Shadow Rogue – Chapter 135 – The Evil and Dead-Spirited Hydromancer (II)


“The mission has changed, clean up all the monsters here; then we’ll enter the altar of death and steal the book of death! ”


Ye Zifeng seemed to have received a system message; he opened the taskbar to read the title of the hidden mission.


“Altar of Death? Book of Death?”


These strange words suddenly popped out, Chu Rui and the others were looking each other, totally confused. Clean up all the monsters, that means they had to kill the BOSS, then go to the next level, maybe that’s where the altar of death and the book of death were. They knew that this the altar of death must be protected by a monster or a machine, which they thought was too complicated! Chu Rui was only at level 20, and it was still a question whether he could fight the BOSS in front of them, let alone getting to the next level and steal the book of death! However, the hidden mission was calling them desperately. It’s only a game after all, how could they improve themselves if they let fear conquer them?


Everyone looked at each other, and they did not hesitate to knock on the board and made up their mind!


“Check out the situation here first, and I will explore to the bottom. If you can’t play, don’t make unnecessary sacrifices! ” Chu Rui glanced at Ye Zifeng and the others and said somewhat seriously. Although the equipment and mission were necessary, their lives were equally important. Fighting something when you know you cannot – that is being idiotic and not brave.


With a beautiful turn, Chu Rui went into stealth, and he rushed towards the BOSS!


Chu Rui was walking in darkness, the terrain and atmosphere were explicitly designed for thieves.


Chu Rui controlled his footsteps, very light and light, and did not make any noise to awaken the BOSS.


He had to be ultra-careful. Compared to the warriors, the magician’s had to have a high degree of concentration, so high that he could feel the surrounding changes. Not to mention this was even a BOSS with a higher level than Chu Rui. If it could see the stealth of Chu Rui, then he’d be in trouble.


Ten meters!


Five meters!


When they reached closer, Chu Rui quietly threw out a peek!




The sound was loud, and it was the sound of success!


Chu Rui felt happy and was ready to check out the attributes of this BOSS. However, he suddenly felt a bit of aversion. According to his 6th sense, he instantly walked out from his stealth state and resumed with his original speed.


“Hey …”


A light ball that was much larger than the previous dead-spirited mage suddenly rushed past Chu Rui and shot toward space.


Chu Rui felt cold and sweaty, he had felt the light ball strongly, and he was sure that it contained powerful magic. He could not imagine being hit by the light ball. As for his current state, he would lose at least half of the blood!


Fortunately, although this BOSS’ magic attack was abnormal, unlike other mages, it was quite slow and could never catch up with the speed of Chu Rui. Chu Rui could still easily escape.


“My god, how horrible. It took only a peek to disclose my location. If I were a bit slower, I’d be hurt seriously!”


Still immersed in his fear, Chu Rui returned to his team. He looked at the BOSS who had chased them for a distance, then ran back to the cave. He couldn’t help having cold sweat all over.


“Do we still stand a chance?”


Seeing how overwhelmed Chu Rui was, Ye Zifeng and the others were a bit dumbfounded. In their eyes, Chu Rui was an unbeatable assassin, someone who never failed. Their confidence was of course affected by seeing Chu Rui refraining.


“The BOSS  is outrageous, but its speed is low. We’ve got to check out its attributes.”


Chu Rui slightly frowned, then he shared the information that he got from his peep.


Evil Dead-Spirited Hydromancer


Level: 22


Category: Silver BOSS


Life value: 7000


Magic power: 3000 ,


Attack power: 100


Defense power: 150


Magic attack: 520


Magic defense: 200


Skills: [Death Light Bomb] [Shadow Optoelectronics] [Dead-Spirited Hug] [Shadow Murder]




After reading the attributes of this evil hydromancer, the group kept breathing heavily. Its life value and defense value were inherited. It’s the 520 points of magic attack power which was bothering them. If they were hit, they would at least drop half of the blood. It might only take seconds to finish Ye Zifeng and his mates as they were just at level 15. It was like going straight to hell to fight with a BOSS at level 22. Even Chu Rui felt annoyed by the four skills of the BOSS. He could be sure that the “Death Light Bomb” released by this BOSS was an improved version by that of the dead-spirited mage, and it would not last even one second. He wasn’t sure whether he had CD, but also if he did, he wouldn’t be able to withstand for long.


When fighting with a strong BOSS like this, Chu Rui had to make sure that his every move was a correct one. There was a crucial difference between an assassin and a mage, and that is Chu Rui could make use of his skills of hiding to get close to the BOSS, with the help of the surrounding area. Once an assassin got close to a mage, it could most probably foresee its death. However, this was still a strong BOSS, and Chu Rui didn’t expect that he could kill it so quickly. Although it had only 7000 points of life value and only 150 points of defense power, it still posed an enormous threat to Chu Rui.


If it was a regular mage, Chu Rui could handle correctly. However, this evil dead-spirited hydromancer could detect the existence of magic within seconds, and it could also make the magic disappear within seconds. If it started attacking violently, they had no chance to win. Chu Rui had to pay very close attention as by merely getting close to it was useless. On the contrary, it might just be the strategy it had wanted. He had to try his best to avoid its high-level magic and get all his teammates knocked out. For the BOSS, it might just be a straightforward task.


“Everyone has seen this thing. We must be able to fix this quickly. Don’t give it any chance. Otherwise, once it releases all its power, then we’re all done.” Chu Rui warned the group seriously, “it has a life value of 7000 points and defense power of 150 points. I have to finish it in one minute! Don’t you interfere, try your best to protect me!”


What a heroic side of Chu Rui, and there was a strong sense of coldness in his eyes!



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