Shadow Rogue – Chapter 129 – The First On Four Leaderboards



First place:


Name: Hidden, Level: 20, Occupation: Assassin!


Second place:


Name: Hidden, Level: 18, Occupation: Mage!


Third place:


Name: Hand of God, Level: 17, Occupation: Warrior!


Fourth Place:


Name: Xing Tian, Level: 16, Occupation: Knight!


Fifth place:


Name: Autumn Maple Leaf, Grade: 15, Occupation: Warrior!


Sixth place:


Name: Shen Yu, Level: 15, Occupation: Summoner!


Seventh place:


Name: Happy prodigal son, level: 15, Occupation: Archer!

Eighth place:


Name: Jagged Eagle, Level: 15, Occupation: Warrior!


Ninth place:


Name: Hidden, Level: 15, Occupation: Mage!


Tenth place:


Name: Red Night, Level: 15, Occupation: Archer!


“I have made it to the list! I have made it to the list! I am on the fifth!”


Ye Zifeng screamed excitedly, and Chu Rui could not help rolling his eyes. Is it worth being so happy when you are ranked only the fifth?

When taking a brief glance at the rankings, one has to say that there were quite many awesome fighters. At the Novice Village, Chu Rui started as a level 0 fighter, killing a level 5 wolf, then he started to kill monsters of the next level, two BOSS, and exploring the Hidden Map of the Novice Village. In the city of Taga, in addition to completing the job of the transfer of tasks, he did not waste any time to kill the water monsters and find the hidden map of the biochemical laboratory. After that, he killed the gold BOSS which was at level 25 – the evil Alchemist Sinjid, and that fight had made him reach the level he was at now. He didn’t expect that there was someone who was following so close and was already at level 18. It seems that Huaxia was really full of talented fighters. It goes without saying that the Mage who was at level 18 was powerful. And nobody knew who he was!


Ye Zifeng didn’t pay any attention and he just kept on laughing. Chu Rui once again opened the other three leaderboards!


Equipment leaderboard

First place:

Dark Gold Fangs. Rating: 3860! Owner: Hidden!


Second place:

Gold equipment: Gold armor. Rating: 2130! Owner: Xing Tian!


Third place:

Gold: Bright Cross Sword. Rating: 2000! Owner: The Hand of God!


Fourth place:

Gold equipment: Shadow Boots. Rating: 1960! Owner: Happy Prodigal Son!


Fifth place:

Gold: Bluescale Cane. Rating: 1930! Owner: Hidden!


Sixth place:

Gold equipment: Linglong Shield. Rating: 1880! Owner: Hidden!


Seventh place:

Gold equipment: Corpse Tiger Armor. Rating: 1810! Owner: Autumn Maple Leaf!


Eighth place:

Gold: Mysterious Cane. Rating: 1770! Owner: Shen Yu!


Ninth place:

Gold: Fire Long Sword. Rating: 1690! Owner: Red Night!


Tenth place:

Gold equipment: Sky Scale Shield. Rating: 1680! Owner: Hidden!


(Weapons can be mentioned as “devices”, and other equipment is just called “equipment”)

He hadn’t expected that even two pieces of his equipment made it on the list. The Dark Gold Fangs could undoubtedly make it to the top, without any surprises. However, he was surprised that even Ye Zifeng’s Corpse Tiger Armor was listed as well. His Linglong Schield had such strong attributes and it was a gold level 20 equipment which was only 70 points higher than the Corpse Tiger Armor. One could imagine how high the attributes of Bright Cross Sword and Shadow Boots were.

However, there was no need to pay too much attention on the equipment at the moment. This was just the beginning of the game and the update of the equipment was very rapid. Only if there were any epic equipment, legendary equipment, or even mythological equipment, it would be much worthier of attention.

They have viewed the fighter leaderboard and the equipment leaderboard. What was left was the reputation and money leaderboards. For these, Chu Rui wasn’t that interested, he just made a quick glance and that’s it. It’s not that these two rankings were not important, but for Chu Rui who liked to fight and explore, the first two mattered more.

Reputation always had a big influence whether it was at an early or late stage. There was no description required for the importance of “Kismet”. The real-world industries have merged into this virtual world one after another, and the huge benefits generated are beyond imagination. If there is a good development, the benefits generated in the game world may even surpass those in the reality. If a player wants to buy a store in the game and open various facilities, in addition to paying a large amount of game currency, he also needs a certain reputation value. Otherwise, the NPC in the town would not even give a damn about you.

As for the money leaderboard, it is all about irritating the players. At the early stage of the game, you can still see the effect. After the opening of virtual currency and real money exchange, this ranking is only for the rich kids to show off their wealth. However, this is also one of the four major rankings of the game. If you can make it to the list, you will be seen by many in Huaxia. This is a kind of glory. And at the early stage when the game is only open for a few days, the wealth that the fighters earn also shows a symbol of power.

“Hey, congratulations on your outstanding power, you are now ranked the first in the most four important leaderboards. This implies the hidden mission: Long Yue Jiu Tian (Dragon Jumps to the Ninth Sky), do you accept it?”

A sound of system alert came, it shocked Chu Rui who was still checking out the leaderboard.

What’s happening?

What hidden mission?

Chu Rui was stunned, but then he felt ecstatic. Unexpectedly, he was awarded with a hidden mission. This is fantastic! Today, a hidden mission represents money, equipment, level, everything. Also, if there is a hidden mission, then there must be a hidden BOSS, and all the things that there should or should not have, will be on their way.

It’s such a godsend!

Chu Rui accepted the challenge without hesitation.

He opened the taskbar and checked out the hidden mission called “Long Yue Jiu Tian”. Chu Rui was shocked!

Name of mission: Long Yue Jiu Tian!

Difficulty of mission: legendary!

Steps of the task: lately, the Lord of the City of Taga seems to be in trouble. Go and see if you can help! (Please kick start within three days)

Content of mission: Unknown!

Reward of mission: Unknown!

A legendary mission?

Chu Rui was shocked! What the hell is this? What era is it now? They have entered the game for a few days and now they have already reached the level of legendary mission. What is a legendary mission? It is only one level lower than the level of mythology. Any dark gold weapon found in this level can easily be ranked the first. A legendary level of mission. Chu Rui wasn’t sure if it was him or the system that has turned insane. He now doubted whether the system wanted to trap him, or to lower his strength and pride, because he was ranked the first in four leaderboards

Now what to do? He is now an assassin at level 20, and if he is going to accomplish a legendary mission, he can already predict how miserable this will turn out to be.


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