almost blinded Ye Zifeng.


It’s too overwhelming! Have they made a mistake?


Ye Zifeng was simply dumbfounded.


He looked at the time. It took Chu Rui only 42 seconds!


His mouth tightly twitched.


Is Chu Rui a human being or a God?


He suddenly wanted to ask such a question.


Although he grew up in an ordinary family and had always been protected, and he never became as powerful as Chu Rui did, he also met people whom other people did not have a chance to. When an ordinary person judges another person, it’s usually through the way he dresses and the accessories he owns. And that’s not their way. No matter if it’s in the past or the present, you usually cannot tell who the wealthy guys are. And for those high-profile people, they typically have nothing inside. It always helps to be low key. You have to judge a person by his personality, how he treats the others and not his looks. For the more experienced people, they can easily tell how influential a person is by just one glance.


Ye Zifeng had never met someone like Chu Rui. Even though he was fortunate enough to meet someone from the Capital City, no one had such a character like him. Chu Rui wasn’t arrogant, yet his charisma was beyond powerful. His dream-like performance was like magic. The only thing Ye Zifeng could do was to admire Chu Rui. He couldn’t believe how Chu Rui killed a monster in 42 seconds, like a shadow. His hands were similar to God’s hands, not only they were almighty, but they were also unquestionably scary. He told himself, if he had to fight with Chu Rui, being abused would be the only ending.


Ye Zifeng was dazed, and the three women around are stunned! Looking at the person in front of them who was like the God of War, they all seemed a bit differently. However, who knows for sure what these women are thinking? What is certain is that, the three ladies all admired Chu Rui even more after this battle. As for how far these good feelings can go, it’s still unknown.


Others were stunned but not Chu Rui.


Although Chu Rui, after entering into the state of Blood-Handed Shadow, became incredibly powerful, it was just for a moment. Once this power was gone, he became exhausted. After an intensive concentration, he consumed a lot of energy. Fortunately, he was a level-20 assassin, and he could take it.

He swiftly picked up all the equipment items that the dead-spirited mage burst out, and he threw out the collection trick.


After collecting for many times, he eventually received a “stone of the dead spirit”, which has a specific increasing effect for the dark spells, and can also be used for mosaic, it seemed a useful tool.


After collection of the “stone of the dead spirit’, Chu Rui realized that even though the BOSS was powerful, it was after all a silver BOSS only. He still had not checked the backpack with all the equipment that was awarded.


“Wow, brother Sly Hand, you are so cool!”


Looking at Chu Rui who was cleaning up, the four people finally came by. Tian’er looked at Chu Rui admiringly and with starry-eyes. Her voice was sweet, and she could seduce any guys alive.


Chu Rui smiled and said nothing.


Ye Zifeng looked at Sasha and Blossom Rain, and suggested, “let’s look what is burst out.”


There were six pieces of equipment, three of them were blue. He didn’t pay attention to those. For the other three equipment, two of them were silver, and one was gold. Chu Rui was happy to see this equipment. He finally thought that his efforts had been paid off.


The Dead Longbow: Gold, Weapon, attributes are unknown, unidentified!


It turned out to be a longbow, and this was such a blessing for Tian’er. The dead longbow, with a necrotic arrow that can be recycled, were handed to Tian’er. She only smiled sweetly and thanked Chu Rui. The final equipment was a wristband used by the pastor, and was given to Blossom Rain.


Tian’er ignored the noise of the others. She was holding the Dead Longbow. Without identification, she couldn’t use it yet. Chu Rui opened the taskbar. He heard an alert message from the system.


“Hey, congratulations on entering a special state, inspiring your mysterious power and gaining unknown strength!”


“Hey, congratulations on your mysterious ability, your greatly improved speed, the degree of dodging and attack power. Please name such a skill!”

Name such a skill?


Chu Rui was shocked and immediately entered an ecstatic state. In “Kismet”, if a player were awarded self-created skills, that’s quite remarkable. The rules of the game world were already developed, it would be a plus if he could even create his own. It would also mean exploring a different path for his development. Although he had not reached the master level, it was already a significant achievement.


“The Shadow!”


Chu Rui directly named it without hesitating, and he could not wait to open the skill bar!


The Shadow:??? It inspires the power of mystery, and it can unlock the potentials and increase the speed by 50%. Dodging power will be increased by 50%, and violent power will be increased by 30%. There will also be alienating changes in the body, and the player can have 20% chances of ignoring the enemy’s attack. Once the skills are activated, the effect will last for 5 minutes. It can also be frozen for one hour, and can be upgraded!


“Sly Hand Bro, Sly Hand Bro…”


Chu Rui, who was in his thoughts, was suddenly awakened by a sound.


“What is Sly Hand Bro thinking? Why are you so concentrated?”


Ever since Tian’er got a powerful tool, she had kept wearing her smile.


“Nothing. Let’s go. There is still some time, let’s go directly to the altar of death, and fetch  the book of death!”


It had only been 1 minute since they fought the evil dead-spirited mage, the team still had quite some time left. The hidden mission was not simple, neither was the altar of death and the book of death. Chu Rui thought, they had got so far anyway, they had to continue.

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