Shadow Rogue – Chapter 136 – The Blood-Handed Shadow

He had to scare everyone to death with his words!


Chu Rui’s words made Ye Zifeng and the others instantly dumbfounded!


He decided to fight the BOSS alone in one minute.


Everyone couldn’t help but twitch their mouth, they all looked at Chu Rui strangely.


They had all been messed up by the dead-spirited mages, and now they were facing the BOSS. Chu Rui didn’t refrain. Instead, he’d made such a vow. What’s wrong with him?

“Sly Hand Bro, I am confident in you…however…”


Before Ye Zifeng finished his sentence, everyone already knew what he was going to say next. Although he didn’t know the attributes of Chu Rui, it was clear that he destroyed the bunch of dead-spirited mages in a short time. And now it’s time to face the horrible BOSS. Although “520” can be a romantic word (In Chinese, it sounds like “I love you”), it can also be a horrible number on the attack power of the BOSS. As a result, even the power of Chu Rui was well-known, he was still only an assassin at level 20. As a “weak assassin”, wouldn’t it be equal to send oneself to death to fight the BOSS? Since the BOSS had four powerful attributes, it’d be quite challenging to estimate the result of the battle.


Chu Rui did not say anything when he heard Ye Zifeng. Indeed, when facing such a BOSS, anyone with a clear mind wouldn’t try to offend. Chu Rui thought he might as well try, but what if he would be killed? He’s facing a mage, and he might be crushed like a fly while getting just a bit closer. It took Chu Rui a long time to get to level 20 and the first one on the leaderboard. And although he’s not really a friend, even as a teammate, Ye Zifeng really wanted to remind Chu Rui about the risk. He truthfully didn’t want him to get hurt.


Even though Chu Rui knew that Ye Zifeng had reminded him out of good will, he couldn’t be perceived as “not able” by his teammates. He initially wanted to play around with the dead-spirited mage with his skills, but now, it seemed evident that he had to win in any case. He had to show his teammates that he could do it.

“You all just wait! Don’t step into the battlefield with me, or you may be affected.”


Chu Rui did not further explain to his teammates. From the way they looked, what Chu Rui described did seem quite impossible. He might be able to grind the evil dead-spirited mage, but to finish him in one minute? This is really exaggerated. Chu Rui might have forgotten that this is a BOSS that had surpassed his level and not just some random kind of monster.




Ye Zifeng opened his mouth, yet he didn’t say anything further. He did his best to convince Chu Rui, if he continued, it would mean that he actually looked down on Chu Rui. He had to swallow any thoughts that he’s having. He could only look at the three girls and asked them to convince Chu Rui.


“Do you want me to help?” Sasha elegantly carried her long white sword, and she had a soft smile on her face.


“Sly Hand Bro, do you want Tian’er to help you cover?” Tian’er was playing with the bow in her hand and squinted at Chu Rui. She appeared to be quite playful.


“Show me how powerful the player who’s the first one on four leaderboards! Just let me know when you need help!” Blossom Rain smiled and took a step forward.

Looking at the reaction of the three ladies, Ye Zifeng suddenly rolled his eyes. He had initially wanted them to convince Chu Rui, but it turned out that they were pushing him further to the BOSS.




Looking at the three girls in front of him, Chu Rui could not help but reveal a smile from the bottom of his heart. This sincere smile made everyone stunned.


Chu Rui didn’t always want to look so emotionless, but he had been so used to all the bloody scenes and the ugliness of humankind, it’s quite tricky to make him truly happy. He’s already powerful not to have become a maniac. Ever since they had remembered, Chu Rui had always looked so cold. And this is entirely in line with how an assassin is like. Even though he was delighted, there would only be a very faint smile on his face. However, he revealed a genuine smile this time. It’s just so charismatic!


Chu Rui’s smile not only made the three ladies stunned, he greatly surprised Ye Zifeng as well. Anyway, his smile only lasted for a few seconds, and he resumed his usual state. His facial expression had softened quite a bit though.


“It’s just a damn BOSS, and it’d be enough for me to fight it alone!”


Chu Rui took out his two daggers, his dark green poisonous fangs. His Blue Dagger looked shiny and eerie at the same time in such an underground area. Its bloody light also made people shiver even before killing. He slightly lowered his head, and his bangs half covered his fierce face. The way he looked scared Ye Zifeng and the others and they all took a few steps back. He slightly moved his mouth, as if he was having a smile of the devil, Ye Zifeng and the others couldn’t help but shiver.

Chu Rui was getting ready to kill. His overwhelming momentum and the dark atmosphere of the area made him like a phantom – the way he was holding his two daggers, his posture and his fierce look, his cold smile…these gestures sent a weird feeling to Ye Zifeng. When looking at Chu Rui, they felt like looking at a giant monster that has just woken up. They even felt pressurized and couldn’t breathe. They also felt like having seen a horrifying snake. His glance and movement made them all tremble.


At this moment…the first among all the assassins…the unbeatable King…


The Blood-Handed Shadow…


Is resurrected!


After a laugh, Chu Rui didn’t move before disappearing in the dark.


“What…who is he?”


After seeing what’s happened, Ye Zifeng stuttered. He was totally overwhelmed. It might be possible that his stealth was one of his acts in the game. However, the strong momentum and the way Chu Rui looked were not given by the system. In the previous moment, they almost believed that they were not facing a person, but a horrifying darkness devil. They remained stiff after watching this scene!


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