Shadow Rogue – Chapter 131 – The Sick Dead-Spirited Mage (2)

There were only around 20 or 30 gold coins awarded after fighting a 20-level BOSS; it was already a significant achievement to have some silver coins after taking off an ordinary monster. The Hidden Map was a map of the high level, what guarded the entrance of the second level was already a 20-level BOSS, it was of course expected to have a high reward rate. If they tried to fight a BOSS outside the Hidden Map and fought a 20-level silver BOSS, they could already call themselves successful if about 20 gold coins were awarded!


Now, Chu Rui had more than 400 gold coins. He got so many of them as if they were all stolen by him! Although Ye Zifeng had quite many subordinates who handed him money, his available cash flow was no more than 100, and that was after he had bought all the necessary equipment. He was not as lucky as Chu Rui in this area. Chu Rui could unstoppably explore new Hidden Maps to provide him with an adequate supply of medicine and coins. Typically speaking, you’re already a kick-ass buyer to win a dozen gold coins. As one hundred copper coins can be replaced with one silver coins, and one hundred silver coins can be replaced by one gold coin. A player is considered as wealthy if he has only one gold coin.


“Sly Hand Bro, can you sell some gold coins to me?”


Ye Zifeng had got sufficient equipment for his use. As a leader with a long-term vision, he must get himself always ready. Now, he was interested in Chu Rui’s gold coins.


“No way! I will need them later!”


Ye Zifeng was disappointed by the way Chu Rui acted. He didn’t think about for a second before rejecting him. After a glance, it seemed like Chu Rui didn’t need to spend a lot of coins. He already had a dark gold weapon, although his other equipment was not performing equally well. Fortunately, they came in a pack, and they had package attributes. Regarding the medicine, Chu Rui didn’t have to drink much of that as well since he had an 11% efficiency on blood sucking. He didn’t seem to need any at all. However, was that the only purpose of gold coins? It would be such a waste to sell the high-level equipment in trade of some of them.


After finishing two Hidden Maps, Chu Rui learned a lot of new formulas. Without mentioning the higher-level medicines such as the Super Medicine, the Hurricane Powder or the Walking Spirit Pills, he hasn’t even started making one single iron bomb after getting the materials from the new ironsmith. Although all these were consumer products, they were undoubtedly mighty, and they could surely attract a lot of customers once they entered the market. However, what does it require to make one of those? Materials! And where do materials come from? Gold coins! So, aside from spending some gold coins, what else can he do?

Perhaps players nowadays are too poor to buy any consumables. However, with gold coins, there will be a reputation, and that can even buy you a shop. The future of Kismet is bright – also if there is an empty space, its value can only go up. If you are lucky enough to open a shop, you will be flooded with profits.


After Chu Rui rejected him without hesitation, Ye Zifeng was helpless. As a lone Rogue, if there was any equipment which he didn’t need, he could as well sell some to Ye Zifeng. But gold coins were sources of everything, how could he sell any to him?


“Off we go, to the next level!”


After being emotionally stimulated by the rankings, Chu Rui and the others tried to freshen themselves up, and they took up their equipment to proceed to the next level.




They just entered the next level without checking the environment. Suddenly, a few magic balls hit on them.


And Chu Rui’s life value instantly dropped half.




Chu Rui, who had reacted, instantly poured down a bottle of instant recovery medicine. Looking up, he saw a mysterious monster carrying a deadwood stick standing aside, it was covered in a cloak. Needless to say, the monster released its Spy Magic without a signal. It went back to level 2.


“What happened?”


After seeing Chu Rui for two seconds, he came back with most of his life value lost. People were dumbfounded on the spot. Everyone knew how strong Chu Rui’s defensive power was, and he only lost 30 to 40 points of HP after fighting the Skull Soldiers. And now he came back with half of his blood gone. How incredible was the monster down below?

Blossom Rain threw one of her recovery magic onto Chu Rui and helped him regain some of the life values. Gradually, his life value was full again.


“It was too dark down there. And I didn’t have enough time to look clearly. However, I am quite sure that the Spy Magic had released their information.”


Chu Rui gasped a sigh of relief. What happened just now scared the hell out of everybody. Insiders all knew clearly why the special forces needed sunglasses. It is not about the appearance, but for their vision. If a person enters a dark area suddenly, he needs some time to adjust his vision. For high-level players, this little time of adjustment is enough to start attacking. Chu Rui was rushed downstairs without taking his time to look clearly the monsters. And from one Hidden Map to another one, there is some buffer time. Although a VR game like “Kismet” has already shortened this time, it is not entirely without.


The Dead-Spirited Mage


Rating: 22


Life value: 3500


Magic value: 2000,


Attack power: 50


Defense power: 80


Magic Attack power: 350


Magic Defense power: 150


Skills: [Death Light Ball]  [Shadow Light Wave]


This is a level-22 monster. Although it’s not marked with a specific level, this one had to be an elite monster or enhanced monster, even if it was not a BOSS yet. This thing imposed an even greater threat than the Skull Soldiers. Luckily, if Chu Rui’s teams got hold of the fighting pattern and strategies, it was not entirely impossible. There were five of them, four being in their physical professions, one pastor whom dark creatures resented. This team was naturally the monster’s nemesis. Such a monster only had a life value of 3500 and a defense power of 80, much less than that of a level-20 monster. But its Magic Attack Power and Magic Defense Power were something to be aware. Players nowadays basically were not equipped to fight against anything with Magic Defense Power, even Chu Rui’s Wolf King Light Armor wouldn’t be able to fight it. With his little Magic Defense Power that was traded by his spiritual attributes, one could imagine what was going to happen if he was hit by the Dead-Spirited Mage with a Magic Defense Power of 350 points. Fortunately, the five of them were all violent physical squads. If they happened to be a small team with pastors as the main force, they would be crushed by the Dead-Spirited Mage without a doubt.


“This is so sick. How are we gonna fight?”


The teammates were looking at each other after they read the attributes of the Dead-Spirited Mage. It seemed to be an ordinary monster, but it had such high Magic Defense and Magic Attack Power. Perhaps they could even become disabled after getting one inch closer?

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