Shadow Rogue – Chapter 123 – Milk Me, I’m Gonna Die!


“What happened?”

Blossom Rain did not have the slightest clue of what was going on. The weird-looking group plus the quirky atmosphere scared her a bit. What has happened within such a short time?

“Ahem…nothing, now that everyone is here, let’s start and not waste any more time.”

Things have finally settled down a bit, if there is another incident, nothing will be achieved today. The gimmicks of Tianer can really kill people. Nothing major could happen to Chu Rui, he just had to go offline to get rid of all the problems. However, if he goes away, his closer friends would be in a bigger trouble when they’re left with Tianer. How were they supposed to be able to sleep tonight with a peace of mind?


Some were surprised that Ye Zifeng, who was usually very calm, suddenly made an unusual gesture. However, Blossom Rain knew that there must be some reason behind. She just grinned, nodded and didn’t ask further.

“I am going to walk ahead, nothing can stop me!”

Chu Rui took the lead to approach forward. His figure, when looking from behind, was kind of like he’s fleeing.

“Ahem…that…Sly Hand Bro, please wait, I will help you. I have been there a few times, I know the way.”

Ye Zifeng felt that the three ladies were having their eyes run over him, he felt very nervous and started to sweat. He tried reluctantly to put on a smile and caught up Chu Rui’s steps.

The atmosphere along the way was quite dull. The two macho guys were trying to lead the way for the group, and they didn’t dare to look back. God knows how these ladies would torture them with their sharp words if they did.

Fortunately, this didn’t last long. Ten minutes later, they finally reached the real entrance to the underground cave.

With his previous experience, Ye Zifeng did not decline his responsibility. He took the lead to attack and was the foremost in the fight.

One was supposed to be extra careful when reaching the Hidden Map. However, since Ye Zifeng took such a brave move, Chu Rui naturally would not let himself lag. Since it can be solved even by Ye Zifeng, it should not be difficult for him.

Corpse Tiger: Level 15

Life: 2000/2000

Attack: 200

Defense: 50!

When they were just entering the cave, they saw a huge tiger with bones all over its body. Chu Rui was startled, he used a peeping technique and now he got an unexpected result.

He looked at this fierce appearance, despising. You’re just a dead body as weak as water. And you even dared to show off?

Being at only level 15, it only had a life value of 2000. With such attributes, the figure wouldn’t even have the strength to pick up Chu Rui’s shoes. It took a lot of time to come to this cave, and now more than two hours, almost three hours of game time had gone. Chu Rui could not be bothered to waste any of his time to deal with this garbage. He notified Ye Zifeng before taking his double dagger out and started attacking.

“Zifeng, is it really a good idea to let him do this alone? Although the corpse tiger is not very powerful, but our efficiency will lower if our formation is disrupted.”

Blossom Rain looked at Chu Rui rushing, attacking and asked with doubt.

“Efficiency?” Ye Zifeng laughed, when he thought of Chu Rui killing evil spirits in that empty cave, he could not help but felt pain in his stomach. He turned to Blossom Rain and said, “maybe the four of us together could not even be as efficient as one person alone!”

“???” Blossom Rain did not know how to react. She knew that Ye Zifeng was not kidding when he said this. Making such a sentence meant that he was dead serious and said what was on his mind. She looked at Chu Rui with doubt.

When they first came to this forgotten forest, in addition to the freaking monsters that they had to deal with at the first place, there was Feng Hawk that almost beat them, and then there were heaps of Hawks that chased them and tried to hunt them down. Finally, there was Tianer who didn’t make things any easier. Chu Rui had never faced so many challenges in a row. Now, he finally had a chance to vent, of course he wouldn’t let go.

There was almost one corpse tiger every 2 meters, and the area surrounding them was a bit more than 3 meters. When they saw Chu Rui rushing over, they were excited by the smell of flesh and blood, and came out in a gush one by one.

It’s about time!

Looking at the six or seven corpse tigers that ran towards him, Chu Rui snorted and took out the two daggers that sent out a chilly shine.

“Well, now he is going to be besieged!”

Seeing the situation of Chu Rui, Blossom Rain became very worried, she took a small step and went forward to help.

“Blossom Rain, don’t run. If you do, we are gonna be finished here!”

Seeing what Blossom Rain was doing, Yi Zifeng, who was now giving his utmost strength to fight two corpse tigers, uttered a bitter smile.

“He is surrounded by seven corpse tigers, and if we don’t restore his life value, he will be finished soon!”

The eyebrows of Blossom Rain slightly tilted, she was put in the middle and didn’t know what to do next.

“Don’t worry, we cannot judge the power of Sly Hand Bro by common sense. Since he dared to rush into the heap of monsters, then he must have a full grasp of things. You’d better take care of me first, otherwise, if I fall down, Sasha and Tianer will be in danger too.” Ye Zifeng said helplessly. Well, he’s a guy no matter what, his job is naturally to defend the ladies, so he must act as a human shield in times of these. When a task is handed over to him, he must act like a warrior.

Blossom Rain gave it a thought, but her mind was still not put at ease by what Ye Zifeng had said. They had just entered the real underground cave and there was already one member down. For a team’s only treatment pastor like Blossom Rain, this was something highly unforgivable.

“Blossom Rain…quick…be quick and treat me. Oh, milk me…milk me…I am gonna die!”

Since an unknown moment, a corpse tiger suddenly appeared on the side, and now there were three of them, this made Ye Zifeng completely lose control. Although he had a good defense system, there was no way he could deal with three corpse tigers at one time. Unlike Chu Rui who had an unusually high speed and advanced dodging skills, Ye Zifeng was fully loaded with gears, how the hell could he move faster? He was unstoppably attacked by the three corpse tigers with their claws, and his life value quickly decreased. Taking medicine could not help. Being a super master, he still had not made the first clearance. Was it really a good idea to back down now? Ye Zifeng was of course very unwilling. One of the corpse tigers gave him a heavy blow, and his life value quickly dropped to a freezing point. He screamed out of fear and could not control what was being said.

Milk me?

With the pastor’s milk, Ye Zifeng was instantly brought back to life. He rapidly resumed control of his big sword and finished off the damn corpse tiger with Sasha and Tianer. After this one, they decided to target the next one.

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