Shadow Rogue – Chapter 128 – The Opening of The Ranking

“Damn, is there any reason for this? Isn’t this abnormal?”


Seeing how crazy the attributes of the Dark Gold Fangs were, Ye Zifeng couldn’t help but yell. It is not that he could not keep quiet, but the Dark Gold Fangs were too powerful, and he simply couldn’t take it. You can already reach the top level if your weapon’s attack power has 80 points. However, the Dark Gold Fangs had 258 points, imagine if anyone takes one single strike of the Fangs? The Golden Sword of Ye Zifeng only had 47 points of attack power, and the difference was more than 200 points. It is without doubt why he was in such a hysterical condition. The most important point to note is that Chu Rui was even using 2 weapons at the same time. There was no one who could compare himself with him!


“Hey, Sly Hand Bro, don’t you tell me that you got this yesterday from the Hidden Map, after we killed the BOSS!”


Ye Zifeng asked with his eyes wide open and he was heavily breathing.

Chu Rui nodded, there was actually nothing to hide!




Ye Zifeng, who got a positive answer to what he’d asked, suddenly roared like a lion, turning Chu Rui and Sasha almost deaf.


Shit, has he gone mad? Or he simply needs to take some medicine?

When Chu Rui was going to scold this kid after being scared by the horrific sound, he suddenly found out that Ye Zifeng seemed to be in an abnormal state.


“Kill you kill you kill you kill you…”


Chu Rui, “………”


Sasha, “…………”


Tianer, “………”


Blossom Rain, “………”

Looking at the maniac state of Ye Zifeng, Chu Rui burst into sweat. Was he going to have any issues? Where did all his good qualities go? Where were all the virtues that he’d learnt before? He’s already acting like this after such a small incident! However, the fighting power of Ye Zifeng has now greatly increased, and could now share some of Chu Rui’s burdens. When you think about an assassin coming here to kill alone and unstoppably, it is really not an easy job!


With the help of the small BUG that the system deliberately created, the group tried to fight slowly. It took 17 minutes to get rid of the Skull Soldiers who were not afraid of death. Finally, the battlefield was clean.


Looking at the ground with nothing, Ye Zifeng was jumping and swearing. They killed for so damn long and now there was not even a single weapon being produced, it’s really discouraging. Fortunately, his experience value has now bounced back to the initial one.

“Okay, stop complaining. It’s already good to gain so much experience value. To be honest, these things were just produced after BOSS sacrificed its life. Since it was a resurrection, it was reasonable that nothing was awarded after they were killed once.”


Chu Rui glanced at Ye Zifeng who was still very angry and said.


“Right, BOSS! Sly Hand Bro, what was awarded after Skull Troll died? See if there’s anything for me?”


When it’s about BOSS, Ye Zifeng got excited again.


With Ye Zifeng’s reminder, Chu Rui suddenly recalled about the stuff that was rewarded to him after the fight with Skull Troll, and they were still in his backpack. He had almost forgotten about them.


After being killed for first time, what was given after the fight with Skull Troll had to be quite impressive.

What burst out was a gold-level sickle, which was supposed to be awarded to Ye Zifeng! The rest included two pieces of equipment and they were a pair of silver-grade bower’s boots and a pastor’s wristband. Since all needed to be authenticated first, there was no way to see the attributes. The three pieces of equipment were not used by Chu Rui, so they were directly traded to Ye Zifeng, Tianer and Blossom Rain. As for Sasha, she wouldn’t want to use a sickle as a weapon. If its attributes were good enough, Ye Zifeng might as well get it for himself and give his Grievance Sword to Sasha.

In addition to the three pieces of equipment, the fight with Skull Troll also rewarded the team with 39 gold coins. They were evenly distributed to the backpacks of five of them. As for the last item, it seemed to be a material.

The Eye of Ghost – made by advanced material, can be used for forging, setting, evolution!

It came with very brief introduction, but the words “advanced material” totally got Chu Rui engaged.

“I am going to take this stuff!”

No one felt what Chu Rui said was wrong. Afterall, he had fought BOSS, and if it wasn’t him, they wouldn’t have reached so far, let alone gaining so much experience value and getting two pieces of silver equipment for their own use.

“Let’s rest for a while! Then we’ll proceed to the next level!”

Looking at Ye Zifeng and the three ladies who were now a bit tired, Chu Rui showed that he understood their feelings by ordering them to rest.

Whether it was the previous chasing or the maniac killing that followed, they consumed a lot of physical energy. Although Tianer and Blossom Rain did not move a lot, girls are naturally born with less strength and it was a physically demanding experience for them. Fortunately, this game designer was not too bad and they tried to make the Skull Soldiers look better. Otherwise, not many girls would dare to look at them without fear, let alone kill them.

“Hey, players around the world, please note that since the number of ten-level referrals has reached 100 million, we are going to open rankings, including equipment, reputation and money rankings, please pay attention!”

(The whole world here means the entire Huaxia battefield. If we were in the real whole world, we would be using a system-wide announcement. As for the battlefield announcement, it is generally about the open fight or missions in the battlefield!)

The crazy screams of reminders swayed in the ears of all players from the Huaxia battlefield. With the three consecutive times of shocking reminders, everyone temporarily put down what they were doing, and they couldn’t wait to open the so-called leaderboards announced by the system. Chu Rui and his teammates were no exception.

“Hey, congratulations! You have successfully entered the top of the rankings with a level of 20, do you want to hide your name?”

“Hey, congratulations on your equipment – Dark Gold Fangs, it has become the first equipment on the ranking list, do you want to hide your name?”

“Hey, congratulations on your equipment – Linglong shield, it is now at the sixth place on the ranking list, do you want to hide your name?”

“Hey, congratulations on entering the first place in the reputation list with 4,100 reputation points. Do you want to hide your name?”

“Hey, congratulations, you’ve entered the first place on the money list with 426 gold coins. Do you want to hide your name?”

The crazy sound of alert continued to blow, giving Chu Rui a real headache.

“All hidden!”


He couldn’t even be bothered to pay attention to what the system said, he only knew that all the alerts were to remind him that he’s made it to the list. He felt too annoyed and denied them all.

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