Shadow Rogue – Chapter 132 – The Sick Dead-Spirited Mage (III)


“We are mutually restraining with each other. If it is pulled away from us, we die. And if it is pulled closer to us, they die. All we are striving is a right distance between us. However, relatively speaking, we are not in a favorable position. It’s still a little difficult if you want to get close to releasing the magic. This is not a big deal for me. For you, it will be a bit challenging. We have to depend on the practical situation as well. When I went down, there were at least four dead-spirited mages; if they unite together, then our chances will be much smaller.”


Chu Rui said with a slight frown.


“Is this what we can do today?” Ye Feng was somewhat unwilling, since it was hard to get here, it was unacceptable for him to leave now.


“This is not the case. I will sneak down and check what the situation is. If we can fight it, we will fight it. And if we cannot, we will collect some magical defense equipment before coming back.” Chu Rui grabbed the two daggers in his hand tightly, and he looked quite worried. Although his magic defense power is not as good as an expert mage, it is quite low. If he couldn’t resist a 20-level monster, let alone Ye Zifeng and the others. The only way now is to go down and check the place.   If the mages are not united, we may still be able to win. If not, it’d be quite hard to say.”


A few people nodded at the Ye Zifeng, Chu Rui body twisted and he entered the stealth state, then, he disappeared.


He slowly went down along the hole, with the previous experience, Chui Rui only needed a short time to adapt to the darkness. When he looked around, he found that one mage was standing not far away from him.


After he made two steps, the mage didn’t react at all. Chu Rui breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed to him that stealth was quite useful.


Comparing the data of both sides, Chu Rui found that if he used the fangs of his left hand, together with the violent attacks against the weak points, he could only have 80 points of defense power. The mage who had only 3,500 life value would probably be defeated in seconds. At least, he would be disabled then. But, Chu Rui had to face four this time. Even if he knocked one down, the other three would encircle him and attack him at the same time. For a mage, the farther you stay away from it, the better you could avoid it skills. But to attack, there’s no other way but to get closer. Chu Rui could very well handle one of these, maybe two, but it would be very, very difficult if he had to manage three together. You should never mess around with a magic attack, as compared to those small light balls, Chu Rui would preferably be cut once than to receive one blow of magic attack.


“I will first attract hatred. If you come down, no matter what else, output directly.”


Chu Rui called in the team channel, and then he calmly moved toward a mage closest to him.


Squinting at the neck of the mage, Chu Rui showed a cold smile. The thing was going to die yet it had no clue, it just stood there relaxingly.




It’s the right moment! Chu Rui’s eyes flashed, and the fangs of his left hand exploded instantly. A sharp dagger stabbed into the back of the mage’s neck.


How can the defense of 80 points survive the attack of fangs? In addition to the increased efficiency of the backstab, this tragic thing was lost even before it saw who its enemy was.


“Come down!”


After the attack, Chu Rui’s stealth state was immediately released, and his body was revealed. Having all of a sudden an extra person near them, the three remaining mages were stunned. Then, they instantly waved the stick in their hands and started singing. After finishing one mage, he was spot right after by the other three. Chu Rui knew that more attention still needed to be paid. Chu Rui dared not relax, he took out his dagger and quickly rushed toward to stab one of them, and at the same time roared in the team channel.


He defended himself against three magic balls, and Chu Rui rushed to attack another mage.  With his Blue Dagger and his fangs, he finished another one.


After he poured down a bottle of medicine, Ye Zifeng and the others also arrived. Before getting to see the two dead mages, they grabbed one who was alive and encircled it. The mage which was going to attack Chu Rui hadn’t anticipated the other comers, when it was singing, Tianer’s arrow was shot to it. What followed were two crazy fighters that fought like mad dogs. Chu Rui kept working with his sharp sword.




Suddenly, a smashing light wave appeared on the last mage ’s cane (like the legendary Master’s laser), and it was hit on Chu Rui’s body without being anticipated. Chu Rui lost 400 points of life value. His blood level dropped tremendously.


Damn, what severe damage!


Chu Rui was shocked, but he didn’t retreat a bit. The Shadow Lightball was one of the best skills of the mages. Such a strong power was definitely unlike throwing any other magic balls. Chu Rui was standing at 2 meters away from this monster; if he got any closer, he could be sent to death by only being stabbed once. A mage that had no sense of defense or skills would be knocked off instantly with no doubt, if it was attacked violently.


“The poisonous fangs!”


He took out the dagger, and the fangs were stabbed without relentlessness into the mage’s throat. This was a damage level of 4000 points. There was full of blood, and the mage died without even making a sound.


After finishing the last mage, Chu Rui breathed a sigh of relief, and he looked at Ye Zifeng. He saw that they were all surrounding the pathetic mage which was hit by arrows when it was just started to sing. All its skills turned useless. Ye Zifeng made use of his sword to slash, sweep, snipe and spurt the mage…only to crush the weak mage even further. One must admit that it felt so good to be able to hit from a short distance. Ye Zifeng didn’t also have to use his magic. The mage was as close as a target, waiting to be killed. There was no space for it to attack at all. Blossom Rain, who had nothing to do, also threw her healing magic onto the mage.


Darkness and light are natural enemies. When healing magic was thrown onto a darkness monster, it became a powerful weapon. However, the dead-spirited mage had a 150-point defense power. It didn’t cause massive damage to it.


In less than thirty seconds, the mage fell to the ground and was finished by a group of kids at level 15. The few bottles of medicine that appeared next to its corpse seemed to be extra pitiful.



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