Shadow Rogue – Chapter 126 – The Horrifying Immortal Skull Soldier (III)

With the attributes of the monsters, they have also witnessed how Chu Rui fought for real!

They have also known better the actions and methods of attack of the skull soldiers, making it much easier to play. They let Tianer attract one closer to them, and the other four started beating it furiously.

After finishing another skull soldier, Chu Rui took the time to look back at the four people who were so focused on fighting. Although stuff was a little bit out of control, the skull soldiers failed to give them a fatal blow. With two soldiers, Ye Zifeng and Sasha who took turn to replace each other, no major issue occurred.


Chu Rui, who was ready to look for the next skull soldier, suddenly felt a chill down his spine. Without hesitation, he immediately lowered himself. A big dark knife crossed through the top of his head, its ghastly radiance gave him goosebumps all over his body.

In a leap, Chu Rui quickly fled the scene, he got up and saw that the skull soldiers whom he killed had suddenly stood back up.

Now what the hell?

Chu Rui squinted at the ground. The body of the skull soldier who had just been killed was now gone. There was no way the system could be updated so quickly. Similarly, the monster who had just been killed could not be brought back to life so soon.

Peeping technique!

Skull Soldier (dead spirit): Level 20,

Life value: 2000/2000

Attacking power: 175

Defense power: 50!

[Passive effect] Critical Strike – it can cause 20% of strong damage to the enemy, and there is a chance to beat away or knock down the target!


Its level has not changed, its passive effect has not changed, but it was now in the so-called state of death spirit, all its attributes have dropped by half!

It turned out to be an immortal monster, this is interesting!

Seeing another dead-spirited skull soldier standing up again, Chu Rui sneered.

A garbage is a garbage regardless of how it is made. Its previous full state was like a piece of cake for Chu Rui, let alone its current state with all the attributes dropping half.

Without the slightest hesitation, and since the dead-spirited skull soldiers were not even as powerful as the corpse tigers, Chu Rui took his dagger and immediately rushed to the front, after some very frantic fighting, they were now down again.

Reflecting on the experience he gained, he only achieved half of what he did previously. However, this was already quite remarkable. As no one would come and seize the mobs, now he could grind mobs as much as he wanted, and this was very satisfying.

When Chu Rui was enjoying himself, the fallen skull soldier got up again.


Skull Soldier (dead spirit): Level 20,

Life value: 1000/1000

Attacking power: 87,

Defense power: 25!

[Passive effect] Critical Strike – it can cause 20% strong damage to the enemy, and has a chance to beat away or knock down the target!

Chu Rui, “…”


He fully charged forward and killed a skull soldier with two daggers, its life value instantly dropped to 0.




The skull soldier didn’t fall down this time, it burst into a pile of bones instead.


Has this been over?


After waiting for thirty seconds, he did not see any signs of resurrection of the skull soldier. Chu Rui determined that it’s over.


“Be careful, these skull soldiers may come back to life, and each revival will decrease their attributes by half.”


Chu Rui reminded Ye Zifeng and other teammates on the team channel, before heading out again to look for other skull soldiers.


An hour later, the skull soldiers of the entire hall were all slaughtered. After some calculation, what was produced out of the battles were more than 20 pieces of equipment, around 30 gold coins, which enriched the team tremendously. It was really worth exploring this Hidden Map. They equally divided the coins among themselves and gave all the gears to Ye Zifeng as he would know what to do with them.


After a break, Chu Rui and the others made a few steps forward and there it came BOSS!

Skull Troll

Level: 20

Category : Silver BOSS

Life value:10000

Magic power:0

Attacking power:500

Magical attacking power:0

Defense power:200

Magical defense power:0

Skills: ???

So this creature’s attacking power was 500, its defense power was 200 and it had only 10,000 points of life value. For someone like Chu Rui who had fought the evil alchemist Xin Jide, this creature in front of him was really not worth being mentioned. However, people like Ye Zifeng had their nerves all up. Such a BOSS could very well destroy their team without a gasp.


“Hand it to me! It would do me good with Blossom Rain’s occasional treatment!”

His teammates were on their guard against all possible dangers, Chu Rui put on a faint smile, he sneaked and soon reached the BOSS.


The Skull Troll happened to be a two-meter-tall giant skull with a weapon like a death sickle. Its bones were white, spiked and were shining like metal. It looked cold and sharp, it was hard to imagine how painful it would be to be poked once.


Perhaps it could feel Chu Rui approaching, the dark light in his eyes were flashing, and it looked around in confusion. Having not found anything, it let go and just stood there.

Chu Rui was hiding in the dark and did not dare to even breathe. When the Skull Troll assumed that it was just having an illusion and gave up its search for Chu Rui, he breathed a sigh of relief.


Chu Rui bended down and slowly groped from the side toward the rear of the Skull Troll.


One step, two steps, three steps…


When Chu Rui was closer to the Skull Troll, he looked at the bones of its neck and his suppressed urge to kill was suddenly released.


