Shadow Rogue – Chapter 130 – The Sick Dead-Spirited Mage (I)

Checking calmly at the alert messages in the taskbar, Chu Rui has been mumbling for a long time!


“Forget it, we still have three days. The problem will be solved itself when the time comes. Let’s focus on what we can solve first!” Chu Rui thought for a long time and could not come up with any constructive ideas. He shook his head and stopped thinking.


“If you are under pressure, you will be motivated. If you are easily frightened by challenges, you will never see what you could gain in the future. Whether there will be a Wonderland or Hell ahead of you, if you never try, you’ll never know. Legendary level? That’s interesting. I like how challenging things are!”

Looking at the bright red words “legendary” marked on the “difficulty of mission” on the taskbar, Chu Rui’s felt very proud. There may be things that made him frown, but there was absolutely nothing that could scare or stop him.

“Let’s go, off to the next level!”

Chu Rui quickly closed the taskbar. The three-day time limit was enough for him. Now, they’d better solve the issues with this underground cave. He looked up at his four mates who were standing in the distance and quietly watching without disturbing, Chu Rui smiled slightly with gratitude. He yelled, then rushed to the next level.

“Hey Sly Hand Bro, what do you think of the leaderboards?”

Ye Zifeng followed Chu Rui and asked with curiosity.

What do I think?

Chu Rui was stunned, he turned his head and glanced at Ye Zifeng who was starry-eyed, then he immediately got what he meant.

“What do you want to say? You knew that I was going to be on the first on the leaderboards. You also knew that the Dark Gold Fangs which were ranked the first also belonged to me. As for the reputation list, since I fought so many BOSS, completed so many hidden missions, you think I wouldn’t be ranked the first? As for the money list, you surely know what’s been going on.”

Chu Rui showed a faint smile and said slowly. He also gave Ye Zifeng a firm look. He’s being so direct, for sure he knew what he meant!

“Damn, you’re really too much by ranking the first on four goddamn leaderboards. Do you think other players could still save their face?”

Ye Zifeng suddenly yelled.

“The first on four leaderboards?”

The scream of Ye Zifeng scared the hell of out Sasha and the other three ladies. As a qualified “Kismet” player, they naturally knew how sick this game could be. The competition was furious with so many top-level players. Those so-called genius players in the past might as well become ordinary players in this game. At this game in which billions of dollars are involved, it is without doubt that a player must be super talented or own millions of fortunes to make himself onto the list. Given that Chu Rui was an individual player with no background or no bigger fighters to support him, he really kicked ass by making himself onto four leaderboards.

The whole Huaxia had nearly 2 billion population, at least half of them have entered the game. It was already difficult to be among the top ten. And Chu Rui was now even ranked the first on four major leaderboards. Was there nothing to stop him at all?

Levels, equipment, and prestige must be built progressively by the fighter himself. However, things can still be flexible. You just need to look for the way to get the things you want. As for levels, you can bring a bunch of people to help you, you just need to kill the monsters with your teammates and the monster’s experience value will then belong to you. Then, if you want to get an equipment, you just need to have enough money. As for prestige, you can totally seize other fighters’ tasks to build it. Although what you’ll acquire will be relatively small, but it’s also a possible way! Although this is not easy to operate in the early stages of the game, you can still try if you have sound financial resources. Chu Rui, who had strong potentials, found the Hidden Map, completed the Hidden Mission and later found himself leading among all the players. This is the only way things would go. When exchange is not yet possible for virtual and real currency, a billionaire cannot win a game if he has no virtual resources.
However, the results on the money leaderboard was a bit beyond their imagination. Chu Rui, being an individual player, won the first place on the equipment leaderboard and he even owned the biggest amount of currency. This was too exaggerated. Those players who had a horizon had started to purchase game currency at the beginning of the game, and the game currency could be even more expensive than the real currency. Nonetheless, they couldn’t even have more of that than Chu Rui did. Ye Zifeng and his teammates didn’t know what to say about the total manipulation of Chu Rui of the whole situation. How unfair life could be!

Money leaderboard

First place:

Amount of gold coins: 426, Name: Hidden!

Ye Zifeng and his teammates looked at the amount of gold coins mentioned on the leaderboard which was beyond shocking and they were at loss of words. What enabled Chu Rui to gain 426 gold coins? Now, even after fighting monsters at level 15, players could only get some copper coins, and that was not even given every time. This explained why some players didn’t even want to drink medicine as it was so expensive. Some players at level 13, 14 could afford just a small bottle of medicine. How pathetic could that be? There are even some players who wouldn’t dare to upgrade themselves without the pastor’s help. Not everyone could afford a bottle of medicine!

“Kismet” has a large population base. Now everyone was new to the game, but there were only a few places for beginners to level up. If there were too many players, these places would instantly become unavailable. Many players couldn’t even see the shadow of one single monster. However, when a player has upgraded himself to level 10, can he still be bothered to stay in the Novice Village? Once he entered the city, he would no longer return to the Novice Village. Those areas where players used to level up themselves were usually full of players, and monsters were usually cut apart and killed in no time. How tragic was that. Under these circumstances, many players would rather risk their lives entering maps of higher level. Sometimes, a player’s action could be quite slow when working in a team, and the situation could be quite dangerous when he entered an unknown area. But what’s good was that he could fight some monsters, right?

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