Shadow Rogue – Chapter 137 – The Shadow Rogue and The Sly Hand

One is an arrogant killer, standing on the top among all the killers – the blood-handed shadow!


Another one is a newbie, who has just become a new player – the Sly Hand!


One is in the midst of reality and is the proudest among the crowd.


Another one has entered the game and has dominated in it.


No one knows what will happen if the two roles come across with each other.


Ever since he’d become an ordinary person, Chu Rui had never done something like this. He was not just a rogue; he also became a blood-handed shadow that could even influence the wind and the sky.


In the world of assassins, it was not super impressive to become a blood-handed shadow. However, once he explored his inner potentials, which he’d never explored before, he would become mighty. He would become the assassin that was impossible to be defeated – the blood-handed shadow!

At this moment, Chu Rui had already discovered the horrifying ability inside his body. He had also gained the unknown power that no human could get.


Now, he has blocked everything. In his eyes, he saw only the prey that has been covered by the shadow of death but remained unknown – the evil dead-spirted mage!


All of his five senses of hearing, touching, smelling, seeing and tasting have reached the peak! Somehow, there was even a unique feeling which lingered in his head, maybe that’s the sixth sense. It had surpassed all of his sensations. It can be called as intuition, but it can also be called his spirituality!


He stared at the prey as a snake would do. However, his body still did not release any sense of killing. No one could be as discreet as he was. No one could disguise as entirely as he did.


One step, two steps, and Chu Rui finally touched the evil dead-spirited mage.



It’s about time!


When approaching to the side of the dead-spirited mage, Chu Rui didn’t hesitate to stab it with his dagger, and it hit the armpit.


“Hey, Completion of the attack is 100%! Rating: Perfect! You will get an additional of 20% damage bonus! Your attack triggered the critical hit, and you had attacked a weak point, this will give the dead-spirited mage 878 points of damage!”


He heard the sharp sound of the system. But he didn’t care! He was totally into the battle, and he would not let go of it!


“Dead Light Bomb!”


The evil dead-spirited mage, after being attacked, quickly reacted by taking its cane and shoot many light bombs toward Chu Rui.

He was very close to BOSS; there was not even half a meter apart from it. The light bombs were as big as an adult’s fist; there was no way for Chu Rui to escape. However, no one knew what Chu Rui did, but he managed to avoid the light bombs by moving his waist like a snake.




“Hey, the completion rate is 100%! Rating: Perfect! Get an additional 20% damage bonus! Your attack triggered a critical hit, and you attacked a weak point, this has given the dead-spirited mage 1038 points of damage!”


After turning around, Chu Rui continued. He waved the poisonous fangs in his left hand and stabbed his dagger fiercely into the chest of the dead-spirited mage, then stirred it.


“Take the throat!”


He took out his dagger and turned around on the ground. Then, he made use of the power of turning to transform his Blue Dagger into a blue light, which swept across the throat of the dead-spirited mage.


In just two rounds of confrontations, the mage took three stabs from Chu Rui, and it had already lost more than 2000 points of life value. Feeling that it’s been extensively insulted, its mouth kept being open.


It quickly read a spell and swiftly retook its cane!


It’s fast, and yet Chu Rui was even faster!


Chu Rui had dealt with this trick before. He didn’t need to be warned twice.


“Sudden approach!”


Just when the evil dead-spirited mage was about to release the “Shadow Light” toward Chu Rui, Chu Rui made use of the “sudden approach” effect of his body and quickly ran one meter forward. He avoided this blow successfully.


When the dead-spirited mage released the “Shadow Light”, its body turned stiff. Chu Rui made use of its stiffness started attacking it with his bow and marked a big “X” on its torso!


“Dead Light Bomb!”


The pain from the chest made the evil dead-spirited scream. Once again, it immediately released another light bomb toward Chu Rui.


Chu Rui smiled a bit. Then, he slightly moved his body, and again, he avoided the light bomb of the mage!


Chu Rui didn’t hesitate to take out both his daggers and swept them across the mage’s back.


This blow was inevitably fatal for the mage!


The dead-spirited mage didn’t hesitate a bit. It quickly turned around as it wanted to see the actions of Chu Rui to prepare for its upcoming actions.


Another dead-spirited light bomb! Chu Rui squinted and had to give up on attacking. He tried to avoid it by turning his body.


At this time, while Chu Rui was dodging, the evil dead-spirited mage put the cane in front of itself and started to tell the spell.


“The dead-spirited hugs!”




It was a burst of crying and screaming like ghosts and wolves. Such noises seemed to be coming from Hell. Anyone who does not have a clear mind might be influenced by it and be terrified. However, such a small trick could not scare Chu Rui at all. He’s an assassin who had witnessed what Hell was like, how could he be scared away by such annoying noises?


Under the control of the magic of the evil-spirited mage, the cave became even eerier. Chu Rui felt the abnormal changes in the air. He felt oppressed in his chest, and he had to check out what it was.




Keeping the cane on its chest, the dead-spirited mage kept roaring fiercely like a warrior.


In an instant, a black giant claw emerged in the dark space, as if it was about to hit Chu Rui!


Is this the dead-spirited hug?


This is interesting!


Looking at the black hand in the air, Chu Rui had a cold smile. Then, he looked at the dead-spirited mage who was ready to release some more magic. He took a few steps forward and decided to jump over it…


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