It felt this imminent risk from behind and was going to react, but it was too late!




A sly dagger was inserted right into its neck, even there was no flesh, this was also considered a humanoid monster and the skill effect was still there.

The sneak attack of a dagger not only took away more than 300 points of life values of the Skull Troll, but also put him into a dizzy state surprisingly.


Now that’s a good sign!


Staring at the Skull Troll with the golden aperture on top of its head, Chu Rui grinned.


“A brutal blow!”

One of the daggers was cut towards the neck of the Skull Troll, causing significant damage. And he also used his Eagle Beak to hit the back of the Skull Troll. This poor thing had already lost 1000 points of life value without evening see its enemy, that was 1/10 of it!




In a blink of just one second, the Skull Troll which was recovering, immediately waved its knife back at Chu Rui without hesitating.


Chu Rui lowered himself at once. After the sickle was swept, his body leaned forward, and he smashed his Blue Dagger toward the eye of the Skull Troll.



The tip of the dagger was sharply poked into the eyes of the Skull Troll, and even with a smashing motion, a strange noise was raised, leaving a thousand more injuries on top of its head.


“Retreat of the evil spirits!”


The devastated Skull Troll looked up and let out a big roar, there was now a black awn on his body. Chu Rui was too close to it and was hit before he was able to react. His body was thrown up in the air. Fortunately, this skill’s purpose was only to fight back, it only gave Chu Rui 200 points of forceful damage.



Chu Rui, who stood up again, suddenly heard a strange humming note, there were a few horrified faces looking at the Skull Troll, it really was him! A BOSS which used humming skills was extremely terrible.

“Recovery of dead spirits!”


A large sickle waved, and a thick black awn spread out from it.




All of a sudden, Chu Rui heard another strange noise. When he turned back, he was shocked to see the interior of the hall which was at first empty was now filled with standing up skull soldiers. The piles of broken bones belonged exactly to the skull soldiers which Chu Rui had killed. Under the call of the Skull Troll, they were again brought back to life!

Chu Rui’s broke out in a cold sweat, his front was BOSS and behind him were countless skull soldiers. If this damn Skull Troll could resurrect all the skull soldiers in this hall, then it’s safe to assume that Chu Rui and his teammates stood zero chance to win.


Was the designer of this freaking system shameless or what? How could the Skull Troll summon dozens of its brothers? Now how was he supposed to fight? Plus, he’s obliged to only have a small team, and only five people could come in at the same time. Did they think that Chu Rui was God?

Chu Rui was furious. He quickly used his peeping technique and saw that the skull soldier was in the dead-spirited state. He was slightly relieved, but he knew very well that they were not safe yet. Even if the skull soldiers all rose up and attacked them with their decreased attributes, they could also be killed. Basically, such a monster could not break through Chu Rui’s defense, and as long as there was the availability of treatment from Blossom Rain, Chu Rui could very well sweep clean these freaks. But now there was a BOSS behind him, and these monsters were pain in the ass, it would only take them one single moment to catch Blossom Rain and de-skin her!


“The roar of the dead spirit!”

Suddenly, a sharp roar screamed out of the Skull Troll. Chu Rui’s face turned pale when he saw those resurrected skull soldiers which had finished their initial stage of recovery, that was 350 points. Now they really had nowhere to run.



Two huge figures of damage appeared on the top of the Skull Troll. Originally it had more than 8000 points of life value, and now what was left was a bit of blood and flesh!




With the Skull Troll’s current state, Chu Rui sneered. The Skull Troll summoned so many of its brothers and added BUFF for them. If such metamorphosis skills were not limited by something, that would be too bad.


“Come over, come over. See if you can get rid of BOSS and go directly to the next level!”

Chu Rui snarled in the team channel, then rushed over with his dagger toward the Skull Troll.

“Ghostly Light Staaaaab!”

There was simply no time to mess around, Chu Rui directly applied all possible skills and killed off the rest of the Skull Troll.

“Hey, congratulations! You have reached level 20! Please choose the attribute point allocation method! Mode 1: add all the four basic attributes and get an additional two points to freely assign attributes! Mode 2: Get 5 points freely assigned attributes!”

After this bloody battle, the accumulated experience instantly sent Chu Rui, whose experience has reached the critical point, to level 20!

Without paying attention to the upgrade information, Chu Rui did not realize that it was actually possible to instantly drop to level 19 after being raised to 20.

“Hey, you can’t enter!”

Reaching the hole, Chu Rui was bounced back in an instant.

Damn it!

Chu Rui immediately gave up the way to escape to the next level of Hidden Map, he turned to look at the running Ye Zifeng, the other four mates and……a large platoon of skull soldiers behind them.



His face turned totally pale.

With his left hand swayed, the Eagle Beak was put back into his backpack, and the dark gold fangs fell on his hand.

If you can’t run, then you must kill!

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