Shadow Rogue – Chapter 133 – The Generous Dead-Spirited Mage


After killing the mage, Ye Zifeng was delighted. Ever since they entered this underground cave, have they ever felt easy at all? Even the first Corpse Tiger that he encountered made him so weak that he had to drink some medicine. After all these killings and stabbings, his enemy had no chance to fight back at all. The satisfaction and pleasure he was having were indescribable.


“Wow, there’s so much money! I had no idea that the mage was so rich!”


Tianer didn’t pay attention to Ye Zifeng who was as happy as having won the lottery. She picked up and coins and yelled excitedly.


“Hey, you’ve got four silver coins and forty-two copper coins!”


“Hey, you got two silver coins and sixty-seven copper coins!”


“Hey, you got two silver coins and seventy-one copper coins!”


After looking at the system information, Chu Rui felt a little confused. After sharing the coins among the five of them, they still had two, three silver coins left. So it actually means that the mage produced a dozen silver coins after dying? Wasn’t this thing too rich? The group of skull soldiers could only produce a few dozens’ copper coins or one silver coin, and there wasn’t much profit on them at all — no one expected to have a dozen silver coins from a mage. Most importantly, Chu Rui killed four of them, and each of them produced silver coins. It was simply surprising.


“Everyone has just realized that the monsters cannot be finished quite quickly once they get close. However, we will be slaughtered if they’re far from us. If they use their skills, they can easily take away my 400 points of life value. Tianer would be knocked out as well. Blossom Rain’s magic defense power is okay, and she shouldn’t be killed in seconds. And you both…I think you’ll be ok too. So, Tianer, next time when you fight, don’t absorb hatred yet…as for the explosion rate, every one of you have seen how many silver coins have been produced after the mages are dead. And I’m sure you now know the game very well at this stage. If I use the fangs and skills together, I can kill a mage in seconds. It’s just that it’s complicated to get close to them. Since my duration of stealth is 3 minutes, I’d suggest that we fight one round for 3 minutes. And we’ll do what we were doing – I will be the first to approach and attract them. Then, you guys will do the fighting. Ye Zifeng, Sasha and Tianer, you three will fight one. I will handle three myself. And Blossom Rain will give me a therapy!”


After knowing that they could get a dozen silver coins after killing a mage, Chu Rui was fascinated. Although these dead-spirited mages were very horrifying, for an assassin like Chu Rui, it was still like a walk in the park. With his fangs, he was able to kill one within seconds. His defense power could also resist the attack of the mages. Even though he was surrounded by four of them plus one shadow light ball, he wouldn’t refrain. Together with the therapy of Blossom Rain, it shouldn’t be a problem if he wanted to grind some monsters afterward. With an increased level of experience, many equipment, and coins, this Hidden Map was like a treasure island!


After finalizing their strategy, Chu Rui stood still to let Blossom Rain fill up his life value. Then, he slowly walked deeper inside.


Again, a bunch of dead-spirited mages, this is a real headache. And they were even in teams. Damn…now there were five of them. If each of them gave Chu Rui a shadow light ball, he might no longer think that it’s as easy as before. Fortunately, to call this skill, the mage needed time to sing. Chu Rui could make use of this time to escape if he couldn’t fight five at the same time.


After a break, after the stealth, Chu Rui made a look at Ye Zifeng and then sneaked toward the dead-spirited mages.


He used the same old trick and killed one with one backstab. This time, Chu Rui was not stupid, he didn’t take the magic balls of the four dead-spirited mages. Instead, he avoided them skillfully. But since he wanted to get close, he couldn’t avoid them altogether. After finishing one more, Ye Zifeng, Sasha and Tianer fought with one mage. The other two who were left intact were now clueless – they didn’t know whether to attack Chu Rui or Ye Zifeng, Sasha and Tianer.




A white ball fell elegantly, Chu Rui’s life value was suddenly increased for about thirty points.


The light that the mages entirely hated suddenly appeared, they’d now make Blossom Rain their primary target.




The look on Chu Rui’s face changed. If two dead-spirited mages attacked blossom Rain at the same time, she could be killed even only with their magic light balls.


“The Heavy Blow!”


Without hesitation, he took out a dagger and flew it over to the dead-spirited mage. He successfully put some of the hatred back.


“Tianer, shoot him!”


Chu Rui roared, Tianer, who was shooting her arrow frantically at the mage chosen by Ye Zifeng, turned around quickly and shot the mage that was about to die.


At this time, Chu Rui made use of the fangs in his left hand and finished another mage that was getting close.


After making sure that they were now safe, Chu Rui took a sigh of relief. Dealing with five dead-spirited mages in one go is tough. If Ye Zifeng didn’t help him, and Blossom Rain’s help for his life value, he wouldn’t be able to get through it. For Chu Rui, it was not that difficult to finish five all by himself. He only needed more time. With his stealth that could last for 3 minutes, he could finish one in one time.


Within ten seconds, the crippled mage died under the swords of Ye Zifeng and Tianer. Many silver coins and two bottles of medicine were produced.


Among the five dead-spirited mages, three of them produced coins, and the others at least had produced one bottle of medicine.


After two rounds of the fight with the dead-spirited mages, Chu Rui and his team got very rich. Ye Zifeng was so excited, and that couldn’t help screaming. He swore to sweep the area clean.


Chu Rui smiled slightly and ignored Ye Zifeng who was overly excited. Calming down this kid at the moment was unlikely.


After taking a break, they waited for the stealth to be reset. Then, they continued walking and looked for prey. Since the dead-spirited mages had such a high explosion rate, it would be a shame not to sweep this place clean! Let’s not make these treasures go to waste!

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