Shadow Rogue – Chapter 124 – The Horrifying Immortal Skull Soldier (I)

It took them only two minutes to beat away the three corpse tigers.

It was Ye Zifeng’s first time to fight three corpse tigers at the same time and he was under a lot of pressure. If it was not after the death of corpse tiger BOSS that a corpse tiger shield was released to him, Ye Zifeng would be gone long ago, even the milk of Blossom Rain wouldn’t be able to heal him.

This was already the third time they have consumed some of their values here. Even with numerous coins one would be ripped off and become broke, and they have just used some of them. Ye Zifeng has already done some extra work for the team, that was to make the average allocation of coins among all of them. He did not do anything extra and directly picked them up. The system would automatically distribute them to each teammate.

“I’m so exhausted…I’m going to take a break. This is really not something a human can handle. Next time, it’d be better to finish them one by one. ”

Ye Zifeng supported himself with his long sword and breathed a long sigh of relief. He was supposed to be an attack warrior, it would be easier to beat away one corpse tiger at one time. Making it three was really too much for him.


After what he said, Ye Zifeng was suddenly aware that no one was pay attention to him. In other times, at least there would be Tianer who would try with her sarcasm. He looked up and found out that the three ladies were all looking blankly at the same direction.

Now what?

Sasha looked sly, Tianer looked excited with her starry eyes and Blossom Rain looked absent-minded. Ye Zifeng thought, ‘what happened to these girls?’ There was nothing weird in how Tianer looked and this was what she was. But Sasha was usually confident, tough and Blossom Rain usually sturdy and calm. However, they were now looking completely different, even the opposite to how they would be. Ye Zifeng was very puzzled.

Ye Zifeng turned to look where they were staring at, his mouth widely opened, and his jaw dropped.

Among the piles of corpse tigers, a ghostly figure flew up and down, and it was like a stream of ribbons that slid through the bodies of the corpse tigers. It caused a huge number of casualties.

Yellow, yellow, yellow…

The incomparable output and the striking attack were all thanks to Huang Tongtong. She beat away all the corpse tigers easily and with no sweat.

This high percentage of hit rate was just unbelievable!

Ye Zifeng and the others were completely at awe.

As soon as she used her dagger, first she hunt down the corpse tiger that was hanging in there, and the other corpse tigers followed. With the Blue Dagger, they were finished one after the other along with the blue light shining through. Chu Rui could hear very clearly the splitting sound of the bursting ring. It’s hard to get so many corpse tigers together and not to be sputtered. Although the damage of the splitting effect was very low, Chu Rui’s shot was always a heavy blow, and the damage made by this effect was still very impressive.

With the wild and incomparable attack, the blows reached the point of extreme output. Among so many monsters, it was impossible for Chu Rui to be unharmed. Although he has tried his best to dodge, he still took quite a lot of blows. However, with his defensive power, the attack of the corpse tigers which had only 200 points was still manageable to him. Although with his spiked necklace, he could not suck a lot of blood. If there was no quality, then let’s go for quantity! Chu Rui’s violent, fierce and ultra-fast attack could very well make up for this. With some help of the life syrup, even in the encirclement of seven or eight corpse tigers, he could still handle the situation pretty easily.

Soon, a bunch of corpse tigers were all finished. The heaps of corpses, the broken gears and the scattered coins made Ye Zifeng and the others dizzy.

Not enough, this is not yet enough!

Chu Rui poured a bottle of life syrup down his throat. He took his dagger and rushed toward the corpse tiger in front.

Staring at Chu Rui who acted like a mad tiger, Ye Zifeng and the other people faced each other, full of shock. Is this still a damn human being? And still a rogue? Right now, Chu Rui defended even better than knights and was even braver than soldiers. They have seen many sickos before but surely not this one. What’s happening here? A rogue who was being encircled by monsters, would anyone dare to be as brave as him? Comparing to him, other people in the group were not performing equally well! Was Chu Rui only a rogue or has he been always underestimated?

“This…this is too exaggerated!”

Blossom Rain was the only one who hasn’t seen this side of Chu Rui. She was muttering to herself.

Ye Zifeng smiled bitterly and didn’t know how to respond. He wasn’t sure whether it was fortunate to have such a teammate. Your success rate could easily be increased with him. But it would also imply that any teammate would seem totally useless as no one could beat him.

“We shall also work hard. Shall we? Chu Rui can no longer be described as normal.”

Suddenly, Sasha said this with a firm look, then ran straight to the corpse tiger and started fighting.

“Tianer, go and clean the battlefield a bit, let’s help Sasha together.”

Ye Zifeng pinched the gold-level Grievance Sword in his hand, and said to Tianer. He then rushed toward Sasha with Blossom Rain.

In a group full of high morale, especially Chu Rui who fought like a mad warrior, all the corpse tigers were all killed in just half an hour.

Seeing the corpse tigers’ area that was cleared, Ye Zifeng and the others were so amazed. The fastest time they spent here was three hours, and this time they managed to save even more time. It’s incredible.

After going maniac for half an hour, Chu Rui’s anger finally dissipated bit by bit. He opened his backpack and had a look and found out that he had already consumed half of the life syrup he’d bought earlier. This was just the damn beginning and he’d already used so much!

But it didn’t matter, anyway, there was a pastor sister in the team, as long as things kept being steady, basically they did not need to consume any more life syrup, unless they encountered BOSS or elite monsters!

“What are your thoughts, Sly Hand Bro?”

After cleaning the battlefield, Ye Zifeng had kept silent with the other four for a long time. And now he suddenly asked.

“My thoughts? What do you mean?”

Chu Rui was stunned, he didn’t know what it meant, same as the three ladies.

“What do you think about it?…You were acting so macho in front of three beautiful women, and you took away all my attention, my crown…I looked so inferior in front of you. And since you left such a good impression for the ladies, things will be much smoother for you in the future. Let me know how it feels?”

Ye Zifeng pointed to Chu Rui with sorrow and grief, and then he put on a sleazy look, making Chu Rui completely speechless.

“You think I’m the kind of person who does ridiculous things like this?”

Chu Rui was torn inside, he slightly raised his eyebrows and asked.

Ridiculous things?

After hearing Chu Rui’s words, the three ladies couldn’t help but wonder.

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