Shadow Rogue – Chapter 134 – The Evil and Dead-Spirited Hydromancer (I)


Hydromancers are like noble! They can use their bodies to communicate elemental energy through meditation, thus releasing powerful magic. Although they can sense the strength of the element, those hydromancers who can communicate with these elements are still quite rare. Also, the power released by magicians, after their growth, can be quite terrifying. Therefore, hydromancers are synonymous with extreme force, they are respected!

“Kismet” is a game based on the western magical fantasy world. Even in China with the rich ancient civilization, even the lowest levels were still full of such elements. It’s only with higher standards would you be able to find local characteristics. The central city, the imperial city, and some extremely specialized, high-level hidden missions are filled with Chinese elements, such as the hidden Taoist temple and mythical monsters in the story.

“Kismet” is a perfect world created by the system. Everything conforms to the standard, and everything is in line with common sense. Players can choose their professions at will. Even a mentally disabled person can be a mage in the game, and even a fierce man with strong muscles can be an assassin. There is an extensive area to explore. However, it’s impossible for the indigenous people in Kismet to do the same, that is, for the NPC and monsters.

Perhaps it’s for this reason leading to a decreasing number of dead-spirited mages in this level; they didn’t even take up half the amount of corpse tigers. If Chu Rui were not bounded from the 3-minute fighting rule, he would have swept clean this area a long time ago. After 13 blows, he could finish about 50 dead-spirited mages. That’s the best he could get from this level!


Regarding experience, you could not get much out of this level, but concerning coins, this level is gratifying. After one fight, Chu Rui and his team all had one more gold coin in their backpack. No wonder this is a noble profession, see how rich they’ve become! Aside from gold coins, they’ve also been rewarded with six equipment, five of them are designed for hydromancers. They can be sold at a reasonable price.


“Haha, it’s so cool! I earned more than five gold coins in half an hour, and there are even six pieces of equipment. Isn’t our team the fastest to earn money?” Looking at the equipment and his gold coins, Ye Zifeng couldn’t help laughing.


“Bro Zifeng, you have to share these with us!” The sweet voice of Tianer made Ye Zifeng stop smiling. He knew what kind of a person Tianer was – he might need to share everything with her under her request, and he’d have to thank her if he could be left with one piece!


“About that, listen, weren’t the gold coins automatically allocated to you?” Ye Zifeng’s face twitched slightly, and he’s still with a smile as he could not afford offending Tianer.


“Yes, that’s true, I have gold coins, but I don’t have the equipment. Bro Zifeng, you’ve got six of them, you have to give me one. One is good enough for me!” Tianer smiled; happily, her smile looked so lovely and innocent. Ye Zifeng did feel weak in his knees with her smile.

“Then, Tianer, which one do you want?” Ye Zifeng was almost crying. He took out all his six equipment.


“Bro Zifeng, you are so bad. I’m not interested in this equipment. When we go back, why don’t you give me a set for archers?” Tianer pouted and looked quite unhappy, and she rejected all of his six equipment.


There you go!


Hearing the words of Tianer, Ye Zifeng felt quite nervous. It’s not the first time Tianer tricked him like this.


“I am not asking for much, and I want one equipment! Well, I don’t really like this bow, I want a golden one.”


What she’d just said made Ye Zifeng completely mad. What did she mean by “I JUST want a golden one”? Did she have any idea how difficult it was to get a golden bow? Didn’t she see that a golden bow is something on the leaderboard?


“Sweet, you are making things difficult for me!”


Ye Feng smiled helplessly. He rolled his eyes and almost fainted.


“I don’t care; anyway, I just want it!”


After she said this, she stopped talking to Ye Zifeng.


Ye Zifeng, looking at Tianer who was running toward Sasha and Blossom Rain, felt hopeless. When he thought that she had delegated this mission to him, he felt very desperate. A golden bow – where on earth could he find such a thing? Aside from those who are desperately waiting for money, who would sell high-level equipment? Moreover, even if there’s a player who can sell his equipment, he must first have a golden bow to start with! Tianer must think that a golden bow is like vegetables – you have to ask, and you’ll get it.


Chu Rui pretended not to have felt the helplessness. He thought – Ye Zifeng, you’ve got to deal with this alone as I don’t want to get involved. I don’t wish to Karma to get to me! Why don’t you enjoy this yourself?


Chu Rui thought about the behavior of Tianer just now, and her way of saying ‘Preg-nant’, he still had a headache. Now that he’s out of the trouble, there’s no way for him to get back into it.


“We’ve had enough rest. Let’s go, let’s look for BOSS!”


The sorrowful look of Ye Zifeng behind Chu Rui made him uncomfortable. He coughed lightly, then took his dagger and went deeper. He’d rather face a BOSS rather than Ye Zifeng’s look!


The BOSS who was guarding at the entrance was another one with the face of a dead-spirited mage — however, the cane that it was holding looked something with a higher level. Even Chu Rui who was standing far away could feel its power.


A mage-typed BOSS gave Chu Rui complicated feelings. It had a low defense level and should be easy to defeat. However, such a monster did have a high magic attack power, and it might be able to kill any player without magic defense equipment in seconds. Fighting this kind of BOSS is like playing with your own life – you are placed in a dangerous situation all the time. Even when the BOSS had some life value left, it doesn’t mean you’re safe. It might just be able to kill you when you’re not paying attention.


There is no unique way to deal with this BOSS. Chu Rui could only make use of all he had. The attacking cannot be interrupted. Otherwise, once the mage starts singing, you might as well kill yourself. There is only one way to kill the BOSS – make it as busy as possible, so that it wouldn’t have the time to release its magic or start singing. Although this might work, generally speaking, BOSS can release magic in seconds even it’s a small one. With the increasing power of the magic attack of the BOSS, for Chu Rui who had no magic defense equipment, nor BUFF, there was just no way for them to get out of this situation. They could only bet to see if their skin was thick enough or if their RP was severe enough. There was also no way to wholly depend on the pastor as she would be too busy to take care of everyone at the same time. If the BOSS threw a magic ball toward them, it’s easy to foresee what would follow.

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