Shadow Rogue – Chapter 127 – The Poison Teeth And The Killings In Seconds

It was obviously unrealistic for five people to face so many Skull Soldiers at the same time. Even Chu Rui was a superb assassin, it was impossible to win the battle if you were surrounded by so many of them at the same time. If they were in the dead-spirited state, it might still be possible. However, the damn Skull Troll was awarded with a BUFF, and their attack power has returned to the initial state. Who would be able to fight a group of Skull Soldiers with 350 points?


“Fast…fast, come here!”


When Chu Rui was ready to fight to death, he suddenly saw the corner of the main hall. He was ecstatic and screamed excitedly on the team channel.


Seeing that Chu Rui ran toward the partiality of the main hall, Ye Zifeng and the others immediately changed their direction and followed him.

The right corner of the main hall collapsed with several stone pillars, but they have in turn formed a simple protective barrier. The pillars stacked on top of each other only revealed a corner. Although it was very narrow, it could let one person to hide inside. They just had to put Blossom Rain inside, Tianer, then the remaining three who could block the entrance. Under this setting, they could be more prepared to face the surge of the Skull Soldiers. Given that it was a corner against the wall, they did not need to be worried about enemies attacking them from all directions. There were at most four Skull Soldiers standing side by side, and three people were enough to take them down.


“You guys go first, I’ll be watching from behind!”


Chu Rui quickly rushed over and blocked behind Ye Zifeng and the others. He successfully stopped the chasing Skull Soldiers.


Knowing that it was an emergency, Ye Zifeng couldn’t care about anything else, they did not hesitate to rush to the corner of the scattered stone pillars that can be considered as BUG.


“Wolves Call!”

The Wolf King shone with radiance, and two phantom wolves emerged from the driving force, rushing toward the pile of Skull Soldiers who could scare the shit out of anyone alive.


Their attack power was high, but they had only 1000 points of life value.


Chu Rui sneered, and began to attack violently using his bow.


He had Dark Gold Fangs on his left hand, and Blue Dagger on his right with its own toxin!

The Blue Dagger only had 35-58 points of attack power, but that of the Dark Gold Fangs was 142-258, it also came with 50 points of strength, 30 points of agility and 10% of bloodsucking ability. Cutting these Skull Soldiers alive using these weapons was as simple as cutting vegetables. No matter how high their attack power was, their defense power was weak, and they had low points of life value, they were thus defeated in seconds. What was more challenging was how numerous these Skull Soldiers were. If Chu Rui was surrounded, he would be done in no time. Unlike corpse tigers which were big, took a lot of space and had an inferior attack power, if Chu Rui was encircled by these Skull Soldiers, he would suffer from the attack of at least ten of them at the same time. Under this situation, even the treatment of Blossom Rain would just go in vain. Moreover, the difference between the power of his Blue Dagger and that of Dark Gold Fangs was too wide, he could not make the best use of his weapons at all.

Under the resistance of the two Phantom Wolves, the Skull Soldiers at the front were blocked for two seconds, and they dragged down the whole squadron, this had gained some time for Chu Rui.


“Sha sha sha…”


Chu Rui managed to kill a few Skull Soldiers walking in front. When he looked back, he saw that Ye Zifeng and the others had already approached the direction of the stone pillar, now they were finally catching up!


There was no time to hesitate. Chu Rui once again cut open a Skull Soldier and jumped up. His right foot swayed, and he kicked away like a dragon squatting near the cliff. Such a kick had attacked Skull Soldier with success. With an anti-seismic force, he quickly ran towards Ye Zifeng and the others.

He was leading them, and everyone was fleeing with madness. Knowing that Ye Zifeng had already built a fortification, he swayed his left hand and finished off a Skull Soldier in front. Without even enough time to scream, there was instantly blood everywhere.


A “-1486” damage figure shocked the hell out of Ye Zifeng and his mates. Hell, what is this? Is this still an assassin of only level 20? An attack which has caused a damage of more than a thousand! What kind of attack was this? Would other assassins still have the face to carry on? Even a knight couldn’t beat it! The most impressive thing was that Chu Rui achieved this only by a flat cut. Rogues had to rely on their skills to survive, if a flat cut could already do so much damage, then what more could the other skills achieve?


Chu Rui, Ye Zifeng, Sasha and the other three did not hesitate to stand in front, while dealing with the attack of four Skull Soldiers. Tianer was behind them, pulling the bow on the arrow. Without even aiming at the target, she just shot furiously. Blossom Rain was at her back, basically sending her a “Recovery”, then she gave Ye Zifeng a “Treatment” also. As for Chu Rui, she had nowhere to apply her treatment skills as she wasn’t able to intervene. Chu Rui was the one fighting and enduring the most. And as an assasin, he did not even use treatment nor drink the bottle of blood. This made Blossom Rain really helpless, it also made Ye Zifeng and Sasha, who were on the same line, speechless.


You might as well die if you keep comparing yourself to Chu Rui!

“Is he still an assassin? Whoever says in the future that an assassin is crap, I am gonna slap him and I won’t hesitate.”


Seeing how well Chu Rui fought, Ye Zifeng was in grief. Shit, he felt that he was a big piece of crap when standing beside Chu Rui!


“My God, Sly hand Bro, did you take any drugs? You’re incredible today!”

Witnessing how Chu Rui killing one Skull Soldier after the other, Ye Zifeng’s eyes almost popped out. On his right-hand side, everything still went normally. Although things were still violent, they were still considered as normal, it would almost take three to four times of dagger stab to get rid of one Skull Soldier. But what happened on his left side was totally insane, the Skull Soldiers were finished in just seconds. WHAT IS THIS? Although they had only 1000 points of life value, you’d better not be so cruel! There was even a person who needed to receive treatment, drink medicine and stab a Skull Soldier for 5, 6 times before being able to knock it over! How embarrassed could this person be?


Chu Rui finally had the time to take a look at Ye Zifeng. Under such heavy blow, he could just keep swearing. This scared Chu Rui. He slightly tilted his head and glanced at Sasha who was as shocked as himself. Without having to look back, Chu Rui naturally knew that Tianer and Blossom Rain were having the same expression. After being asked by Ye Zifeng, all eyes were now falling on him. Chu Rui shrugged, while wielding the dagger with all his strength and sharing the attributes of the Dark Gold Fangs to the team channel.

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