Shadow Rogue – Chapter 138 – The Shadow Rogue and The Sly Hand (II)


The dead-spirited hug!


It was as if an immense dark power grabbing the enemy. Just like a hug – no one would be able to get away once being seized.


When you try to grab the thief, you should catch his leader. And when you try to shoot a horse, shoot the person riding on the horse!


There was no way for Chu Rui to compete with this dark power. He rushed forward to he tried to make use of all his speed to kill the evil dead-spirited mage.


At this moment, the evil dead-spirited mage was still going to release its magic. Although the way it defended and blocked its enemies were not so useful, its hand which had extended successfully stopped Chu Rui from approaching.


Chu Rui continued attacking, the giant black hand that followed fiercely grabbed him.


Chu Rui quickly approached to the dead-spirited mage, like a hurricane. He didn’t attack it directly. Instead, he chose to turn 180-degree and made use of the force to release the power of his poisonous fangs. The fangs had a hard and scary shine. Together with his sword, he successfully, and accurately stabbed into the back of the dead-spirited mage’s head.




“Hey, your backstab completion rate is 100%! Rating: Perfect! You will get an additional 20% damage bonus! The attack triggered a critical hit; you’ve attacked its weak point. It gave the dead-spirited mage 967 points of damage! It also caused 2 seconds of dizziness!”


The message of the system made Chu Rui laugh. He didn’t need to go to its behind to do the backstab. He might as well do so in its front. He only needed to aim at its back to make it the most effective. Otherwise, how could it be called as backstabbing? If you wanted to cause the dizziness, you’d have to aim accurately at the back of its head and cause it to vibrate. Chu Rui had just made use of his violent attack power and rotation to stab his sword fiercely into the back of its head. He expected the dizziness, and yet he was a little surprised too.


The dead-spirited mage failed to hold on to its ‘dead-spirited hug’. Its hand which has just touched the back of Chu Rui instantly disappeared in the air.

Looking at the golden ring above the dead-spirited mage’s head, and its value which has dropped half, Chu Rui didn’t decide to attack it with all his two swords, and all his strength!


‘The violent attack!”

The poisonous fangs in his left hand released a beam of energy lights and fiercely fell onto the dead-spirited mage’s body. The Blue Dagger on his right hand slightly moved and cut through the mage’s throat.


After finishing, Chu Rui opened his hands full. The poisonous fangs on his left side turned dark green, and the tip of his Blue Dagger turned light blue.


“Poisonous Stab!”


“Blue Dagger Stab!”


The skills of the two daggers were released, cutting the throat of the dead-spirited mage fiercely. Three thousand points of life value were lost. The toxic effect was also created.


“Wolves call!”


Right now, the evil dead-spirited mage had become disabled. However, a BOSS could be revived at any moment, Chu Rui couldn’t afford it, as his equipment could get destroyed anytime. Looking at the reviving dead-spirited mage throwing “Dead-spirited Shadow Light Bomb’ toward him, Chu Rui also instantly called upon his Shadow Wolves and attacked violently, he successfully defended himself against the “Dead-spirited Shadow Light Bomb”.


Initially thinking that its ‘Dead-spirited Shadow Light Bomb’ could buy some time, the dead-spirited mage didn’t expect Chu Rui to call upon his Shadow Wolves, taking away all its skills. Chu Rui also started to attack personally.

At this moment, the evil dead-spirited mage didn’t foresee this. It started reciting its curse, and there was no way to stop. It hoped to rely on its magic, his ultimate ‘Shadow Blast’. It was confident to kill the weak assassin in seconds if only it released the Shadow Blast. Although a mage could easily be disrupted in the process of releasing magic, the dead-spirited mage thought its level was way higher than that of Chu Rui’s, and it couldn’t be disrupted that easily. What it was planning to do was to recite the curse without being interrupted quickly. Then, the magic could be formed.


However, these were just his wishing thinking!




“Hey, kicking completion rate is 100%! Rating: Perfect! You’ve gained an extra 20% damage bonus! Your attacked triggered a violent attack and spotted the weak point. It gave the evil dead-spirited mage 332 points of damage! It also successfully disrupted its reciting of curse!”


(This more than 300 points of damage was only caused by Chu Rui’s attack. Although he could hold the two daggers at the same time, they had different attacking power and the extent of damage caused was different as well. His kicking was the same, and so it was not counted in any of the damages of his daggers. He merely achieved this by his strength and bonus.)


Its last resort was disintegrated, the evil dead-spirited mage had a sharp look at Chu Rui. Fortunately, it still had a bit of the character that a BOSS is supposed to have, and it didn’t just flee. Instead, it threw a ‘Dead-Spirited Light Bomb’ straight to Chu Rui, while it was still in a panic.


Looking at the last struggle of the dying dead-spirited mage, Chu Rui sneered. Although its remaining blood and flesh were added up with some toxic stinger, Chu Rui couldn’t afford to wait and see it die slowly. He knew that he could perfectly finish it in seconds.


5th Guideline of an assassin: Never give the enemy any second chance!


The rules apply to weak enemies. As long as they’re alive, there’s still a risk.

They can be revived if they’re not unrooted totally!


No matter who they are, even if they’re children, the elderly or women, as long as they are enemies, then they must be ruthlessly killed!


Everything is forever changing, who knows for sure what the future will bring? Even a dead person can be resurrected. It only takes one mistake to kill yourself or even get your loved ones involved. In history, which successful person didn’t drip his hands with blood and step on the others for his success?


Chu Rui must hurry up for his last blow. If the BOSS suddenly transformed itself into something else, everything would become a hundred times more dramatic!


The remaining Shadow Wolf blocked the ‘Dead-spirited Light Bomb’. Chu Rui made a few significant steps forward. He quickly attacked with his poisonous fangs and daggers. Immediately, the remaining life values were all gone.


“Hey, congratulations on your successful killing of the silver BOSS – the evil dead-spirited mage. You’ve gained 500,000 points of experience and 300 points of reputation!”


Along with the sound of the system, the evil dead-spirited mage smashed like a splash. At that moment, a lot of equipment coins appeared next to Chu Rui.

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