Shadow Rogue – Chapter 125 – The Horrifying Immortal Skull Soldier (II)

“Hey, I’m just kidding.”

Staring at the plain look of Chu Rui and the curious look of the three ladies, Ye Zifeng smiled awkwardly. He had wanted to turn the ambiance livelier, but he didn’t expect Chu Rui to react like this. He didn’t quite get a grasp of Chu Rui’s character. He thought that Chu Rui would only act so distant in front of people that he wasn’t familiar with, he didn’t expect that he WAS this cold in nature.

“There is not a lot of game time left, let us all hurry up and see if we can get through this underground cave.”

Chu Rui didn’t care much. Instead of chatting and talking nonsense here, it’s better to hurry up and explore the cave in depth. His rogue nature was constantly calling him, he just needed to go deeper into the cave to find the hidden treasure.

“Well, after killing the corpse tiger BOSS, you can enter the next area.”

Ye Zifeng nodded and said.

“What’s the monster waiting for us in the next area?”

While thinking about the direction towards the corpse tiger BOSS, Chu Rui asked Ye Zifeng.

“I have no idea, they are a group of skull soldiers. Our level is too low, and we can’t see their information.”

Ye Feng said somewhat helplessly. He was only at level 14, in addition to the rogue’s peeping and archer’s detecting strategies which would enable him to see 5 levels, their popular exploring strategy which they’d learnt when they were warriors and knights would only enable him to check 3 levels. If they wanted to verify anything beyond that, they could only consult RP. Even Tianer was not authorized, that is to say, those so-called skull soldiers should be at level 18 at least!

The corpse tiger was at level 15, the skull soldiers were at level 18, that made a 3-level jump. The power of this underground cave was a little underrated!

Walking along with their thoughts, Chu Rui and his teammates soon arrived the location of the corpse tiger BOSS.

What was facing them was a 3-meter tall and gigantic skull tiger, a beam of greenish light was beaming through its skeleton eyes, like a wildfire. It was protected by a few corpse tigers which were slightly bigger than those the group had just encountered. They must be elite monsters.

Oh, the first area was already guarded by a BOSS and a few elite monsters, how joyful!


According to the previous plans of Ye Zifeng and the others, now they should let Tianer attract one of the elite monsters from far, then attack it by collective force.

After getting rid of all the elite corpses, it was now time for them to fight the corpse tiger BOSS.


Chu Rui peeped into it, it was merely a bronze BOSS, its attributes were not even that significant. However, its violent attacking skill might be something to be cautious of. If Chu Rui tried a taste of it, he might be done in a few seconds.


In a little less than 5 minutes, the corpse tiger BOSS was found lying sadly at the foot of Chu Rui, bursting out some life syrup and a few coins. As for their gear, there were three pieces of them, all of which were green and broken. The supplies were already used up by Ye Zifeng.

After a break, Chu Rui and his mates began to move toward the next area. When talking about area, it was actually more like the next layer of the cave. The atmosphere and structure of the two areas were not at all made from the same model.

The atmosphere in this area was apparently even gloomier than the previous one where the corpse tigers was located. Chu Rui could not help but frown. Looking at the three ladies in a blink of an eye, they were found to be somewhat unnatural as well. It was actually challenging for them to come to such a place. Even the heroic Sasha was not fond of the idea either. Unfortunately, there was no alternative. The virtual simulation of “Kismet” being so advanced might be an advantage, but it was definitely a disadvantage for the ladies here.


Listening to Ye Zifeng commenting on how eerie the place was, Chu Rui did not respond. He just nodded with him, then bended down, took his dagger and headed out.


Pathfinding is usually a rogue’s job!


Within just a few steps, Chu Rui already met a monster at this layer of the cave.


Skull Soldier: level 20;

Life value: 4000/4000;

Attacking power: 350;

Defense power: 100!

[Passive effect] Critical Strike – it can cause 20% strong damage to the enemy, and has a certain percentage to beat or knock him down!

The humanoid skeleton frame in front of him was holding a big knife in his hand and roaming, a hint of sombre gloom was constantly flashing through its eyes. It looked wicked, almost like a living being.


How weird is this? What was above them was a forest with its vitality and all the surrounding plants. However, what was underneath happened to be these dead creatures. It’s really hard to figure out how these different organisms coexisted!


“Be careful, Tianer and Blossom Rain, otherwise you’ll be severely hurt if you take a blow from these monsters.”

Chu Rui shared the attributes of the skull soldiers on the group’s channel and said softly.


Tianer, being an archer, had a hit rate slightly lower than rogues but was still remarkably high. It could provoke hatred easily. The pastors, needless to say, were often targets of being hit. And since these monsters who had an in-born hatred towards light, pastors were doubtlessly in great danger.


“They have such a high hit rate! No wonder we were almost dead last time when we had to deal with only one, and that was even a small one. Shit, how sick can this Hidden Map be?”

Ye Zifeng was totally amazed, when he thought of what kind of shit he had to solve here before, he couldn’t help swearing.


Without listening to Ye Zifeng’s complaints, Chu Rui already rushed to the front. For him, this monster was only an ordinary BOSS at level 15, he even felt misused having to beat such a low-level creature. He had fought Xin Jide before, the perverted golden BOSS and then got ahold of his treasure. Now, he could of course beat away these three monsters without a headache.


“You four, don’t you worry, we need to keep steady and control our temperament, and of course our mutual understanding! I will be the first to fight!”


Chu Rui was used to being alone. It had always been his practice of not cooperating with other people. If it was something to do remotely, it would be fine. If he had to fight closely, working with a team was likely to hinder his position. At this time, he would still be in a better position to fight alone, when he could take full control of everything. He could very well just fight these monsters alone while pouring down his life syrup.

Gouge, deboning, backstab, brutal blow…


He showed off every single of skill of his, drew his bow on both sides. After the rehearsal that he did in his brain on the route, he had finally entered the actual combat. Although his motions were not very smooth, they were was still manageable. Once he got the feel of it, his performance would surely boost up in no time.

Looking at Chu Rui flying and rolling up and down, the skull soldiers were all turned in circles. Witnessing their level of blood declining rapidly, Ye Zifeng became really jealous. When would he become as powerful as Chu Rui?


Imagination is always beautiful but the reality is always cruel. Ye Zifeng sighed. If he didn’t have such power, he could only make things up by working harder. Now that he was only at level 14, there was no way he could fight single-handedly with something at level 20, he’d better collaborate with his team.

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